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 Readme for:  Audio » Misc » mixer.lha


Description: Audio mixer
Download: mixer.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 673kb
Version: 1.41
Date: 12 Sep 15
Author: Davy Wentzler, AlexC, PJS and others
Submitter: Javier de las Rivas
Homepage: http://openamiga.org/?function=viewproject&projectid=62
Requirements: supported soundcard/chip
Category: audio/misc
Replaces: audio/misc/mixer.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 9474
Comments: 94
Snapshots: 4
Downloads: 390  (Current version)
9230  (Accumulated)
Votes: 4 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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This is an OpenAmiga.org project.
Read more at: http://openamiga.org/?function=viewproject&projectid=62

Supports SBLive/SBAudigy (emu10kx), FM801, SB128, CMI8738, CS4281, Envy24HT
(Aureon 5.1, M-Audio Revolution 5.1), Solo-1 (ES1969) chips, SAM460 (SM502),
VIA686B (A1-XE/PEG2) onboard sound when you have the AC'97 codec onboard
and X1000 (IDT92HD700/hdaudio.audio by Lyle Hazelwood (and Alex Carmona)
https://sites.google.com/site/takeaprogrammertolunch), see 'X1000 NOTES:'.

** 27 August 2015 - Javier de las Rivas
**    1.41 - Can choose fader with [1]..[7] keys and volume UP/DOWN with
**           [+]/[-] numeric keypad.
**         - Pressing key [0] MUTE on<->off (choosed fader).
**         - Added greek catalog (THX Anthony Iliakis).
**         - Added faders, volume and mute keys to prefs.
**         - Added KEYS_UDM tooltype to configure volume UP/DOWN and MUTE
**           keyboard control.
**         - Fixed freeze when using wheelmouse outside active MixWindow.
**         - Reworked/cleaned sources a bit (again).
**         - Tries to load skin images with ".PNG" extension too.
**         - Created CodeBench project file.
**         - Fixed CLI parsing, now some keywords need to be written too.
**         - Re-enabled Enable()/Disable() in some _ctrl.c
**         - Fixed ARexx #?MUTE command (thx Damilakis).
**         - Fixed internal Mixer CLI mixerfullpath ('GetProgramDir()')
See History.txt for earlier changes
See Mixer.ReadMe in the archive for more information.

- X1000 NOTES:
  1)Use AmiUpdate to get hdaudio.audio V6.22 as minimum.
  2)The volume controls are applied at the Digital to Analog converters.
    The S/PDIF is digital, so it never passes through the DACs, S/PDIF has
    no volume controls.
    This leaves AHI as the only way to control S/PDIF volume, or possibly
    the local volume control on your receiver or audio device.

Submit bug reports and suggestions at bugs.os4depot.net,
Send general questions to Davy Wentzler (info()audio-evolution.com),
Send Arexx bug reports to Daniel Westerberg (daniel at onyxsoft.se)

V52.5 (2015.08.28) <Javier de las Rivas>
-Removed DOCKY_ICON tooltype.
-Added DOCKY_HEIGHT tooltype, rescales docky image.
-Volume value is shown in docky image (bottom centered).
-Added FONTNAME and FONTSIZE tooltypes for use in volume value.
-Added DOCKY_IMAGE_DRAWER tooltype.
-Added TEXTCOLOR and OUTLINECOLOR tooltypes.
-Docky image clones MUTE button status.
-Created CodeBench project.
-Re-enabled Enable()/Disable() in some _ctrl.c

See Mixer.docky.ReadMe in the archive for more information.

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
mixer-atlantis.zip0.237kb13 Feb 064.0357¤ Mixer-atlantis - Theme for Mixer
mixer-blue_x-fi.zip1.09kb12 Jan 064.0425¤ Mixer-blue_x-fi - Skin Blue X-Fi for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-blueskin.lha12kb18 Nov 054.0577¤ Mixer-blueskin - Skin Blue for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-blueskin2.zip24kb27 Dec 054.0448¤ Mixer-blueskin2 - Skin Blue2 for OS4 Audio mixer
mixer-fire.zip0.162kb18 Feb 064.0350¤ Mixer-fire - Brighter Them for Audio-Mixer (A1-AOS4)
mixer-kiwi.zip0.149kb13 Feb 064.0317¤ Mixer-kiwi - Kiwi Theme for MIXER (AOS4)
mixer-steel.lha10kb22 Feb 064.0453¤ Mixer-steel - Mixer theme
mixer-sweet.lha11kb18 Feb 064.0441¤ Mixer-sweet - Sweet Mixer theme.
mixerimages.lha3.999997kb05 Nov 044.0616¤ Mixerimages - Skin for OS4 Audio mixer
mixersource.lha1.2787kb26 Oct 104.0383¤ Mixersource - Mixer source code
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