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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
videoslotmachine.lhagam/boa1.003Mb10 May 20214.012¤ Video Slot Machine - A slot video game
fractalnova.lhagra/mis1.0102kb09 May 20214.132¤ Fractal Nova - Calculates the Mandelbrot set using GPU
glsnoop.lhadev/uti1.0297kb09 May 20214.120¤ glSnoop - Trace and profile OGLES2 and W3D Nova applications
flashmandelng.lhagra/mis3.512Mb08 May 20214.018¤ FlashMandelNG - Mandelbrot & Julia fractals for OS4 Amiga
wenova-roc.lhagam/fig1.021Mb07 May 20214.135¤ Wenova R.O.C - Wenova - Rise of Conquerors 2x2 2D fighting game.
onscreenkeyboard.lhauti/wor1.02Mb05 May 20214.045¤ OnScreenKeyboard - Keyboard for Touch Screens
grimoriumpdf.lhauti/tex/mis2.203Mb02 May 20214.040¤ Grimorium PDF - PDF viewer written in Hollywood
datevar.lhauti/mis47.359kb01 May 20214.045¤ DateVar - Displays date and time on WB title bar
oo.lhadev/lib1.121Mb01 May 20214.133¤ OO library - Bring easier programming to C and AmigaOS
mediavault.lhanet/mis1.0.0363kb30 Apr 20214.181¤ mediavault - Discover online radio stations

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 Recent comments

Filename Category Date Comments Comment by
scummvm.lha gam/adv 10 May 2021 196 Raziel 
flashmandelng.lha gra/mis 09 May 2021 26 anonymous 
homeworld.lha gam/str 08 May 2021 4 ArthasPL 
evenmore.lha uti/tex/mis 05 May 2021 21 Thematic 
envy24ht_ahi.lha dri/aud 03 May 2021 10 Trixie 
mcc_nlist.lha lib/mui 02 May 2021 4 HKvalhe 
l2cache.lha uti/she 28 Apr 2021 10 HKvalhe 
hdaudio_ahi.lha dri/aud 28 Apr 2021 12 geennaam 
thin_atez_silverblue.lha gra/the 26 Apr 2021 1 trgswe 
whack-a-trump.lha gam/mis 26 Apr 2021 1 HKvalhe 

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07 Sep 2016, The mapparium.lha archive has been removed after a request to do so by the original author.

30 Jun 2015, James Jacobs has added support for creating OS4Depot readme files to the Report+ application.

Download it here: reportplus.lha

Thank you James!

19 May 2015, In case you haven't noticed yet. It's possible to upload files to OS4Depot using anonymous FTP.

You can read up on how to upload and create the required readme file on this page .

02 Apr 2015, To everyone downloading the Diablo 3 archive, April Fools on you! :)

There's no mobile version of it, and I doubt Blizzard will GPL it any time soon :)

A special thanks goes to those of you who sent warning emails about copyright issues ;-)

24 Oct 2014, It's now possible to vote for your favourite files. Just head over to a file's readme page and click the "+1" vote button. The stats page has a new sub page called "Top Voted" where you can see the most voted files.

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