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Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
badger.lhadem/int2Mb05 Apr 20054.0848¤ Badger - Badger Badger Badger ... Snake!
tharsis-fab.lhadem/int88kb10 Sep 20084.1413¤ Tharsis-fab - "Fab" by Tharsis - a 4k source(!) intro.
wavetraveler4k.lhadem/int83kb10 Sep 20084.0323¤ Wavetraveler4k - "Wave Traveler 4k" by Chazal Francois
4ksrccompo.lhadem/int373kb11 Sep 20084.1406¤ 4ksrccompo - #demoscene 4k source compo entries
bluecubes.lhadem/int328kb05 Jan 20094.0386¤ Bluecubes - YorHel's 'Blue Cubes' a small intro.
twirl.lhadem/int1.0463kb23 Jul 20124.1273¤ Twirl - Twirl with source code
candle-banished_wings.lhadem/int806kb04 Jan 20144.0131¤ Candle-Banished Wing - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Banished Wing game
candle-cube_1445.lhadem/int805kb04 Jan 20144.0145¤ Candle-Cube 1445 - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Cube 1445 game
candle-jigsaw_puzzle.lhadem/int806kb04 Jan 20144.0114¤ Candle-Jigsaw Puzzle - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Jigsaw Puzzle game
candle-patriarchs.lhadem/int807kb04 Jan 20144.0110¤ Candle Patriarchs - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Candle Patriarchs game
candle-primezator.lhadem/int806kb04 Jan 20144.0140¤ Candle-Primezator - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Primezator game
candle-pyspider.lhadem/int805kb04 Jan 20144.0111¤ Candle-PySpider - Candle (CDL) boot intro in PySpider game
candle-spaceball_2000.lhadem/int805kb04 Jan 20144.0150¤ Candle-Spaceball2000 - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Spaceball 2000 game
candle-space_war.lhadem/int805kb04 Jan 20144.0130¤ Candle-Space War - Candle (CDL) boot intro in Space War game
boingdemo.lhadem/int20154Mb10 Sep 20214.0165¤ Boing Demo - A recreation of the Amiga Boing demo in SDL 1.2
hogwagen.lhadem/int2003175kb11 Sep 20214.096¤ Lollipop hogwagen - 4K source intro
dwitvs.lhadem/int2003180kb12 Sep 20214.085¤ DWITVS - 4K source intro
jylam.lhadem/int2003165kb13 Sep 20214.071¤ Jylam - 4K source intro
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