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 Readme for:  Utility » Workbench » preferences.lha


Description: Window with Icons for starting different OS Prefs
Download: preferences.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 1Mb
Version: 1.62
Date: 26 Jan 2020
Author: Marko K. Seppänen
Submitter: Marko Seppänen
Homepage: http://m4rko.com/amiga/software/preferences/
Requirements: Info/icon (info_dt) datatype installed and OS rebooted, RexxMast started
Category: utility/workbench
Replaces: utility/workbench/preferences.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11156
Comments: 48
Snapshots: 6
Videos: 0
Downloads: 171  (Current version)
1612  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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Preferences - 1.61

Preferences is a program that shows a window with grouped icons for launching
the prefs-programs found in "SYS:Prefs/" among others. You may see the
snapshot(s) for examples how it looks. Supports Tooltypes and a number
of languages.

This program needs the info/icon (info_dt) datatype to be installed and the
system REBOOTED. If not please install it before, you can find it here:

Further, it is assumed that the RexxMast (ARexx) is up and running.

- Groups the AOS4.1 default Prefs-programs into six main categories.
- Uses the same images as the current icons set.
- Supports localization.
- Supports Console prefs in AOS 4.1 FE.
- Supports MUI prefs.
- Supports AmiSphere, from Enhancer Software collection.
- Supports Updater, from Enhancer Software collection.
- Supports Granite, AOS4 firewall.
- Possible to open the "Presets" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "Prefs" WB drawer.
- Possible to open the "ENVARC:" WB drawer.
- Optional group for 3rdParty-program preferences.
- Amiga HELP key (Scroll-Lock) brings up the About window.
- A number of Tooltypes.

Keyboard actions
- ESC key exits/quits the program.
- Amiga HELP key (Scroll-Lock) brings up the About window.

Languages / Translations
- English            (built-in)
- British-English     checked by Severin
- Dutch               by Johan Banis
- Finnish             by Janne Peräaho
- French              by Guillaume Boesel
- German              by Thomas Blatt
- Greek               by Anthony Iliakis
- Italian             by Samir Hawamdeh
- Norwegian           by Ben Cato Malkenes
- Polish (ISO-8859-2) by Marcin Skawinski
- Russian             by Olga Wara
- Spanish             by Enrique Mecklenburg
- Swedish             by Marko K. Seppänen

HELP: If you are interested in translating and want to help out with a locale
to your language, take a look in this thread (http://tinyurl.com/h4bbyh6 ) and
post #2. If the language you have in mind hasn't been translated yet, then
please give me a shout in the thread :)

1) Extract the lha file to RAM:
2) In RAM: run the script file called RunMeToExtractLHX to extract the
lhx file.
3) Now you should find the program in the created drawer "Preferences".
4) Proceed to installation.

First install the info/icon (info_dt) datatype.

After installing the info_dt datatype, REBOOT your system. 

Then, just copy "Preferences" and "Preferences.info" to anywhere you
like, and start the program from there.

If you get an error when started from WB then use the file RunPreferences in
this archive.

A tip, it becomes pretty nice if it's added to the AmiDock :)

CustomTitle =         FirstTitleString
BGColor =             Background color in the form $RRGGBB in hex
FGColor =             Foreground color in the form $RRGGBB in hex
TitleColor =          Title (of each group) color in the form $RRGGBB in hex
TitleBold =           YES or NO
TitleItalic =         YES or NO
LineColorTop = 	      Line's top color in the form $RRGGBB in hex$
LineColorBottom =     Line's bottom color in the form $RRGGBB in hex$
IconShadows =         YES or NO
MUIinPersonal =       YES or NO
AmiSphereInInternet = YES or NO
GraniteInInternet =   YES or NO
UpdaterInInternet =   YES or NO
3rdPartyGroup =       YES or NO
3rdPartyPrefs1_path = "<path to program, without '.info'>"
3rdPartyPrefs2_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs3_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs4_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs5_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs6_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs7_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs8_path = <--same as above line-->
3rdPartyPrefs9_path = <--same as above line-->

Future features / TODO
- Icon highlighting when pressed.
- No icons (only text) tooltype.

Known issues
- With Polish language, the second menu item in the first menu has a few
  characters garbled.


1.62: (2019 Jan)
- Fixed issue with UTF8.

1.61: (2019 Jan)
- Compiled with the latest HWD version 8.0.
- Added EXTVER-version cookie, that can be read with the ExtraVersion tool.
- Packaged now with Lhx as the main compressor, resulting in about 27%
  smaller archive (including the extractor executable).

1.60: (2017 Dec)
- Implemented AmiSphere icon/tooltype (from the Enhancer Software collection).
- Implemented Updater icon/tooltype (from the Enhancer Software collection).

1.53: (2016 Oct)
- Added Tooltype for setting the group title font to italic. To do this,
  use the Tooltype: TitleItalic = YES .
- Fixed the icon with some added alpha blending for smoother edges.
- Fixed typo in default path for Qt prefs in tooltype 3rdPartyPrefs9_path.
- Fixed missing translation for "3rd party preferences" string, thanks Marcin
  Skawinski for noticing.
- Implented Polish charset for ISO-8859-2.
- Missing translation for one item fixed in Polish translation, by Marcin
- Removed icon RunPreferences.info since RunPreferences is obsolete since
  version 1.52 (you don't need to run this file anymore).
- Fixed minor typo in the About window.

1.52: (2016 Oct)
- Bugfix, all '-' characters in Tooltypes removed. So 3rd-partyGroup becomes
  3rdPartyGroup, 3rd-partyPrefs1_path becomes 3rdPartyPrefs1_path and so on.
- The file RunPreferences is obsolete now, you don't need to use it anymore.
  Please use the main file Preferences and its Tooltypes from now on.
- Polish charset implemented and Polish translation by Marcin Skawinski added.
- Implemented Tooltype for setting the group title font to bold. To do this,
  use the Tooltype: TitleBold = YES .

1.51: (2016 Sep)
- Fixed issue, error when started from WB, with a workaround RunPreferences
  file for starting Preferences from WB if it doesn't start directly. (Hope-
  fully this issue will get fixed in future.)
- The Tooltype 3rdPartyGroup now set to NO as default. You need to set this
  to YES and give filepaths to the corresponding Tooltypes 3rdPartyPrefs1_path
  etc to use the third-party group.
- Updated Norwegian translation, by Ben Cato Malkenes.
- Fixed missing field in the Italian translation. Spotted by Samir Hawamdeh,
- Added that the About-window closes with the shortcut 'O', spotted by Samir
- Fixed that the version cookie can be read correctly with VERSION.
- Added error message when a 3rdParty path is not found.
- Added the Info_dt datatype into the archive, the drawers Classes and Devs.
- Added the drawer an icon and snapshotted all icons.
- Added missing tooltypes to readme.

1.50: (2016 Sep)
- Implemented optional group for 3rdParty-program preferences, see this
  tool's Tooltypes.
- Updated program icon image (old icon available as alt icon 2).
- Implemented Tooltypes for the line's top and bottom color, you can set these
  with LineColorTop and LineColorBottom.
- Made the menu fully localized as the rest of the program.
- Added Italian translation, by Samir Hawamdeh.
- Updated Dutch translation, by Johan Banis.
- Updated Finnish translation, by Janne Peräaho.
- Updated French translation, by Guillaume Boesel.
- Updated German translation, by Thomas Blatt.
- Updated Greek translation, by Anthony Iliakis.
- Updated Spanish translation, by Enrique Mecklenburg.
- Updated Swedish translation, by me Marko.
- Typo corrected in the Swedish translation, "bigragit" -> "bidragit", thanks
  Niclas "Nicsoft" Eriksson.
- Fixed that the About-window's OK button is also pressed visually when
  pressed, thanks zzd10h.
- Added that the About-window closes with the Enter key, suggested by Samir.
- Changed the CustomTitle Tooltype somewhat.
- Made the main window a little wider.
- Fixed weird typos in the (this) readme.

1.40: (2016 Jul)
- Fixed issue, mixed up language files.
- Greek charset implemented and Greek translation by Anthony Iliakis added.
- Russian charset implemented and Russian translation by Olga Wara (additional
  Ben Cato Malkenes) added.
- Norwegian translation by Ben Cato Malkenes added.

1.30: (2016 May)
- NOTE: Sorry that 3rdParty-program feature and Greek translation are not
  included in this update. They were meant to be but because they need some more
  time as they are not 100% finished yet (roughly 50%-80 done already) and I
  wanted to get this update out the door sometime as this update has dragged out
  quite too many nights programming time already and I need to move on to other
  programming tasks in the meanwhile. And I don't like leaving users to wait for
  too long on finished features. However, the plan is to get them both included
  in the next update :)
- Implemented (optional) addition of MUI prefs into the Personal-group, you can
  turn this off by setting the Tooltype: MUIinPersonal = NO .
- Implemented (optional) addition of Granite prefs into the Internet-group, you
  can turn this off by setting the Tooltype: GraniteInInternet = NO .
- Implemented (optional) shadow to icons. (You can turn it off by setting the
  Tooltype: IconShadows = NO)
- Implemented (a customizable) first string in the window title. (To set this
  use the Tooltype: CustomTitle = FirstTitleString)
- Added transations, Dutch by Johan Banis, German by Thomas Blatt, Spanish by
  Enrique Mecklenburg and British-English checked by Severin.
  NOTE: Greek translation will be included in the next release (hopefully).
- Implemented ToopTypes for background, foreground and group title colors.
- Corrected all "Env-Archive" paths to "ENVARC", thanks Severin.
- Swapped "Prefs/" and "ENVARC:" icons, so they become alphabetic.
- Declared application information. (title, authors, $VER: and $EXTVER:
  string versions, identifier, copyright, and description).
- A couple of other optimizations.

1.20: (2015 Nov)
- Startup icon drawing optimized, approximatively 5%-15% faster now.
- Added a different button state when clicking buttons/icons, suggested
  by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Added ENVARC: button/icon, suggested by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Added a new default program icon, (the old renamed as alt icon, in case
  someone still prefers to use that icon).
- Added a menu with two items, About and Quit, for easier access. And also
  for showing theirs hotkey.
- Now compiled to HW applet as well, suggested by Severin.
- Included French locale by Guillaume (zzd10h) Boesel.
- Retweaked the layout in the About window to fit more info.
- Removed Install and Uninstall scripts, as they are not actually needed. (User
  may just copy "Preferences" and "Preferences.info" to where they like.

1.10: (2015 Oct)
- Added Console prefs, only shows up if running AOS 4.1 FE (Update 8).
- ScreenMode prefs moved to the System category.
- Added the proper name (Info_dt) for the error message in case icon/info
  datatype is missing.
- Fixed some minor "typos".
- Compiled now with HW 6.

1.01: (2011 Jan)
- Included Finnish locale by Janne Peräaho.
- Fixed so locale tags can end with " (//)" as well.
- Made About window a little wider.

1.0: (2011 Jan)
- Pre-drawing with default icon turned off.
- Some minor other stuff.

Beta 1 (Alpha 3): (2010)
- Added language detection and support for basic localisation.
- Icon images are now centered with respect to their actual width and height.
- Icon images wider than 64 pixels are down-scaled to 64 pixels.
- Fixed a bug regarding loading icons without alpha channel.
- Looks for the default icon ("def_file.info") in several places starting with
  "ENV:" followd by "ENVARC:" and then "SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/".
- The program is not terminated anymore if no default icon image is found,
  the image is simply skipped being rendered.
- Clarified the output text in the Install script.
- Added busy pointer during startup.
- Completed the (previously not working) About window (mapped to the Help key).

Alpha 2: (2010)
- Added install and uninstall scripts.
- Added a single group for the "Prefs" icon to open its WB drawer.
- Added WB icon, in case the app is iconified.
- The icons are rendered with the default icon prior to loading
  the native ones.
- Added checks in (CLASSES: and DEVS:) if the "info.datatype" is installed.
- A comprehensive update of the readme file.

Alpha 1: (2010)
- Initial release.

- RexxMast (ARexx) started.
- The Info/Icon (Info_dt) datatype installed and the system rebooted:
  It can be found here:

Marko K. Seppänen

- Translations by: (Please see "Languages/Translations" section at the top.)
- Thanks Fredrik Wikstrom for the Info_dt datatype.
- Program icon derived from an icon from Martin "Mason" Merz.
- More credits, see in the Changes-section.

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