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 OS4Depot - Your one stop for AmigaOS4 files

Welcome to OS4Depot!

This is a File Depot portal dedicated to hosting Amiga OS4 software and related resources.

 Most recently published files

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amiupdate_dan.lhauti/wor2.520kb25 Oct 144.04¤ AmiUpdate danish - Danish catalog files for AmiUpdate
digibooster3.library.lhalib/aud1.0260kb24 Oct 144.121¤ digibooster3.library - DigiBooster3 module replayer as a shared library
sqlman.lhaoff/dat0.18Mb24 Oct 144.023¤ SQLMan - SQLite database manager
fasthide.lhauti/wor1.1495kb23 Oct 144.143¤ FastHide - Fast Hide/Unhide Workbench windows
bougesouris.lhauti/mis1.0101kb22 Oct 144.041¤ BougeSouris - CLI program to move cursor/click + sources
redeth.rarnet/sam1.42Mb21 Oct 144.041¤ Redeth - Graphical interface to manage conection with samba
atunes.lhaaud/mis2.13Mb21 Oct 144.198¤ aTunes - manage & play your music/radio, tags,Playlists
soko4mui.lhagam/puz1.210Mb20 Oct 144.034¤ Soko4MUI - Thinking game with MUI Interface
bghalloween.lhagam/boa2.007Mb20 Oct 144.043¤ BGHalloween - Bed Games I Special Halloween 2014
wormwars.lhagam/act8.871Mb18 Oct 144.027¤ WormWars - Advanced snake game

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 Recent comments

Filename Category Date Comments Comment by
sqlman.lha off/dat 24 Oct 14 3 zzd10h 
fasthide.lha uti/wor 24 Oct 14 16 HKvalhe 
redeth.rar net/sam 22 Oct 14 6 Natman 
soko4mui.lha gam/puz 21 Oct 14 9 samo79 
atunes.lha aud/mis 21 Oct 14 23 zzd10h 
wazp3d.lha lib/gra 15 Oct 14 2 HKvalhe 
jack.lha uti/wor 12 Oct 14 98 djrikki 
voxelbird.lha gam/act 09 Oct 14 2 Raziel 
voxelnoid.lha gam/act 09 Oct 14 2 Raziel 
scummvm.lha gam/adv 08 Oct 14 128 Raziel 

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24 Oct 2014, It's now possible to vote for your favourite files. Just head over to a file's readme page and click the "+1" vote button. The stats page has a new sub page called "Top Voted" where you can see the most voted files.

17 Jul 2013, Since so many uploaders abuse the description field by repeating the filename in it a new field has been added that is intended for the "real" name of the uploaded file.

From now on the description field will be even more strictly moderated. Use the name field for the name of your upload.

Name: Timberwolf
Description: A html web browser
Filename: tmbrwlf.lha

As you can see the name and filename does not have to be the same. And there's no point in repeating the name in the description field.

13 Dec 2012, Since many people seem to have missed the replace file functionality the submit function has been remade to funnel uploaders to the correct method to replace an already existing file.

22 May 2009, Amistart has been removed from the site due to complaints about copyrights and permissions. If required permissions are granted by all involved copyright holders then it may be uploaded again.

17 Oct 2008, An increasing number of users are forgetting the passphrase they have set on their uploaded files. This just leads to more work for our admins and that replacing files end up staying in the upload queue for long periods of time. A lot of users also specify email addresses that no reply is received from which makes the passphrase useless.

- Please do not specify a passphrase if you don't write it down in a safe place.
- Always specify a valid email address or os4depot staff can't contact you.
- If you don't intend on keeping an open source project updated yourself indefinitely then don't set a passphrase.

Remember, using the comment field is not a safe way to identify users. Anyone can replace a file and writing all kinds of things in the comment field. A valid email address and a passphrase that you actually remember is the only way to safely identifying a user.

If you forget your passphrase or change email addresses, or if your file stays for a long time in the upload queue, then use the PM system on amigans.net or some other way of contacting os4depot staff to resolve the issue.

Also, always use the search function to check if a project you are uploading already exist on os4depot. And if it does, be aware that the previous uploader might have set a passphrase on the file. (and subsequently forgotten the passphrase and does not reply on the specified email address).

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