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 Readme for:  Game » Action » wordmeupxxl_demo.lha


Description: Word puzzle game
Download: wordmeupxxl_demo.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 24Mb
Version: 1.61
Date: 20 May 2015
Author: Glames
Submitter: Glames
Email: boing attitude/online fr
Homepage: http://glames.online.fr/products/wordmeupxxl.html
Requirements: 80 Mb of disk space, 32 Mb video memory and 35 Mb of RAM.
Category: game/action
Replaces: game/action/wordmeupxxl_demo.lha
License: Commercial
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 9331
Comments: 6
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads: 122  (Current version)
708  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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WordMeUp XXL / Demo 1.61 [AmigaOS 4]

Word Me Up XXL combines an arcade game with strategic thinking and memory
skills. Immerse yourself in the heart of this magical world where the evil
sorcerer, Badjoke, has stolen all the Texts of Knowledge and Wisdom, books that
guarantee peace and stability on Earth. The Reign of Darkness has begun...The
CouncilOne of numerous Badjoke henchmen of Wise, at the High University, has
appointed one student to save humanity. That student is YOU! It's time to

Traverse the worlds of Sport, Country and Game where every level is a race
against the clock to uncover the secret words which will eventually lead to the
stolen texts.One of the WANTED letters.... Find your way through endless mazes,
full of booby traps and infested with Badjoke henchmen. Take secret tunnels and
hidden paths, but make sure you avoid drowning and use your jokers wisely... And
above all, watch out for the elephants!

Suitable for all the family, Word Me Up XXL is a non violent game. It's easy for
all ages to play thanks to a steady progression through up to 64 levels. What's
more, there are cartoon graphics, funny sound effects and a great selection of
background music. The "Collide & Go" system makes it easy to manoeuvre and
allows you to edge your way round the narrow paths. Being a truly international
game, theres an integrated help in French, English, Italian, German, Spanish,
Swedish, Russian, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Portuguese.
You'll find yourself playing for hours and hours and improving your fastest time
on every single level. Once you start playing, who knows when you'll stop...

What's new:
- Fixed a wrong display in "Help" and "About" screens (bug revealed by AmigaOS
4.1 FE).
- Compiled with the lastest SDK available.

And still (1.60)
- Added Greek language
- Fading effects speed improvement (twice faster).
- Better scrolling with characters portraits, menu item, ... animations.
- Fix a bug on fonts display that occurs with current AmigaOS 4 beta
- Slight improvement on sound management.

And still (1.53)
- Vertical sync 
- A few Italian and Hungarian improvements.
- Fixes a bug that erased windows location (X,Y) when switching from fullscreen
to windowed mode. 

And still (1.52)
- Visual effects not enabled by default.
- Improved handling of the sound system.
- Better management of the joystick/joypad.
- A few German translations were fixed.

And still (1.51):
- The game is 30% faster.
- The game is playable with fingers if you have a touch screen.
- New launch menu that makes it easy to reach different parts of Word Me Up
XXL (readme, game, website, ...). All of these parts are translated in the
11 languages of the game. 
- Game is more friendly: help on each screen, for every level, tutorial...
- New transition effects between screens.
- New users management:  more intuitive, allows to 12 users to play and save
their games (instead of 6 previously).
- Two new characters available: Lisa and Miss Shen.
- Four new levels (training), so 64 levels available in full version.
- Graphical art enhancements.
- In-game animations (when you loose a life, money, ...).
- You can choose sound effects without music.
- Fading when music changes.
- 27 avatars included.
- And much more...

And as usual...

Installation is very easy: just unpack WordMeUpXXL_Demo.lha archive where you
want. A directory called WordMeUpXXL_Demo will be created.  

This demo has no limitation concerning functionalities but contains only 8 of
the 64 levels of the full version. The 8 levels selected for the demo version
are not the first 8 levels of the full version. Full version has thus a smoother
difficulty progression.

Game can be played with keyboard, joystick (joypad), mouse or even fingers if
you have a touch screen. For narrow openings and paths, use the integrated
"Collide & Go" system
(http://glames.free.fr/products/wordmeupxxl_collidego.html) to help you

During game, you'll see some bill-boards that were given for free to a few
AmigaOs 4 related authors or companies. Some of them were kind enough to help us
with translations.

We advise you to close all others applications before launching WordMeUp XXL.
The game was tested successfully on AmigaOne, MicroAone, Sam440ep & The Red One
F. Take care to "Limpid Clock" or "Compositing mode" (AmigaOS 4.1) that
sometimes make screen scrolling jerky during game. It's sometimes a matter of
priority: you can try to raise the priority of the game. It works also on A4000
and A1200 but please be aware that game is not as fast or smooth. You can try to
reduce Frames Per Second (FPS) by pressing [-] key on your numeric keyboard. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if needed.

Full version can be purchased on line at

== WordMeUp XXL is dedicated to my father Jacky, who died on 22nd May 2004. ==

Glames, Boing Attitude 8-)

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved