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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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xmsnes.lha230kb19 Jun 094.0148¤ Xmsnes - converts Mods to SPC (Super Nintendo)
wavpack.lha4.41.0199kb06 Oct 104.1171¤ Wavpack - Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression
waon.lha0.9.1983kb02 Dec 104.0103¤ Waon - Wave to notes, a wave to midi converter
vgmstream.lhaSVN414kb31 Aug 104.0796¤ Vgmstream - Converts A LOT of modern videogame music to wav
ttaenc.lha3.4.144kb12 Aug 074.0178¤ Ttaenc - Encode your own lossless TTA audio files.
sox.lha14.2.02Mb14 Feb 094.0277¤ Sox - converts sound files between many formats
snd2mid.lha52kb20 Sep 064.0221¤ Snd2mid - Converts NES, GB, MS, GG .SND songs to MIDI.
sid2wav.lha253kb08 Nov 064.0424¤ Sid2wav - Convert SID tunes to WAV
rom2snsf.lha54kb23 Nov 084.0128¤ Rom2snsf - snes music ripping tool (converts rom to snsf)
rom2gsf.lha32kb27 Nov 064.0516¤ Rom2gsf - Convert your GBA music RIP into a GSF file
q2mod.lha445kb26 May 094.090¤ Q2mod - Converts AtariST Quartet music to Protracker MOD.
ptmid.lha122kb03 May 074.0188¤ Ptmid - Converts midi music files to mod music files
psg2mid.lha2.0162kb31 Aug 104.075¤ Psg2mid - Convert PSG (Spectrum AY files) to MIDI
playlistconverter.lha1.12Mb13 May 104.0518¤ Playlistconverter - Convert playlists to m3u, pls, asx (HTC Mobile)
nes_8to1.lha12kb20 Sep 064.0168¤ Nes_8to1 - Converts 8-bit samples to NES's 1-bit format
minigsf.lha32kb27 Nov 064.0233¤ Minigsf - A simple utility to convert a GBA Rom to a GSF
lameomat.lha0.5790kb01 Aug 104.0232¤ Lameomat - Gui for lame
hvl2wav.zip1.296kb09 May 134.0123¤ Hvl2wav - Converts Hively Tracker (HVL) tunes to WAV
gym2vgm.lha1.25kb16 Mar 084.0196¤ Gym2vgm - Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files to VGM
goatninja.lha1.1121kb05 Sep 064.0174¤ Goatninja - Convert Goat Tracker 1.x songs to Ninja Tracker
flac.lha1.2.1508kb06 Oct 104.1354¤ Flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec
faad2.lha2.7195kb30 Mar 104.0188¤ Faad2 - FAAD2 AAC decoder
faac.lha1.28539kb02 Jul 104.0115¤ Faac - Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
dro2midi.lha1.3134kb18 Mar 094.0139¤ Dro2midi - Convert DRO files to MIDI
dro2imf.lha181kb18 Mar 094.093¤ Dro2imf - Convert DOSBox OPL caps to id Software Music Files
demac.lha0.182kb20 Jun 084.0128¤ Demac - Decoder for .ape files
asap2wav.lha0.2.176kb03 May 074.0513¤ Asap2wav - Converts Atari 8-bit SAP music to WAV
alac.lha0.1.362kb24 May 084.0161¤ Alac - Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder
aifc2wav.lha512kb03 Jul 074.0247¤ Aifc2wav - Converts IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV.
aacplusenc.lha0.15460kb14 Nov 084.0142¤ Aacplusenc - Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music
aacplusenc-src.lha0.15246kb14 Nov 084.0171¤ Aacplusenc-src - Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music (Sources)
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