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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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ottomatic.lha4.0.0.02144Mb03 Oct 20224.158¤ Otto Matic - Robot who is given the job of saving Earth
eaqne.lzx1.0015Mb13 Sep 20224.046¤ El Asesino Que Nadie - Adventure point and click with detectives, crimes
nmtm.lzxFinal1.2027Mb24 Jun 20224.050¤ No More Toxic Man!!! - Point and click adventure game
darkest-hour.lha202192kb01 Nov 20214.066¤ Darkest Hour - Old-fashioned text adventure game
thewidow.lzxF.V.219Mb03 Sep 20214.063¤ The Widow - Game Terror Paranormal Adventure
dmagnetic.lha0.303Mb28 Mar 20214.045¤ dMagnetic - Interpreter for Magnetic Scroll games
residualvm.lha0.4.0git29Mb15 Nov 20204.1209¤ ResidualVM - 3D game interpreter (Final Release!)
residualvm-src.lha0.4.0git63Mb15 Nov 20204.143¤ ResidualVM-src - ResidualVM Source (Final Release!)
taylormade.lha0.22Mb22 Sep 20204.037¤ TaylorMade - Interpreter for Adventure Int. UK games
sdlpop.lha1.202Mb08 Aug 20204.1164¤ SDLPoP - Open-source port of Prince of Persia
chimaera.lhac1.001a128kb08 Jun 20204.096¤ Chimaera - rethinking the Colossal Cave adventure
aquaria.lha1.1.3200Mb06 Jan 20204.1194¤ Aquaria - An Underwater Fantasy World to Explore
reverteris.zip1.01128Mb29 Apr 20184.1141¤ In nihilum reverteri - another text-game / interactive novel by Yerzmyey
lariad.lha1.0.337Mb08 Nov 20154.0216¤ Lariad - A space adventure
tsmc_demo.lha1.037Mb01 Jul 20154.0158¤ TSMC Demo - Old-style graphic adventure
ermentruddemo.lha1.03Mb21 Mar 20154.0147¤ Ermentrud - Demo of the adventure game "Ermentrud"
ulmosadventure.lha1.03Mb18 Dec 20134.1208¤ Ulmosadventure - A cute action RPG.
taran.lha3.013Mb26 Nov 20124.0199¤ Taran - Taran im Abenteuerland
zeldaroth-us.lha6.116Mb17 Mar 20124.0238¤ Zeldaroth-us - Zelda ROTH AmigaOS4 US
zeldaolb-fr.lha3.67Mb17 Mar 20124.0134¤ Zeldaolb-fr - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI French
zeldaroth-de.lha6.115Mb17 Mar 20124.0192¤ Zeldaroth-de - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI DE
zeldaroth-es.lha6.115Mb17 Mar 20124.0111¤ Zeldaroth-es - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI ES
zeldaroth-fr.lha6.116Mb17 Mar 20124.0133¤ Zeldaroth-fr - Zelda ROTH Amiga OS4 MIDI French
zelda3t-us.lha1.8.29Mb17 Mar 20124.0222¤ Zelda3t-us - Game Zelda 3T 0S4 Midi support US
zeldaolb-es.lha3.66Mb17 Mar 20124.0117¤ Zeldaolb-es - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI ES
zeldaolb-us.lha3.67Mb17 Mar 20124.0190¤ Zeldaolb-us - Zelda OLB AmigaOS4 MIDI US
zelda3t-french.lha1.8.29Mb17 Mar 20124.0147¤ Zelda3t-french - Game Zelda 3T 0S4 Midi support french
operation_sirius.lha1.217Mb06 Mar 20124.1277¤ Operation_sirius - Point and click adventure
theclue.lha0.1d3Mb15 Sep 20114.0367¤ Theclue - The Clue! adventure remake
freedink-src.lha1.08r52Mb15 Jun 20104.1134¤ Freedink-src - FreeDink source code
thegoonies.lha12Mb12 Jun 20104.1472¤ Thegoonies - a remake of the cult game The Goonies by Konami
freedink.lha1.08r529Mb11 Jun 20104.1454¤ Freedink - FreeDink, a 2D adventure/RPG game
frotz.lha2.43295kb01 Feb 20104.1352¤ Frotz - Infocom game interpreter
frobtads.lha0.13542kb28 Jan 20104.1171¤ Frobtads - A portable TADS toolkit
zeldaroth-coop-fr.lha0.103Mb28 Sep 20094.0176¤ Zeldaroth-coop-fr - Zelda ROTH COOP AmigaOS4 MIDI French
zeldaroth-coop-us.lha0.103Mb28 Sep 20094.0224¤ Zeldaroth-coop-us - Zelda ROTH COOP AmigaOS4 MIDI
reminiscence.lha0.1.9.3-85452kb29 Jun 20094.01038¤ Reminiscence - FLASHBACK rewritten engine
thegooniessrc.lha12Mb03 Sep 20084.0158¤ Thegooniessrc - The Goonies (Sources)
freesci-src.lha0.6.42Mb19 May 20084.0148¤ Freesci-src - FreeSCI source
freesci.lha0.6.41Mb19 May 20084.0248¤ Freesci - Sierra adventure games interpreter
thuria.lha56kb07 Mar 20064.0488¤ Thuria - Dungeons of Thuria, interactive fiction
adv770.lha1.75976kb20 Feb 20064.0324¤ Adv770 - Text adventure Adv770
ularn.lha1.61501kb06 Dec 20054.0387¤ Ularn - Dungeon game in the style of Hack or Moria
fanwor.lha1.12822kb18 Nov 20054.0611¤ Fanwor - Zelda clone , with oldschool gfx and music
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