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 Files uploaded by Juha Niemimaki

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
schism-src.lhaaud/tra0.2a1Mb29 Jun 054.0244¤ Schism-src - Source codes + makefiles for Schism tracker
schism.lhaaud/tra0.2a502kb29 Jun 054.0573¤ Schism - Schism Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker (UPDATED)
milkytracker_sdl2.lhaaud/tra/mil1.022Mb03 Mar 184.187¤ MilkyTracker - SDL2 version of an FT2 compatible music tracker
hex_pistols.lhadem/sce/fit921kb24 May 054.0245¤ Hex_pistols - Hex Pistols - port of a demo released at MI'05
muli3d.tar.bz2dev/lib/gra0.777Mb04 Mar 054.0159¤ Muli3d - Software rendering library written in C++
beatsofrage.lhagam/act1.0029288kb19 Jul 054.01289¤ Beatsofrage - Beats of Rage port (updated)
bor-src.lhagam/act1.0029127kb19 Jul 054.0408¤ Bor-src - Beats of Rage source code
diamond_girl.tar.bz2gam/act0.29959kb15 Apr 054.0273¤ Diamond_girl - Boulder Dash like game
diamondsanddust.lhagam/act0.11Mb01 Mar 144.1149¤ Diamonds and Dust - An action/puzzle game similar to Boulder Dash
nogravity.lhagam/act2/06/05822kb02 Jun 054.0692¤ Nogravity - 3D space shooter
cannonball.lhagam/dri879kb01 Oct 154.1242¤ CannonBall - An Enhanced Out Run Engine
stuntcarremake.lhagam/driMay20181Mb25 May 184.175¤ StuntCarRemake - a remake of Stunt Car Racer
cannonball_sdl2.lhagam/dri605kb05 Jun 164.1147¤ Cannonball - SDL2 version of an enhanced OutRun engine
ioquake3.lhagam/fps"2008"799kb26 Jul 134.0219¤ ioquake3 - icculus.org Quake 3 FPS engine
openarena.lhagam/fps"2008"793kb26 Jul 134.0177¤ OpenArena - ioquake based FPS
quake2.lhagam/fps"2008"636kb26 Jul 134.0351¤ Quake2 - Old FPS port that uses only HW rendering
yeti3dgpl.lhagam/fps1.0376kb18 Feb 054.0399¤ Yeti3dgpl - Yeti 3D engine
ioquake3_sdl2.lhagam/fpsJune20172Mb11 Sep 174.1130¤ ioquake3 - SDL2 version of Quake 3 engine
alephone_sdl2.lhagam/fpsAug20174Mb11 Sep 174.188¤ Aleph One - SDL2 version of Marathon engine
smb_sdl2.lhagam/plaSep2017818kb12 Sep 174.1139¤ Super Methane Bros - SDL2 conversion of SMB
nelipala.lhagam/puz0.13435kb09 Apr 174.1125¤ Nelipala - SDL2-based tetris clone
apool2d.tar.bz2gam/spo0.982229kb15 Apr 054.0346¤ Apool2d - Another Pool
rush2005.lhagam/spo0.4.12c5Mb17 Apr 054.0204¤ Rush2005 - American football
freecnc.lhagam/str0.31Mb29 Apr 054.0576¤ Freecnc - Open source Command & Conquer engine
stratagus.lhagam/str2.122Mb29 Apr 054.01296¤ Stratagus - Stratagus RTS engine, (Invasion & Wargus included)
zodengine.lhagam/str3Mb26 Jul 134.1189¤ The Zod Engine - An open source remake of game 'Z'
sdl2.lhalib/mis2.0.75Mb03 Mar 184.1147¤ SDL2 - Simple DirectMedia Layer 2
cpuwatcher-src.lhauti/wor0.59kb05 Oct 094.0344¤ Cpuwatcher-src - Source code for CPU Watcher
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