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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amaya-src.lhanet/mis11.3.1513kb15 Aug 20114.199¤ Amaya-src - Sources of Amaya 11.3.1 for AmiCygnix
amaya.lhanet/mis11.3.137Mb16 Aug 20114.1327¤ Amaya - A webeditor for AmigaOS4 (AmiCygnix)
amicygnix-base-src.lhanet/mis1.311Mb07 Feb 20134.187¤ Amicygnix-base-src - Sources of the AmiCygnix base package
amicygnix-base.lhanet/mis1.3r2112Mb14 Mar 20134.11465¤ Amicygnix-base - An Unix/X11 environment for AmigaOS 4
amicygnix-tools-src.lhanet/mis1.33Mb09 Feb 20134.175¤ Amicygnix-tools-src - Sources of the AmiCygnix tools package
amicygnix-tools.lhanet/mis1.3r275Mb14 Mar 20134.1588¤ Amicygnix-tools - Extension package for AmiCygnix, an Unix environment for AmigaOS 4
amicygnix-x11-src.lhanet/misX11R6.364Mb14 Mar 20134.189¤ Amicygnix-x11-src - Sources of the basic X11 system of AmiCygnix for AmigaOS 4
amigacloudhandlers.lhanet/mis0.89Mb10 Apr 20164.0186¤ Amiga Cloud Handlers - Dos handler for Google Drive and Dropbox storage
amigoog-mail.lhanet/mis0.11kb03 Feb 20114.1266¤ Amigoog-mail - Extracts email from google results
amipodder.lhanet/mis1.4379kb14 Dec 20054.0387¤ Amipodder - Subscribe to, play back and manage podcasts.
amisynergyc.lhanet/mis2.0109kb14 Oct 20064.0689¤ Amisynergyc - An Amiga OS4 Synergy Client
amiwebview_fra.lhanet/mis2.14kb14 Nov 20074.0162¤ Amiwebview-fr - AmiWebView v2.1 french catalog
amrss.lhanet/misv5.21847kb04 Jan 20084.0321¤ Amrss - AmRSS for AmigaOS4
analog.lhanet/mis6.02Mb20 Feb 20064.0167¤ Analog - A popular server log analysis tool
apms.tar.gznet/misbeta303kb24 May 20054.0154¤ Apms - Amiga Package Management System
asynergygui.lhanet/mis1.0114kb17 Jul 20144.0292¤ AsynergyGui - Gui for client Asynergyc
cams_d.lhanet/mis1.0223kb13 Oct 20134.0164¤ Cams_D - German Webcam package for AmiWebView
cimon.lhanet/mis0.9.658kb13 Oct 20134.0179¤ CImon - Command line interface to the "floppy-isdn4linux"
circle.lhanet/mis3.57Mb02 May 20074.0141¤ Circle - CircleMUD V3.5 Port To Os 4
clipo.lhanet/mis0.2beta84kb21 Sep 20104.0359¤ Clipo - send/recieve clipboard data over tcpip for many OS
curl.lhanet/mis7.60.02Mb04 Jul 20184.0107¤ Curl - Command line URL file transfer
facebook.lhanet/mis1.01Mb07 Aug 20134.0246¤ Facebook - Simple and stylish QT based facebook app
googledrive_handler.lhanet/mis0.61Mb10 Feb 20164.0168¤ Google Drive - Google Drive handler for OS4
granite.lhanet/mis1.4213kb26 Feb 20144.0284¤ Granite - Firewall, grant access per application
http-handler.lhanet/mis2.4Beta31kb25 Oct 20064.0379¤ Http-handler - Virtual HTTP device with WebDAV support
httphandler.lhanet/mis1.986kb11 Mar 20074.0477¤ Httphandler - HTTP: device for accessing web-hosted files
ipcalc.lhanet/mis0.29kb07 Jun 20104.0287¤ Ipcalc - IP Address Calculator
iview.lhanet/mis2.52Mb23 Feb 20154.071¤ iView - ABC iView client for AmigaOS
miniupnpc.lhanet/mis49kb04 Dec 20094.0369¤ Miniupnpc - Command line uPnP client (beta)
mysql-client-src.tgznet/mis3.23.585Mb20 Oct 20064.0151¤ Mysql-client-src - MySQL 3.23.58 (sources)
mysql-client.lhanet/mis3.23.586Mb06 May 20054.0241¤ Mysql-client - MySQL 3.23.58 client - AmigaOS4 binaries
myx11setup_ell.lhanet/mis2.044kb10 Feb 20134.1195¤ Myx11setup_gr - Greek catalog file for myX11Setup
myx11setup_ita.lhanet/mis2.0471kb09 Feb 20134.0206¤ Myx11setup_ita - Italian catalog for myX11Setup
netclipper.lhanet/mis2.1149kb23 Oct 20134.0282¤ Netclipper - Share the Amiga clipboard on the network
netmon.lhanet/mis0.3470kb07 Nov 20044.0797¤ Netmon - Network Monitor for Roadshow and AmigaOS + MUI
netspeedometer.lhanet/mis53.5207kb11 Sep 20154.1307¤ NetSpeedometer - A network monitor and bandwidth meter
netstat.lhanet/mis1.069kb04 Dec 20144.1315¤ Netstat - CLI tool to display network activity like on Unix
netup.lhanet/misrc11Mb28 Aug 20134.1189¤ netup - App for testing roadshows connection status
nslookup.lhanet/misunknown22kb18 Dec 20044.0298¤ Nslookup - NSLookup converts domain names into IP addresses
openssh.lhanet/mis53.61Mb03 Jul 20104.1853¤ Openssh - OpenSSH secure connectivity tools
openurl.lhanet/mis7.18520kb16 Jan 20184.0114¤ OpenURL - Get that URL!
openurl_ell.lhanet/mis7.112kb26 Nov 20124.0194¤ Openurl_greek - Greek catalog file for OpenURL
openwinurl.lhanet/misr697kb02 Oct 20104.1168¤ Openwinurl - Open a Windows .URL file using a web browser
pooler-cpuminer.lhanet/mis2.4.11Mb06 Apr 20154.084¤ CPUMiner - Pooler CPUMiner
qadsl.tarnet/mis210kb30 Dec 20044.0111¤ Qadsl - Utility to "auto login" on some Swedish ISP
quicklytranslate.lhanet/mis0.44Mb20 Sep 20134.0178¤ Quickly translate - Qt Translator based on google translate
rdesktop.lhanet/mis2006-2303kb20 Mar 20064.0896¤ Rdesktop - Remote Desktop client for OS4 Update 4
rdesktopgui.lhanet/mis1.1443kb15 Apr 20064.0748¤ Rdesktopgui - Remote Desktop client GUI
reactivetls.lhanet/mis1.1704kb28 Apr 20174.165¤ ReactiveTLS.lha - ReactiveTLS is a TLS lib for secure connections
rtelnet.lhanet/mis2.170kb06 Aug 20184.181¤ rTelnet_cmd - Simple Telnet client
rtmpdump-yle.lhanet/mis1.4.13Mb12 Mar 20114.1107¤ Rtmpdump-yle - rtmpdump-yle
rtmpdump.lhanet/mis2.41Mb06 Jan 20164.0105¤ Rtmpdump - Downloads streams from RTMP/RTMPE URLs
s3c.lhanet/mis1.1183kb07 Feb 20134.0208¤ S3c - Backup restore share & manage files on Amazon S3
sanautil.lhanet/mis0.38+58kb03 Nov 20074.0295¤ Sanautil - Testing tool for SANA2 network device drivers
servers.lhanet/mis1.162kb17 Jan 20184.046¤ Servers - Enable and disable servers quick
spock.lhanet/mis0.1607kb04 Aug 20134.0117¤ Spock - Downloading server subtitles
strange.lhanet/mis0.121Mb17 Jan 20084.0193¤ Strange - strange' is strange
tcpspeed.lhanet/mis58kb29 Jul 20054.0382¤ Tcpspeed - Measure the TCP throughput of a TCP channel
telnet.lhanet/mis1.340kb27 Jul 20054.0632¤ Telnet - Improved telnet client (with source)
tickvue.lhanet/mis0.13.051Mb17 Aug 20134.093¤ TickVue - Qt : Stock market tracking
tidy.lhanet/mis2004/06/01494kb30 Jul 20044.0188¤ Tidy - Clean up your web-pages with HTML TIDY
tn5250.lhanet/mis0.17.486kb26 Apr 20094.0147¤ Tn5250 - telnet client for the IBM iSeries and AS/400
transfer.lhanet/mis10.00148kb27 May 20124.0256¤ Transfer - Serial file transfers between 2 amigas
ts-wetter.lhanet/mis1.12Mb02 May 20134.0109¤ Ts-wetter - Stream tagesschau.de's wether forecast
tumblr.lhanet/mis0.22kb06 Aug 20144.1213¤ tumblr.py - download large _1280 tumblr images and videos
twat.lhanet/mis1.02kb21 Jun 20094.0295¤ Twat - Small script to update your Twitter status
twinvnc.lhanet/mis0.8beta820kb27 May 20124.0369¤ Twinvnc - VNC Client
twinvnc_gui.lhanet/mis1.0142kb26 May 20054.0683¤ Twinvnc_gui - GUI for TwinVNC OS4 version
twittamiga.lhanet/mis4.2.15Mb19 May 20164.0138¤ TwittAmiga - Twitter client with map view
uget-src.lhanet/mis1.8.2137kb30 Nov 20124.1137¤ Uget-src - Sources of the uGet package for AmiCygnix
uget.lhanet/mis1.8.2r28Mb20 Mar 20134.1312¤ Uget - A download manager for AmiCygnix
weather.lhanet/mis0.34kb02 Jul 20144.1194¤ weather.py - weather env vars for your titlebar
webdav-handler.lhanet/mis3.3beta61Mb06 Jan 20154.0111¤ Webdav-handler - DOS handler for accessing WebDAV shares
webmonx.lhanet/mis0.21Mb17 Aug 20134.199¤ Webmonx - Monitor your favourite websites for updates
wlandecrypter.rarnet/mis1.1167kb13 Dec 20094.1209¤ Wlandecrypter - Telefonica wep keys generator.
yfacts.lhanet/mis1.423kb15 Mar 20134.0237¤ Yfacts - Background time synchronisation client
zyxbrut.lhanet/mis1.0.019kb27 Dec 20094.0635¤ Zyxbrut - Password brute force for zyxel routers
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