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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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amisounded-src.lha0.12491kb01 Mar 20094.0195¤ Amisounded-src - 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
amisounded.lha0.12119kb04 Mar 20094.096¤ Amisounded - 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
soundstretch.lha1.4.0_0187kb11 Jul 20094.035¤ Soundstretch - A program that performs effects on WAV audio files
normalize.lha0.7.7793kb14 Feb 20094.0241¤ Normalize - Adjust volume of Sound Files
keyrythme.lha1.1.113Mb09 Mar 20134.0131¤ Keyrythme - Assign a keyboard key to a sound,
bladeenc.lha0.94589kb30 Dec 20044.0501¤ Bladeenc - blade mp3 encoder
mp3gain.lha1.6.2290kb24 Nov 20184.196¤ Mp3gain - Changes the volume of mp3s
horny-base.lha1.3207kb23 May 20104.0559¤ Horny-base - data files for Horn MIDI sequencer
horny.lha1.3228kb23 May 20104.0567¤ Horny - easy to use MIDI sequencer in Logic/Cubase style
easytag.lha2.1.811Mb02 Dec 20194.198¤ Easytag - EasyTAG - an audio file tagger for AmiCygnix
amisounded_deu.lha0.124kb31 Jan 20094.0400¤ Amisounded_german - German catalog file for AmiSoundEd v0.12
amisounded_ell.lha0.122kb21 Nov 20124.0155¤ Amisounded_greek - Greek catalog file for AmiSoundEd
keyrythme_ell.lha1.1762b10 Feb 20134.0253¤ Keyrythme_gr - Greek catalog file for KeyRythme
horny-manual-de.lha1.03Mb23 May 20104.0233¤ Horny-manual-de - Manual for Horny MIDI sequencer 1.0 (German only!)
amisounded-mp3.lha0.4526kb31 Oct 20084.0630¤ Amisounded-mp3 - MP3 plugin for SoundED
music-tagger.lha1.00A133kb06 Dec 20124.1458¤ Music-tagger - MP3 Tag Editor
id3editor.tar.bz21.1106kb30 Jan 20064.0521¤ Id3editor - MP3 tag editor written in perl with Reaction GUI.
ht.lha1.6987kb14 Nov 20084.0314¤ Ht - Multichannel chiptune tracker, based on AHX
sounded-ogg.lha0.1240kb09 Sep 20084.0399¤ Sounded-ogg - OGG plugin for SoundED
vorbistools.lha1.0.12Mb29 Dec 20044.0347¤ Vorbistools - OggVorbis tools
qtagger.lha1.0.11Mb16 Aug 20134.0218¤ qTagger - Qt : Simply ID3v2 MP3 tag editor
phonolith.lha1.0397kb23 May 20104.0348¤ Phonolith - Sampler Instrument
easytag-src.lha2.1.82Mb02 Dec 20194.134¤ Easytag-src - Sources of EasyTAG and related libs for AmiCygnix
protrekkr.lha2.5.514Mb07 Apr 20194.1190¤ ProTrekkr - Tracker formerly known as NoiseTrekker
amisounded-wavpack.lha0.1200kb12 Nov 20084.0606¤ Amisounded-wavpack - WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED
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