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Miscellaneous utilities that doesn't fit in any other category
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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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pyt.lha52.2369b04 Aug 164.019¤ PYT Timezone - Unofficial North Korea OS4 timezone
the_ell.lha2.11004b21 Nov 124.1162¤ The_greek - Greek catalog file for T.H.E.
zoomit_ell.lha1.31kb31 Jan 144.0111¤ ZoomIT_ell - Greek catalog file for ZoomIT
availmempatch.lha1.12kb09 May 074.0321¤ Availmempatch - Limits RAM available to 68k apps
noclick.lha1.14kb13 Apr 164.058¤ NoClick - Multiplatform NoClick enabler
timerhack.lha1.14kb05 May 074.0377¤ Timerhack - makes timer.device to tick at PAL clock
changetooltype.lha1.25kb12 Mar 094.0238¤ Changetooltype - Changes icon tool types
hyperbench_ell.lha0.356kb30 Apr 134.093¤ Hyperbench_greek - Greek catalog files for Hyperbench
foreach_igracki.lha1.17kb28 Jul 134.098¤ Foreach Igracki - Execute a command for every argument
uniquedate.lha1.08kb22 Jun 064.0233¤ Uniquedate - Generates unique (hi-res) numeric date/timestamps
uniquename.lha1.09kb22 Jun 064.0240¤ Uniquename - Generates unique (random) strings
envtime.lha0.039kb15 Jun 064.0296¤ Envtime - Sets a time env variable for use in WB titlebar
amigakeyremapper.rar1.19kb13 Aug 104.0274¤ Amigakeyremapper - Simple program that swaps left/right amiga keys
set68kcpu.lha1.09kb01 May 084.0354¤ Set68kcpu - Change the type of the 68k CPU reported under OS4.
luna.lha1.611kb05 Aug 104.1208¤ Luna - A shell command that calculates moon phases
sfv-creator.lha0.211kb07 May 054.0165¤ Sfv-creator - SFV-Creator for AmigaOS 4
clipman.lzx0.1alpha11kb19 Mar 064.0365¤ Clipman - Small GUI-based clipboard utility
amigaohm_fra.lha0.9.112kb12 Nov 094.0148¤ Amigaohm-fr - French catalog for AmigaOhm
tunenetpatch.lha1.113kb25 Mar 124.0764¤ Tunenetpatch - TuneNet OS4 QuickFix - Online Radio Playlist Fix
sex.lha13kb09 Apr 074.0341¤ Sex - Generates random sex stories, funny!
keyremapper.lha1.313kb30 Dec 124.0195¤ Keyremapper - Program that swaps right-amiga key for other keys
luhn.lha14kb31 Oct 104.0185¤ Luhn - Checks validity of credit card numbers
smoother.lha1.315kb05 Jan 054.0193¤ Smoother - small joke program to "smoothen" your mouse moveme
identify_lib.lha37.216kb21 Nov 044.0620¤ Identify_lib - identify.library replacement for OS4
ejecttool.lha2.1817kb27 Apr 154.0137¤ EjectTool - Load/Eject/Toggle drive tray command
aa3-dp5_buttons.lha0.418kb21 Jan 134.1129¤ Aa3-dp5_buttons - AmigaAMP3 control buttons for Dopus Magellan
amigaohm_spa.lha0.9.118kb15 Nov 094.0147¤ Amigaohm-sp - Catalogo en espanol para AmigaOHM
diceware.lha18kb29 Jun 154.052¤ Diceware - Bitcoin address generator.
yae.lha1.019kb02 Apr 084.0254¤ Yae - Yet Another Eval
tellme.lha4.0.221kb23 Jun 054.0350¤ Tellme - TellMe script to run say
qclock.lha1.122kb02 May 074.0269¤ Qclock - Ask your miggy about the time
disktype.lha1.022kb14 Apr 074.0278¤ Disktype - Display filesystem/disk types
deslike.lha0.224kb17 Dec 074.0198¤ Deslike - DES-like encryption
scm2wav.lha0.124kb03 Oct 064.0215¤ Scm2wav - Rips the sound files from the official ICQ client
hunkreader.lha1.625kb06 Dec 134.0114¤ HunkReader - Console reader (like readelf) of old 68k binaries
pwcrack.lha1.125kb12 Aug 064.0235¤ Pwcrack - Pwcrack; decrypts PassWorm-encrypted passwords.
reporttool.lha51.126kb24 Dec 064.0340¤ Reporttool - A tool to help problem solving in OS4
base64.lzx1.026kb09 Jun 044.0207¤ Base64 - Base64
cls.lzxV0.0128kb17 Aug 044.0245¤ Cls - Shows an information window if CAPSLOCK is pressed
fitr.lha1.331kb31 Aug 104.0157¤ Fitr - App-specific text file mods for installs
clicketyflip.lha1.132kb03 Sep 074.0540¤ Clicketyflip - Swap screens via middle mousebutton doubleclick
patchwarp3d.lhabeta636kb06 Dec 114.0292¤ Patchwarp3d - Patch some Warp3D functions
asyncio.lha50.337kb13 Dec 054.01751¤ Asyncio - asyncio.library Compiled for OS4 PPC Native
spaceagent.lha50.439kb06 Jun 044.0223¤ Spaceagent - A commodity to watch disks getting low on space
arexxconsole.lha0839kb22 Apr 134.0158¤ Arexxconsole - Utility for sending ARexx messages
alt_tab_switcher.lha1.944kb09 May 094.1377¤ Alt_tab_switcher - Switch between screens in a graphical way
docket.lha3.145kb14 Apr 084.0388¤ Docket - Powerful cron-like scheduling commodity
poet.lha1.1+45kb15 Aug 064.0219¤ Poet - PoetPlus - Generates random poetry
meshview.lha46kb18 Sep 084.0157¤ Meshview - Simple tool to visualize a mesh.
amemwatcher.lha1.046kb13 Oct 134.0132¤ aMemWatcher - RAM monitor program
atimer.lha1.047kb13 Oct 134.0124¤ aTimer - aTimer checks your system clock
autorun.lha53.147kb11 Apr 144.1178¤ AutoRun - Executes a script on disk insertion
amidvd.lha1.4652kb27 May 084.01139¤ Amidvd - CD/DVD burning tool
lltogr.lha1.053kb31 Jul 134.094¤ LLtogr - Latitude/longitude to/from NGR
bmtool.lha1.055kb31 Mar 124.0181¤ Bmtool - Conversion tool of web browser bookmarks
cdirip.lha0.6.356kb05 Mar 134.1103¤ Cdirip - Image converter
fixdate.lha1.258kb17 Mar 124.0124¤ Fixdate - Fix files that have a date in future
macc.lha1.158kb10 May 064.0306¤ Macc - Mouse accelerator with plenty of settings
rhc.lha1.059kb17 Mar 124.083¤ Rhc - A polymorphic cipher
zmakebas.lha1,260kb14 Apr 154.075¤ ZMakebas - Make ZX Spectrum .TAP from BASIC text
asciitable.lha1.160kb17 Mar 124.089¤ Asciitable - Print out the ascii-table in diffent
crc128.lha1.061kb17 Mar 124.0196¤ Crc128 - Calculates 128bit crc-checksums
smv.zip0.361kb12 Dec 064.0367¤ Smv - A new multiview program
exorcist.lha2.161kb18 Aug 094.0461¤ Exorcist - Kill windows and screens of crashed apps
usbrecycle.lha1.064kb12 Mar 154.1201¤ USBRecycle - 'Solve' SAM4x0 USB stall at boot time
betterclosescreen.lhar365kb04 Jul 114.0159¤ Betterclosescreen - Ensures that public screens always get closed
myformat.lha1.3267kb18 Oct 044.0238¤ Myformat - Format replacement. OS4+ required
cksfv.lha1.367kb29 Sep 054.0201¤ Cksfv - Cksfv Crc Tool Checker
usbsound.lha1.068kb21 Oct 154.190¤ UsbSound - Commodity for USB audio notification
eggshell.lha69kb10 Jan 094.0230¤ Eggshell - A particle simulator written using allegro
html2wiki.lha1.0175kb15 Aug 124.0145¤ Html2wiki - Translates HTML to wikipedia text
bofh.zip0.276kb25 Dec 094.0111¤ Bofh - Random generator of B.O.F.H. excuses
killwin.lha79kb26 Sep 044.0295¤ Killwin - Close killed windows
startmeup.lha1.3683kb19 Oct 044.0230¤ Startmeup - A startup files manager
allkeys.lha2.4086kb19 Nov 124.0380¤ Allkeys - Use all mapped rawkeys which include most MM-keys
os4.1-german-update_deu.lha2.0101kb12 Feb 094.0314¤ Os4 - Unofficial update of the OS 4.1 German translation
rherase.lha1.2103kb17 Mar 124.0143¤ Rherase - Secure file eraser
ppcrack.lha1.0107kb23 Nov 104.0204¤ Ppcrack - unpack + decrypt all PowerPacker files
anno.lha0.3.0108kb28 Oct 074.0140¤ Anno - An NCurses based Almanack.
ipqalc.lha111kb14 Apr 124.1205¤ Ipqalc - a small qtbased tool to help you calculate subnets
elmeter.lha2.0112kb29 Dec 104.1195¤ Elmeter - Electricity+water consumption monitor
relax.lha2.1117kb17 Mar 124.0106¤ Relax - Control program for 8-bit realy-cards
pdalink.lha3.2119kb11 Nov 074.0219¤ Pdalink - Connect Amiga with Palm PDA
bougesouris.lha1.1119kb04 Nov 144.077¤ BougeSouris - CLI program to move cursor/click + sources
clonecollect.lha1.7119kb17 Mar 124.089¤ Clonecollect - Collect files with same conditions
samtools.lha123kb15 Jan 084.0147¤ Samtools - Tools to read/write SAMDOS disk images
daysleeper.lha0.9r2130kb31 Mar 144.1134¤ DaySleeper - Shutdown/reboot at a selected time
zoomnote.lha1.2133kb13 Jan 144.1197¤ ZoomNote - Screen zooming and note drawing utility
splashlauncher.lha1.6141kb09 Aug 094.0162¤ Splashlauncher - Splash image program launcher
topapp.lha1.0145kb12 Dec 114.0158¤ Topapp - Add and remove programs using GUI easy
sab.lha2.2159kb17 Mar 124.0124¤ Sab - Secure Address Book with AES encryption
cutratecalc.lha1.0b163kb06 Oct 134.1157¤ CutRateCalc - A reaction based calculator
ringtonetools.lha2.26165kb04 Nov 054.0202¤ Ringtonetools - Helps in the creation of ringtones
shapng.lha1.1166kb17 Mar 124.0126¤ Shapng - sha256 of file to PNG-image
dicpng.lha1.1167kb17 Mar 124.0136¤ Dicpng - Compress data into png-images
amigaohm.lhaV0.9.1169kb11 Nov 094.0183¤ Amigaohm - This program works out colour code in ohm values
xchm-src.lha1.19184kb14 Jul 114.181¤ Xchm-src - Sources of xchm 1.19 and related libs for AmiCygnix
psptools.lha210kb24 Apr 074.0157¤ Psptools - Makes your PSX games playable on your PSP!
passmaker.lha1.0227kb10 Mar 084.0226¤ Passmaker - Password generator with GUI
snoopdos.lha3.8243kb13 Dec 044.01400¤ Snoopdos - SnoopDos compiled for AmigaOS 4
lighttasks.lha0.2248kb04 Aug 134.0148¤ LightTasks - Qt simple and lightweight task timer
taskreminder.lha1.0290kb12 Aug 134.1143¤ Task Reminder - Add tasks and display them on a webpage
jsi-tfb.lha1.0291kb09 Sep 064.0852¤ Jsi-tfb - The Fart Button
tux_todo.lha1.5b292kb24 May 054.0190¤ Tux_todo - Tux ToDo List Manager
ac-bootpic.lha1.1333kb23 May 054.0328¤ Ac-bootpic - Animated boot pictures
screengrab.lha0.9.90358kb17 Jan 174.195¤ Screengrab - Simple screengrab app for Qt4
cdfly.lha0.3398kb14 Aug 134.0152¤ CDFly - Qt : multiplatform CD/DVD files indexer
ranger.lha1.59407kb11 Jan 144.01184¤ Ranger - System diagnostic tool
horloge.lha410kb06 Jan 094.0124¤ Horloge - a fugly clock made using SDL.
mkisofs.lha2.0432kb16 Sep 054.0376¤ Mkisofs - mkisofs
snapit.lha1.4487kb27 Jan 174.1117¤ SnapIT - Powerful MUI-based Screen Grabber
shoppinglist.lha1.1535kb17 Aug 134.090¤ ShoppingList - Qt : program to plan and account shopping
click_wit.lha1.0a564kb20 Nov 144.171¤ Click_Wit! - A fortune cookie program for workbench
reportplus.lha7.07577kb31 Jan 174.055¤ Report+ - Multipurpose utility
amisafedemo.lha0.9608kb23 Nov 124.0169¤ Amisafedemo - Password keeper program with encryption
ami-bootguard.lha0.50630kb28 Nov 114.1166¤ Ami-bootguard - software protection before unauthorized run OS
devinfos.lha17.22649kb21 Mar 174.053¤ DevInfos - Shows many infos about a device
psid64.lha0.7689kb13 Nov 064.0110¤ Psid64 - Make a C64 exe from a PSID file
powericons.lha51.4711kb03 Feb 064.01168¤ Powericons - 32-bit PNG icons on your Amiga
vuremote.lha1.4732kb04 Aug 164.126¤ VuRemote - Remote control for Vu+ and Dreambox Receivers
amisystemrestore.lhar1_beta7909kb23 Aug 134.0256¤ Amisystemrestore - Monitors & allows undoing changes to SYS:
siberia.lha1.0923kb31 Jul 134.133¤ Siberia - Contacts and calendar (Spanish only)
hyperbench.lha0.351Mb18 Dec 124.0105¤ Hyperbench - Desktop for public screens
eggtimer.lha1Mb24 Oct 064.0146¤ Eggtimer - An Eggtimer
egame.lhar51Mb05 Feb 134.0282¤ Egame - Game launcher with tagging & searching
scout.lha3.61Mb24 Apr 064.01096¤ Scout - System monitor (MUI & TCP/IP stack optional)
qmetro.lha0.6.51Mb11 Aug 134.069¤ QMetro - Subway/metro/underground route planner
gource.lha0.26b1Mb17 Jul 104.1124¤ Gource - 3D visualisation tool for source control reps.
clipselect.lha2.01Mb25 May 104.0189¤ Clipselect - A Clipboard Manager with Graphical Previews
wget-src.tar.gz1.9.11Mb18 Aug 044.0168¤ Wget-src - Retrieves files from the web (source)
wget-bin.lha1.12rev21Mb18 May 114.0945¤ Wget-bin - Retrieves files from the web
magiceyes.lha1.01Mb08 Nov 154.088¤ Tony canazza - Eyes Follow mouse
exutil.lha1.02Mb17 Mar 174.038¤ Exutil - An exif based batch renamer
qexchange.lha1.0.02Mb15 Aug 134.066¤ QExchange - Qt : Currency exchange calculator with history
kcopy.lha0.9832Mb30 Dec 144.193¤ K-Copy - a Gui for Kryoflux
fontpreviewer.lha3.42Mb27 Feb 124.0129¤ Fontpreviewer - A Simple Font Preview Program
text2png.lha1.02Mb06 Apr 084.0130¤ Text2png - A program for converting text to a PNG image.
brewtarget.lha2.1.02Mb10 Feb 154.185¤ Brewtarget - Brewtarget Beer Software
collagemaker.lha3.02Mb03 Mar 114.0155¤ Collagemaker - A Program for Making Collages
amipad.lha3.03Mb28 Nov 124.0131¤ Amipad - Website App-Wrapper
scalos.lha41.8-rc13Mb21 Aug 124.0139¤ Scalos - Desktop environment (kind of Workbench,Hyperbench)
meteostation.lha1.083Mb13 Aug 134.088¤ MeteoStation NM - USB weather station reader (Qt)
alarmclock.lha1.53Mb07 Oct 064.0253¤ Alarmclock - Full screen Alarm clock
aget.lha0.15Mb19 Mar 154.042¤ AGet - HTTP Protocol Tester
kryoflux.lha2.616Mb15 Aug 154.174¤ KryoFlux - USB-based floppy controller
assist.lha2.126Mb23 Jun 154.1148¤ Assist - A knowledge base for AmigaOS users
fartbuttondeluxe-lite.lha1.18Mb29 Dec 104.0173¤ Fartbuttondeluxe-lite - Large red fart button
microwindows.lha0.98Mb26 Dec 074.0125¤ Microwindows - modern gfx windowing environments for small device
xchm.lha1.199Mb14 Jul 114.1134¤ Xchm - A viewer for CHM files (AmiCygnix)
st_schematics.lha0.129Mb29 Jan 164.064¤ Star Trek Schematics - Database of schematics in Star Trek
st_rooms.lha0.165Mb26 Jan 164.057¤ Star Trek Rooms - Database of rooms aboard the ships in Star Trek
st_ships.lha0.6120Mb10 May 164.039¤ Star Trek Ships - Database of ships in Star Trek
st_characters.lha0.2156Mb27 Mar 144.080¤ ST Wiki - Star Trek Database
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