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Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amiganetcenter.lhanet/sam.01alpha9Mb23 Nov 074.0831¤ Amiganetcenter - AmigaNetCenter
anc_update.lhanet/sam1.00721kb03 Feb 084.0656¤ Anc_update - AmigaNetCenter version 1 update
redeth.rarnet/sam1.53Mb08 Mar 154.0121¤ Redeth - Graphical interface to manage conection with samba
samba-base.lhanet/sam2.2.52Mb04 Jan 054.01823¤ Samba-base - Common/base files needed for Samba 2.2.5
samba-bin.lhanet/sam2.2.57Mb04 Jan 054.01614¤ Samba-bin - Binaray OS4 files needed for Samba 2.2.5
sambamatic.lhanet/sam.05168kb23 Jan 074.01089¤ Sambamatic - Find and access shares easily
sambaprefs.lhanet/sam1.7191kb23 Jan 054.01122¤ Sambaprefs - SambaPrefs
savvyppc.lhanet/sam1.7179kb24 Sep 054.0818¤ Savvyppc - Savvy (as in networker) smbfs GUI program
setupdhcp.lhanet/sam1.02kb30 Oct 074.0525¤ Setupdhcp - Arexx script to help setup DHCP with Samba
smbfs.lhanet/sam1.102211kb17 Apr 164.0397¤ Smbfs - SMB file system client; complements Samba
smbmounter.lhanet/sam1.3261kb12 Jun 154.0248¤ Smbmounter - SMBFS Frontend GUI / Commodity
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