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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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zvocoder.lha1.3615kb03 May 074.0241¤ Zvocoder - Zirius Vocoder - Creates trendy robot voices!
arnold.lha2Mb22 Oct 054.0277¤ Arnold - Useless utility which was used in radio shows
itunestom3u.zip1.11Mb16 Jun 124.0118¤ Itunestom3u - Turn iTunes Music Library into M3U playlist
blueshift.lha1.127kb01 Jul 064.0331¤ Blueshift - TuneNet / AmigaAmp Visual WB Scope
trimgym.lha0.19kb24 Nov 064.0318¤ Trimgym - Trim_gym trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
mixer-atlantis.zip0.237kb13 Feb 064.0356¤ Mixer-atlantis - Theme for Mixer
speakerrangetester.lha1.0187kb16 Jun 094.0135¤ Speakerrangetester - Tests the frequency response of speakers
mixer-sweet.lha11kb18 Feb 064.0441¤ Mixer-sweet - Sweet Mixer theme.
sess.lha1.040kb22 Feb 174.073¤ Sess - Start/stop multiple MIDI sequencers from one place
4096live.lha0.07966kb18 Dec 144.1155¤ 4096 Live - Software synth interface for live performances
mixerimages.lha3.999997kb05 Nov 044.0616¤ Mixerimages - Skin for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-blueskin2.zip24kb27 Dec 054.0447¤ Mixer-blueskin2 - Skin Blue2 for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-blue_x-fi.zip1.09kb12 Jan 064.0424¤ Mixer-blue_x-fi - Skin Blue X-Fi for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-blueskin.lha12kb18 Nov 054.0577¤ Mixer-blueskin - Skin Blue for OS4 Audio mixer
spsfutils.lha88kb27 Nov 064.0267¤ Spsfutils - Simple PSF Utils
cutepiano.lha1.18Mb06 Dec 134.1130¤ CutePiano - Simple piano keyboard build with Qt for AmigaOS
seq.lha1.6109kb14 Apr 174.074¤ Seq - Simple MIDI step sequencer
shorten.lha3.6.1682kb18 Feb 094.0151¤ Shorten - shorten is a fast, low complexity waveform coder
a52_avcodec.lha52.2134kb06 Feb 084.01580¤ A52_avcodec - shared liba52 for AmigaOS4
samplayer.lha159kb23 Apr 074.0513¤ Samplayer - SAM Speech Synthesizer program now with a GUI!
aahr.lha6kb15 Apr 084.0403¤ Aahr - Rips HivelyTracker and AHX tunes
vb2rip.lha1.446kb20 Sep 064.0929¤ Vb2rip - Rip the music from your PSX/PS2 games!
ahiusr.lha6.0784kb24 Nov 054.0697¤ Ahiusr - Retargetable audio User's Archive
cddapatch.lha52.262kb03 Aug 124.0267¤ Cddapatch - Redirects old-style CDDA code to use AHI
ahirng.lha1.297kb17 Mar 124.0299¤ Ahirng - Random Number Generator via AHI
metronome.lha1.1174kb10 Aug 134.097¤ Metronome - Qt simple metronome
psidren.lha1.333kb30 Oct 054.0313¤ Psidren - PSIDRen - Renames PSID's into real name
siddump.lha1.042kb05 Sep 064.0201¤ Siddump - Output SID-chip & note data out of a .SID-file
showtip.lha1.2a7kb20 Mar 054.0334¤ Showtip - OS4 ShowTip for SoundFX (SFX)
faad_library.lha2.12Mb15 Oct 044.01305¤ Faad_library - OS4 port of libfaad. (AAC Decoder)
jukebox.lha2.1136kb19 Nov 094.0273¤ Jukebox - Old jukebox style GUI for external mus/vid players
nallepuh.lha316kb10 Oct 044.0589¤ Nallepuh - NallePUH (Paula emulation) for OS4 / AmigaOne
musepack.lha1.15777kb28 Oct 064.0259¤ Musepack - Musepack for AmigaOS4
malint.lha0.2283kb03 Oct 064.0246¤ Malint - MPEG Audio stream validator
mixer-steel.lha10kb22 Feb 064.0453¤ Mixer-steel - Mixer theme
mixersource.lha1.2787kb26 Oct 104.0383¤ Mixersource - Mixer source code
dg_midi_monitor.lha1.0.042kb20 Dec 124.0182¤ Dg_midi_monitor - MIDI Monitor
amiloudspeaker.lha1.247kb19 Jan 094.0300¤ Amiloudspeaker - Loudspeaker design tool
mixer-kiwi.zip0.149kb13 Feb 064.0316¤ Mixer-kiwi - Kiwi Theme for MIXER (AOS4)
keepahiopen.lha1.036kb12 May 124.0181¤ Keepahiopen - Keep AHI open to prevent the volume from resetting
jukebox_ita.rar24kb01 Dec 094.0148¤ Jukebox_it - Italian catalog for Jukebox 2.0
daplayer_ita.lha9kb01 Jan 154.0131¤ DAplayer_ITA - italian catalog for DAPlayer
id3ren.lha1.1b076kb03 Oct 064.0275¤ Id3ren - Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
hvscupdate-src.lha2.8.4129kb25 Nov 084.0150¤ Hvscupdate-src - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool src
hvscupdate.lha2.8.4221kb25 Nov 084.0163¤ Hvscupdate - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool
adripper_ell.lha1.23kb26 Apr 154.1194¤ ADRipper_Greek - Greek catalog file for ADRipper
playmate.lha0.1130kb23 Feb 064.0243¤ Playmate - General purpose instrument tuner & metronome
subspace.lzxv1.2180kb18 Aug 064.0328¤ Subspace - Geiss/G-Force like plugin for AmigaAMP
gcmrt.lha58kb12 Apr 074.0654¤ Gcmrt - Gamecube music ripping tools
amigaamp-dec.lha2.2472kb13 Dec 104.0421¤ Amigaamp-dec - Enhanced OS4 decoding engine for AmigaAMP
amr.lha7.0.0837kb04 Nov 084.0152¤ Amr - Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
bonk.lha0.6100kb16 Oct 084.0175¤ Bonk - Encode, decode and play .bonk files
psfpoint.lha1.0337kb27 Nov 064.0292¤ Psfpoint - Edit tags of PSF music files
line6pod.lha1.016kb21 Nov 134.1223¤ Line6PodEditor - Edit and create amp sounds on via Midi
dca_avcodec.lha51.1284kb20 Oct 054.01500¤ Dca_avcodec - DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
dockscope.lha1.225kb05 Jul 064.0572¤ Dockscope - DockyScope for TuneNet and AmigaAmp.
miniampdeluxe.lha1.2614kb25 Apr 064.0266¤ Miniampdeluxe - Deluxe Version of MiniAmp for AMPlifier
checkmate.lha0.1829kb25 Nov 084.0314¤ Checkmate - Checks MP3 files for errors
mixer-fire.zip0.162kb18 Feb 064.0348¤ Mixer-fire - Brighter Them for Audio-Mixer (A1-AOS4)
mixer.lha1.41673kb12 Sep 154.1382¤ Mixer - Audio mixer
adripper.lha1.12911kb26 Apr 154.1694¤ ADRipper - Audio CD grabber and encoder
atunes_cover_aamp.lha1.72Mb15 Feb 144.1158¤ aTunes Cover AAmp - aTunes-AAmp "plugin" to display CoverArt & Ringhio
freedb_copytracks.lha1.1011kb08 Nov 054.0508¤ Freedb_copytracks - ARexx script for FreeDB to create MP3 tracks
my_sfx_toolbar.lha1.027kb12 Mar 054.0210¤ My_sfx_toolbar - An arexx-toolbar for SoundFX. Needs AWN-Pipe.
widespectrum.lha1.3.252kb19 Jun 064.0372¤ Widespectrum - AmigaAmp Wide Spectum Meter
recordbox.lha0.3.12Mb29 Nov 154.198¤ RecordBox - Add cover art to M3U playlists
aften.lha0.0.8314kb03 Nov 084.0123¤ Aften - A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
miniamp.lha2.01021kb18 Mar 064.0374¤ Miniamp - A Small GUI for Use with AmigaAMP or AMPlifier
muitronome.lha0.284kb12 Jul 134.0252¤ Muitronome - A Mui Ahi Metronome
aldo.lha0.7.5487kb27 Aug 084.0162¤ Aldo - A morse training app.
barsnpipes.lha0.9.982Mb23 Jun 134.01322¤ Barsnpipes - A MIDI sequencer with lots of tools
gtuner.lha0.4.13Mb28 Jun 134.0120¤ Gtuner - A Guitar Tuner
phatbeat.lha1.1867kb10 Aug 074.0159¤ Phatbeat - A BPM Counter
nykk-bootsounds.zip1.037Mb30 May 134.0388¤ Nykk-bootsounds - 14 AmigaOS Boot Sounds by Nykk Deetronic
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