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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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wormhole.lha13kb14 Jun 094.0193¤ Wormhole - A nice demo effect.
winalphatest.lha19kb09 Sep 084.1474¤ Winalphatest - Transparent Window test program for AmigaOS 4.1
snowflakes.lha0.325kb10 Jan 054.0267¤ Snowflakes - Snow simulator (updated)
gameoflife.lha0.425kb18 Jan 054.0216¤ Gameoflife - Game of Life (updated)
melt.lha27kb03 Sep 084.0231¤ Melt - Example of DOOM screen melt using OpenGL
fire.lha0.227kb10 Jan 054.0228¤ Fire - Simple fire effect (updated)
glutbase.lha27kb03 Sep 084.0174¤ Glutbase - A basic GLUT example
outline.lha29kb03 Sep 084.0183¤ Outline - A cartoon shaded glut example
signal.lha32kb18 Sep 084.0237¤ Signal - A simple GL example.
liners.lha1.032kb02 Feb 054.0185¤ Liners - Liners - Color cycling line art
lights.lha1.035kb10 Jun 044.0372¤ Lights - Light effect on WB
lorenz.lha35kb18 Sep 084.0154¤ Lorenz - Lorenz Attractor - A GL exmaple.
compositing_goodies.lha37kb07 Sep 084.1633¤ Compositing_goodies - Two demo programs using AmigaOS 4.1 compositing
swirl.lha1.1-241kb11 Jan 094.1195¤ Swirl - a demo effect made using allegro.
vector.lha1.0244kb14 Jan 074.0268¤ Vector - Small vector routine with 3 cubes rotating
ripple.lha45kb29 Jul 044.0286¤ Ripple - Ripple
chess.lha51kb03 Sep 084.0209¤ Chess - "Chess" a selfplaying GLUT example.
opengl_boing.lha2009/03/0759kb11 Apr 094.0360¤ Opengl_boing - OpenGL remake of the original Boing demo
rayrace.lha1.1166kb12 Mar 054.0394¤ Rayrace - Realtime Raytracing Engine demo for OS4
plasmastrings.lha1.075kb16 Jun 044.0269¤ Plasmastrings - PlasmaStrings eye candy
atlantisgl.lha1.087kb01 Dec 074.0359¤ Atlantisgl - Sharks, whales & dolphin demo (GL/3D)
face3d.lha0.392kb15 Jun 054.0741¤ Face3d - Warp3D rotating face
fireflies-src.lha2.0798kb01 Oct 084.0155¤ Fireflies-src - A nice OpenGL firefly effect (Sources)
glpointz.lha117kb03 Sep 084.0147¤ Glpointz - a simple demo showing a waving cube made of points
sdlflag.lha117kb01 Sep 084.0186¤ Sdlflag - A classic dotflag (demo effect).
shfire.lha0.3124kb23 Apr 094.0154¤ Shfire - Fire + particle demo
ragdoll.lha124kb09 Sep 084.1226¤ Ragdoll - an interactive ragdoll demo. play with physics.
ideas.lha133kb18 Sep 084.0194¤ Ideas - An OpenGL Example
waves.lha1.2135kb25 Oct 064.0201¤ Waves - A small liquid surface modelling SDL demo
sierp.lha1.0155kb17 Oct 064.0248¤ Sierp - A small SDL gfx demo
plasma.lha1.0158kb25 Oct 064.0230¤ Plasma - The classic Plasma effect now for SDL
stars.lha1.0158kb17 Oct 064.0171¤ Stars - A rotating starfield
noddingchod.lha159kb18 Oct 064.0247¤ Noddingchod - A basic SDL demo
newvox.lha159kb17 Oct 064.0268¤ Newvox - An SDL voxel landscape
xflame.lha1.0161kb17 Oct 064.0245¤ Xflame - The classic fire effect, now through SDL.
sdl_fire.lha1.0161kb18 Oct 064.0233¤ Sdl_fire - An SDL Fireworks demo
shadowoftheblitz.lha0.2162kb16 Dec 054.0323¤ Shadowoftheblitz - Remake attempt of Shadow Of The Beast (techdemo)
mazerays.lha164kb31 Mar 094.0164¤ Mazerays - A simple raycaster engine. Run around in a maze.
podfathersrc.lha166kb27 Feb 084.0147¤ Podfathersrc - Podfather a nice demo, source archive.
screenart.lha1.1.1169kb25 Oct 064.0211¤ Screenart - A smally dizzyfying SDL demo
waveeffect.lha0.1187kb30 Jun 054.0340¤ Waveeffect - Simple Wave effect with source code
water.lha1.0196kb17 Oct 064.0298¤ Water - A realtime SDL water effect.
mesademos.lha197kb06 Sep 084.1312¤ Mesademos - a couple of MESA demos, compiled with MiniGL
glut_examples.lha210kb16 Sep 084.0182¤ Glut_examples - A couple of basic glut examples.
phire.lha1.0.0211kb18 Oct 064.0219¤ Phire - An SDL particle-based flame effect
fireflies.lha2.07215kb01 Oct 084.0338¤ Fireflies - A nice OpenGL firefly effect.
underwater.lha221kb18 Sep 084.0265¤ Underwater - An OpenGL Underwater scene
glflare.lha224kb04 Sep 084.1199¤ Glflare - How to do a lensflare in OpenGL (Src/Exe)
roaddemo.lha1.01238kb25 Oct 064.0350¤ Roaddemo - An SDL/GL (!) bezier curve demo that draws a road
warp.lha1.1.4249kb17 Oct 064.0243¤ Warp - A realtime picture 'gooing' SDL demo.
meshtoy.lha256kb04 Sep 084.1126¤ Meshtoy - Right-Triangle Irregular Network (RTIN) Toy
parallax4.lha258kb06 Sep 054.0431¤ Parallax4 - Multilayer parallax SDL demo
rc2000.lha2000263kb03 Sep 084.0263¤ Rc2000 - Ride 3D rollercoasters!
kendrick.lha1.0275kb07 Nov 064.0198¤ Kendrick - Stupid. Meaningless. But chanses are you'll smile.
tapet.lha1.0284kb25 Apr 114.0164¤ Tapet - A simple SDL intro
tunnel.lha1.0301kb10 Jun 044.0355¤ Tunnel - Raycast tunnel on WB
jpminidemo.lha311kb23 Sep 084.0167¤ Jpminidemo - Straver's entry to NeHe's Mini Demo Compo
sdlife.lha321kb06 Apr 094.0221¤ Sdlife - the classic AI demo 'Game of Life'.
ptcdemos.lha1.0337kb25 Oct 064.0164¤ Ptcdemos - The Fire and Tunnel SDL demos from the PTC library
podfather.lha341kb27 Feb 084.0185¤ Podfather - Podfather a nice demo, originally for Ipods!
arosdemos.lha0.1354kb07 Jan 054.0210¤ Arosdemos - AROS demo contributions
glsmoke.lha406kb03 Sep 084.0160¤ Glsmoke - a simple particle engine demo showing white smoke
glblit.lha461kb03 Sep 084.0179¤ Glblit - An exhaustive OpenGL sprite blitting example
creepteasrc.lha476kb27 Feb 084.0131¤ Creepteasrc - CreepTea a nice demo, source archive.
creeptea.lha589kb27 Feb 084.0223¤ Creeptea - CreepTea a nice demo, originally for GP2X.
opengoal.lha0.1596kb01 Nov 064.0163¤ Opengoal - A early non-playable demo of a football game
sdlsinusfont.lha616kb25 Oct 064.0144¤ Sdlsinusfont - A SDL sinus font demo
explosions.lha666kb18 Nov 054.0216¤ Explosions - Example Code , 2 Sets from 2001 and 2005
distort.lha1Mb18 Sep 084.0210¤ Distort - A quite nice looking GL water drop effect.
starfield.lha1.02Mb02 Mar 124.0179¤ Starfield - 3D starfield 'thing' made with Hollywood 5
bunchieloop.lha2Mb13 Mar 124.1110¤ Bunchieloop - A colored bunchie gif animation
advanced97.lha2Mb22 Sep 084.0243¤ Advanced97 - Siggraph97 Advanced OpenGL Programs
cally.lha2.11.04Mb14 Apr 094.0157¤ Cally - Cal3d library demo
sdl_demoeffects.lha4Mb19 Oct 054.0325¤ Sdl_demoeffects - 14 eyecatching effects.
amigbg05_final.lha0.96Mb08 Feb 064.0409¤ Amigbg05_final - A "POC" demo by the Red Devils for AmiGBG 2005
asg.lha6Mb21 Nov 104.1244¤ Asg - ASG MiniGL demo
stonebeach.lha1.17Mb08 Nov 084.0153¤ Stonebeach - Interactive Slide show realized with Hollywood D.
thankyou.lha7Mb18 Aug 164.091¤ Thank you - Nice oldschool effects
lightning.lha7Mb18 Oct 064.0227¤ Lightning - A lightning graphics demo with some sound effects
tdec.lha0.78Mb25 Jul 054.0303¤ Tdec - The Demo Effects Collection
aod.lha9Mb25 Jul 054.0303¤ Aod - Art of demomaking examples
glexcess.lha1.010Mb23 Oct 094.1504¤ Glexcess - GLExcess OpenGL demo port to MiniGL
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