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AmigaOS 4.0 cross compilers that target other processors or operating systems.

Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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cc65.lha2.12.07Mb21 Jul 084.0147¤ Cc65 - 65(C)02 cross development package.
64tass.lha1.5x859kb24 May 134.1101¤ 64tass - 65xx series cross-assembler
pucrunch.lha1.14178kb21 Mar 154.0155¤ Pucrunch - A cruncher for C64 executeables
nes_palette.png11kb19 Sep 064.0356¤ Nes_palette - A NES palette to use when making NES graphics
sjcrunch.lha2.175kb29 Sep 084.0684¤ Sjcrunch - a Playstation 2 (PS2) elf cruncher.
acme.lha0.86311kb04 Oct 054.0270¤ Acme - ACME 6502 Cross Compiler
nes_example.zip23kb19 Sep 064.0505¤ Nes_example - An example project for NES Basic and NES ASM.
tok64.lha1.487kb08 Jan 094.0426¤ Tok64 - ASCII text <-> C64 BASIC converter
basicboss.lha0.2.2934kb15 Sep 114.0114¤ Basicboss - Basic-Boss C64 Cross Compiler
gb2ngp.lha1.14kb25 Mar 084.0177¤ Gb2ngp - Convert Gameboy tile data to Neo Geo Pocket tiles
s3m2nsf.lha65kb31 Aug 104.0225¤ S3m2nsf - Convert S3M tunes to NSF (Nintendo 8bit) tunes.
bintap.lha1.028kb31 Aug 104.0207¤ Bintap - Converts binary data to Spectrum .TAP
c64tools.lha1Mb05 Sep 064.0481¤ C64tools - Covert Bitops C64 Tools
distcode.lha0.93.b1Mb17 Jan 104.1186¤ Distcode - cross development toolchain for Linux & AOS4.1
cmake.lha3.7.115Mb12 Mar 174.1101¤ CMake - Cross platform build toolkit
ngdis.lha0.3274kb09 Jun 054.0370¤ Ngdis - Disassembler for TLCS900H and NeoGeo Pocket
musicdump.lha89kb01 Sep 104.094¤ Musicdump - Dumps music data from neo geo pocket roms
fdtrans-idltool-68k.lha417kb20 Mar 074.0171¤ Fdtrans-idltool-68k - fdtrans, idltool devtools for 68k based systems
fdtrans-idltool-lx86.lha52.1106kb21 Mar 074.0264¤ Fdtrans-idltool-lx86 - fdtrans, idltool devtools for Linux x86
wla-dx.lha9.21Mb13 Feb 054.0250¤ Wla-dx - GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 Macro Assembler Package
ps2client.lha3.0.3114kb06 Oct 084.0205¤ Ps2client - Interact with your PS2 via the network
megalz.lha4.8951kb03 Oct 064.0296¤ Megalz - MegaLZ Speccy packer/depacker
nes_mina.lha249kb20 Sep 064.0342¤ Nes_mina - Minachun Disassembler for 6502 Famicom (NES)
dasm.lha2.20.10518kb04 Aug 054.0299¤ Dasm - Multi-CPU cross assembler
nes_dev.lha218kb19 Sep 064.0544¤ Nes_dev - NES Basic and NES ASM, develop your own NES games!
raw2chr.lha6kb20 Sep 064.0371¤ Raw2chr - NES CHR-ROM Creator
wiiloader.lha1.2190kb01 Jan 164.081¤ WiiLoader - Nintendo Wii network loader utility
huc.lha3.211Mb17 Mar 084.0141¤ Huc - PC Engine/Turbografx compiler/assembler
qt-amicygnix-sdk.tar.gz0.1(4.6.2)119Mb27 Jul 104.1115¤ Qt-amicygnix-sdk - Qt SDK for amicygnix (experimental)
qt-amicygnix-src.tar.gz0.1(4.6.2)116Mb31 Jul 104.196¤ Qt-amicygnix-src - Qt source code (4.6.2)
qt-amicygnix-user.tar.gz0.5(4.6.2)50Mb25 Oct 104.1247¤ Qt-amicygnix-user - Qt user archive (experimental)
nes_sprtools.lha500kb19 Sep 064.0451¤ Nes_sprtools - Tools to convert BMP images to NES formats
emutools.lha106kb20 Sep 064.0368¤ Emutools - Various emulator tools
z88dk.lha1.85Mb12 Jul 084.0170¤ Z88dk - z80 C cross compiler
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