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 Files uploaded by Raziel

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
mp3gain.lhaaud/edi1.5.2215kb25 Mar 114.0253¤ Mp3gain - Changes the volume of mp3s
bermudasyndrome.lhagam/act0.1.498kb26 Feb 114.1545¤ Bermudasyndrome - Bermuda Syndrome SDL
bermudasyndrome_src.lhagam/act0.1.456kb26 Feb 114.1258¤ Bermudasyndrome_src - Bermuda Syndrome Source
tt.lhagam/act1018732kb04 Dec 054.0256¤ Tt - Simple shooting game
freesci-src.lhagam/adv0.6.42Mb19 May 084.098¤ Freesci-src - FreeSCI source
freesci.lhagam/adv0.6.41Mb19 May 084.0182¤ Freesci - Sierra adventure games interpreter
residualvm-src.zipgam/adv0.2.17Mb18 Mar 154.156¤ ResidualVM-src - ResidualVM Source
residualvm.lhagam/adv0.2.15Mb18 Mar 154.1145¤ ResidualVM - 3D game interpreter
scummvm.lhagam/adv2.0.023Mb21 Dec 174.1174¤ scummvm - 2D Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
scummvm-src.zipgam/adv2.0.037Mb21 Dec 174.117¤ scummvm-src - ScummVM Source
nickyboum.lhagam/pla0.2.02Mb06 Jun 164.1115¤ Nickyboum - A cross-platform engine for the Nicky Boum games
atris.lhagam/puz1.0.71Mb17 Nov 064.0266¤ Atris - Tetris clone
sdl-toms.lhagam/puz0.2381kb06 Dec 054.0263¤ Sdl-toms - An SDL "Atoms" clone
aklabeth.lhagam/rol1.0368kb05 Dec 054.0416¤ Aklabeth - Ultima Zero
nazghul.lhagam/rol0.6.04Mb29 Feb 084.0444¤ Nazghul - Ultima 5-like engine and the full game 'Haxima'
residual-tools-src.ziputi/fil0.07git186kb19 May 114.179¤ Residual-tools-src - Residual Tools Source
residual-tools.lhauti/fil0.07git636kb19 May 114.197¤ Residual-tools - Residual Tools
scummvm-tools.lhauti/fil1.9.03Mb20 Oct 164.168¤ Scummvm-tools - ScummVM Tools
scummvm-tools-src.ziputi/fil1.9.01Mb11 Oct 164.129¤ Scummvm-tools-src - ScummVM Tools Source
processtorrent.lhauti/scr2.096kb19 Mar 114.1306¤ Processtorrent - AREXX Script for automated Torrent downloads
id3point.lhauti/she1.020kb22 Mar 114.0278¤ Id3point - ID3 Tagger with batch functionality
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