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Description: Qt 4.7 main archive for AmigaOS 4 native
Download: qt.tar.gz       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 402Mb
Version: 4.7(0.9.0)
Date: 07 Jul 13
Author: Digia(Trolltech), port by Alfkil
Submitter: Alfkil Thorbj°rn Wennermark
Email: alfkil/gmail com
Homepage: http://www.cphjazzquartet.dk
Requirements: OS 4.1 and minigl or compositing, native SDK for development
Category: development/cross
Replaces: development/cross/qt-sdk.lha
License: LGPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 8048
Comments: 5
Snapshots: 1
Downloads: 719  (Current version)
1121  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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===== DISCLAIMER =======

If this doesn't work or if it trashes your machine, don't blame
me! This is provided as is with no liability whatsoever.

This is beta-ware. Unpredictable behavior might occur from
time to time. Be warned!

See LICENSE.LGPL for complete conditions of usage.

===== Introduction ========

This is the beta version of Qt v.4.7 for AmigaOS 4 native.

From this version, there is no longer a separate SDK and User (resp.)
archive. This single archive contains everything you need to either
use or develop with Qt 4.7.0.

For things still missing, see the MISSING STUFF section below.
For known issues with this software, see KNOWN ISSUES below.

	Happy coding/using :-)

     Alfkil  (alfkil()gmail.com)

======= INSTALLATION =========

Use the included installation script. If anything goes
wrong or doesn't work, please contact me.

NOTE: Choosing 'update' for the installation type might
not work. It is recommended, that you wipe out any previous
installation of Qt and install from scratch.

========= OPEN GL ==========

From version 0.8 it is no longer required
to use a custom minigl build. If you have the "special"
version of minigl installed, you can now safely remove
it and reinstall the public version 2.5.

========= Qt Prefs ===========

Qt now comes with a neat little prefs app, that will be
installed into sys:prefs by the installer script. You
can use this app to set the various options.

NOTE NOTE NOTE: This is the recommended setup:

Native dialogs: OFF
Native menus: OFF
Native fonts: OFF
Native painting: ON

Please check if these are your settings before testing Qt!
Only change to other settings if absolutely necessary!


NOTE NOTE: Qt no longer uses separate env variables for its
various settings. Instead it stores the options in a single
prefs file, and you need to use the Qt prefs app (in SYS:Prefs)
to change them.

====== RENDERING =======

It is highly recommended, that you use the native paint engine
instead of the opengl engine. This is because various functions,
like painting to a pixmap using hw acceleration, is not supported
from miniGL, and will revert to software rendering when required.
Note though, that the native (compositing) engine is a work from
the ground, and not everything will be rendered as supposed to.
I have tried to fill the holes as best as possible, but if you
run into some specific rendering bug, and if it annoys you/disables
you from using your favorite piece of software, please don't
hesitate to drop me a line.

========= KNOWN ISSUES ==========

- QFlowLayout doesn't render correctly with native fonts
- heavy javascript is reaaaly slow in the Qt browser demo. Reason unknown.
- qmake crashes sometimes. Usually you can just reboot and continue
		the build. Happens consistently when building Qt designer,
		but not very often otherwise. Reason unknown.

===== MISSING STUFF =====

QtCore:  - QProcess does not implement every feature, but should work for
			most situations

	- QSound
	- native theme
	- and probably more...

===== History: =====

0.9.0:	- Native rendering improved (lots of bugfixes, new implementations,
			check out demos/embeddeddialogs for a good example!
		- webkit support
		- built on amigaos4 (X1000) instead of dreadful cross compiling :)
		- prefs system changed
		- QFileSystemWatcher implemented
		- QSystemTrayIcon implemented (useful for the wally app)
		- Fixed keyboard and mouse grabbing bugs
		- mouse input system completely restructured
		- QtNetwork improved (sockets no longer need a dummy timer to do input,
							QLocalSocket/Server included(tcp))
		- more demos and examples included
		- 16 bit screens supported
		- native clipboard support for text and images
		- no more scrolling bugs (hopefully)
		- mouse press events would get swallowed on double click, fixed
		- popups will close on deactivate
		- tooltips no longer steal focus
		- default language option added in qtprefs
                - iconfy gadget on main widgets
		- lots of other details

0.8.6:	- lots of small fixes
		- bold and italic font styles implemented
		- prefs updated correctly (SDK)
0.8.5:	- native painting and native fonts (see Qt prefs)

0.8.4:	- Implemented QWidget::grabMouse()
		- Implemented QPixmap::grabWindow()
		- Implemented QPixmap::toImage()
		- Various small tidbits to make flasQ work
		- QtScript added (not tested very much)
		- added the linguist toolchain

0.8.3:	- fixed problem with qmake when using cmake
		- fixed QtCore dependencies of ssl and crypto libs (should
			be QtNetwork and not QtCore)
		- including the correct version ssl and crypto libs
		- Chris' (unsatisfactorysoftware) datatype imagereader included
		- fixed issue with tooltips deactivating main window (QSimpleSheet)
		- fixed issue with locking file requesters
		- fixed issues with multiple toolbars giving garbled graphics
			(also applies to other areas). See QSimpleSheet.
		- implemented graphic hover events for buttons
		- fixed editing problem in tables
		- fixed text edit cursor issues
		- added fontconfig progress bar

0.8.2:	- resize gadget OFF fixed
		- resize max and min fixed
		- prefs issues solved
		- "blocked text" render bug fixed
		- drag and drop cursors implemented (system override cursor)
		- window opening is now delayed to avoid the irritating alignment issues
		- the "fat" bar (resize bar) of the window now appears at the bottom
		- install script now copies libs correctly
		- mousewheel now scrolls in the right direction

0.8.1:	- fixed some problems with dnd (dragging outside window crash)
		- fixed designer menu crash and designer hang at exit bug
		- copied draganddrop examples properly
		- fixed crash in qtprefs
		- fixed problems with install script
		- added QT_RIGHT_TO_MIDDLE_MOUSE flag in qprefs
		- various fixes and modifications

0.8b:	- env variable QT_CODEC_FOR_CSTRINGS added (see above)
		- env variable QT_DOUBLECLICK removed (see above)
		- env variable QT_NATIVE_MENUS enabled!
		- enb variable QT_WHEEL_SENSITIVITY added (see above)
		- QDesktopServices included (NB: experimental!)
		- uic3 included (experimental!)
		- fixed asl requesters on pubscreen issue
		- fixed window max size issue
		- Qt prefs app added
		- mouse wheel support added
		- installation script added
		- removed the qmake path bug
		- designer compiled (SDK only)
		- New icon set by Mason
		- Multiselect in menus

0.7.1b:	- rebuilt all the examples, demos, libs and plugins
		- removed chip demo
		- added a few examples
		- uic3 included

0.7b:	- Submenu closing bug fixed
		- Mouse cursor problems fixed
		- Control alt amiga detection implemented
		- Spawning windows problem fixed (??)
		- Animated tiles exit bug fixed
		- Drag and drop crashing problems fixed
		- Drag and drop flickering fixed
		- Native file requesters implemented
		- Select public screen implemented
		- Double click implemented
		- Dialog hang bug fixed (again, sigh...)
		- ".config:" assign bug FINALLY fixed
		- New env vars:

0.6b:	- QProcess added
		- clipboard support added
		- drag'n'drop added
		- tooltips added
		- image formats added
		- mouse grabbing in graphics scene fixed
		- QCursor implemented

0.5b: - Stability took a HUGE leap forward when I fixed the grim exit bug :-D
	 - Proxy widgets now work without opening their own windows
	 - Toolbars and dock widgets now fully functional
	 - Resize fixed
	 - Mdi's work ok
	 - GLWidgets now work, although they are slow because of twin blits
	 - popups now work properly
	 - Font sizes now work
	 - Font antialiasing now works (still a few issues)
	 - QT_HOME env variable added

0.2a: More stability
	 Input handling for most widgets

0.1a: First alpha-alpha release.

===== THANKS TO =====

Steven Solie
J÷rg Strohmeyer
kas1e (Roman Kargin)
Chris Young
Edgar Schwan
Diego Casorran
Hans de Ruiter
Deniil (Daniel Westerberg)
Thomas Rapp
Simon Archer (Rigo)
NinjaDNA (beta testing)

...and Mason and tommysammy for the cool icons :)

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
qt-amicygnix-sdk.tar.gz0.1(4.6.2)119Mb27 Jul 104.191¤ Qt-amicygnix-sdk - Qt SDK for amicygnix (experimental)
qt-amicygnix-src.tar.gz0.1(4.6.2)116Mb31 Jul 104.175¤ Qt-amicygnix-src - Qt source code (4.6.2)
qt-amicygnix-user.tar.gz0.5(4.6.2)50Mb25 Oct 104.1192¤ Qt-amicygnix-user - Qt user archive (experimental)
Copyright (c) 2004-2016 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved
Amiga OS and its logos are registered trademarks of Hyperion Entertainment