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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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amitransformator_ell.lha1.0932b02 Feb 20144.0163¤ AmiTransformator - Greek catalog file for AmiTransformator
amitransformator_pol.lha1.02kb23 Mar 20084.0150¤ Amitransformator_pl - Polish translation of AmiTransformator
amitransformator_fra.lha1.02kb22 Mar 20084.0232¤ Amitransformator-fr - AmiTransformator french catalog
ico2bmp.lzx5kb12 May 20064.0312¤ Ico2bmp - extracts BMP files from ICO files
bmp2ico.lha1.016kb04 Nov 20054.0333¤ Bmp2ico - bmp 2 ico converter
amilineate_eng.lha1.08kb24 Aug 20144.0223¤ Amilineate.en - Catalog english for Amilineate v1.0
pngicon2amiga.lha1.410kb12 Mar 20094.0806¤ Pngicon2amiga - PNG icon to Amiga icon converter
shp2ilbm.lha1.115kb24 Oct 20124.0232¤ Shp2ilbm - Converts Blitz .shp gfx to .ilbm format
propercropper.lha1.423kb16 Mar 20134.0346¤ Propercropper - Easily scale/crop images to fit your screenmode
icontoiff.lha1.323kb27 May 20124.0234¤ Icontoiff - .info to IFF ILBM/DataType converter
scr2gif.lha1.026kb10 Jan 20064.0296¤ Scr2gif - Convert Spectrum SCRs to GIF format
ataripac2pbm.lha33kb23 Oct 20054.0268¤ Ataripac2pbm - Atari PAC2PBM - An Image Converter
ppmtovtx.zip1.3a40kb21 Mar 20054.0223¤ Ppmtovtx - PPM to Videotex (Teletext/Viewdata)
bmp2spec.lha1.043kb12 Aug 20064.0267¤ Bmp2spec - Windows BMP -> Spectrum TAP/Screen$
ppmtovic.lha1.150kb07 Apr 20094.0115¤ Ppmtovic - PPM <-> VIC-20 conversion utilities
st2iff.lha55kb12 Aug 20064.0234¤ St2iff - Converts Atari ST NEOchrome/DEGAS -> IFF ILBM.
cpc2ilbm.lha1.060kb01 Oct 20074.0162¤ Cpc2ilbm - CLI converter for Amstrad CPC images
whirlgif.lha3.0469kb04 May 20054.0412¤ Whirlgif - Generates GIF anims
ppm2fli.lha1.9283kb01 Dec 20084.0241¤ Ppm2fli - Converts PPM images to a FLI anim
image2icon.lha1.2399kb27 Apr 20074.0540¤ Image2icon - Creates thumbnail icons from images
ppmtoscr.lha3.5100kb02 Jul 20084.0121¤ Ppmtoscr - PPM -> Spectrum SCR/TAP/ZX82/bytes/TZX
introcadconverter.tar.gz1.0110kb04 Apr 20124.073¤ Introcadconverter - IntroCAD file reader/converter
png2lin.lha1.02127kb02 Oct 20064.0198¤ Png2lin - Converts a PNG image into a Linux logo.
pngminus.lha142kb26 Nov 20084.0188¤ Pngminus - Converts between png and pnm
gsgui.lha0.38170kb21 Apr 20084.0274¤ Gsgui - GUI for Ghostscript8 in MUI
amitransformator.lha1.0185kb13 Oct 20134.0142¤ AmiTransformator - Graphic converter
garmin.lha193kb23 Dec 20094.0242¤ Garmin - Garmin srf/png conversion utilities
png2ico.lha198kb14 Oct 20044.0609¤ Png2ico - png2ico converts .PNG files to Windows .ICO icon r
pngtool.lha1.5198kb19 Jun 20044.0485¤ Pngtool - converts any type of image to PNG
pdhfic.lha3.1229kb22 Jul 20084.087¤ Pdhfic - Convert images: Datatypes->Spectrum SCR
icns2png.lha0.5232kb22 Feb 20064.0842¤ Icns2png - MacOs Icons (icns)-To-Png-Converter
3dto3d.lha3.1285kb22 Aug 20054.0401¤ 3dto3d - Convert between different 3d formats
potrace.lha1.15292kb15 Aug 20174.0121¤ Potrace - transform bitmaps into vector graphics
svg2dr2d.lha1.2317kb06 Jan 20154.0149¤ Svg2dr2d - Convert SVG to IFF DR2D format
eis.lha2.1.5349kb11 Aug 20134.0233¤ Easy Image Sizer - Easy Image Sizer (Qt)
xtopng.lha0.3379kb17 Oct 20064.0189¤ Xtopng - A general-purpose image converter based on SDL
amiglyph.lha0.5452kb18 Jan 20144.0208¤ Amiglyph - create red-cyan anaglyph from single picture
c64gfx.lha1.5509kb18 Oct 20054.0199¤ C64gfx - C64GFX - Conv between C64 and Amiga Image formats
xcftools.lha1.0.4510kb13 Jan 20094.0191¤ Xcftools - XCF Tools (Gimp file format)
jp2a.lha0.9.22582kb10 Aug 20064.0232¤ Jp2a - Converts JPEG images to Ascii Art
ivcon.lha1.15584kb24 Feb 20084.0340¤ Ivcon - 3D Graphics File Conversion
tilemaker.lha2.5587kb11 Jan 20094.0101¤ Tilemaker - Converts graphics to tile data
svgtools-src.lha1.0.0835kb02 Sep 20054.0149¤ Svgtools-src - SVGTools for OS4 (source archive)
autotrace.lha0.31.1988kb09 Dec 20064.0347¤ Autotrace - Converts bitmap to vector graphics
mpegit.lha2.21Mb07 Jun 20074.0256¤ Mpegit - Captures frames from MPEG video files to bmp files
webpconv.lha1Mb03 Oct 20104.0174¤ Webpconv - Convert JPEG and PNG images to WebP
convierteme.lha1.012Mb07 Mar 20114.0131¤ Convierteme - This program is a small tool to manipulate images.
pintorweb.lha2.002Mb27 Dec 20154.061¤ Pintor Web - An easy program to handling pictures
svgtools-bin.lha1.0.02Mb02 Sep 20054.0403¤ Svgtools-bin - SVGTools for OS4
ibatch.lha1.43Mb15 Feb 20124.0235¤ Ibatch - Process lots of images in one go
dcraw.lha9.283Mb09 Jun 20184.048¤ DCRaw - CLI converter for camera raw files
amilineate.lha1.04Mb22 Aug 20144.0123¤ Amilineate - converter bitmap to vector image
sirenaahiw.lha1.015Mb18 Mar 20124.095¤ Sirenaahiw - A easy tool to handling pictures.
ahiw.lha2.206Mb06 Mar 20154.068¤ AHIW - A easy tool to handling pictures to web design.
netpbm.lha10.47.3914Mb04 Aug 20124.0112¤ Netpbm - NetPBM - collection of Image Processing Tools
ssbuilder.lha1.0105Mb26 Jan 20124.087¤ Ssbuilder - SSBuilder
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