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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
template.lhadev/exa8kb08 Jul 20174.191¤ Template.lha - Example "empty" DataType class sources
mpega_demo.lhadev/exa1.312kb24 Feb 20094.0420¤ Mpega_demo - Mpega.library demo program for OS4.
longpathnames.lhadev/exa0.114kb24 Jun 20124.0157¤ Longpathnames - A way to deal with long pathnames in GUI's
diskimage_src.lhadev/exa0.220kb12 Nov 20074.0316¤ Diskimage_src - Example device (cut down diskimage.device)
ramdev.lhadev/exa51.123kb20 Jun 20064.0241¤ Ramdev - simple 4 unit ram device (example source)
stringedithook.lhadev/exa1.032kb16 Feb 20054.0460¤ Stringedithook - simple reaction string gadget edit hook example
dos-handler.lhadev/exa0.534kb29 Nov 20064.0449¤ Dos-handler - DOS filesystem example code (simple "RAM disk:")
dropicondock.lhadev/exa155kb26 Jun 20094.0262¤ Dropicondock - Test program to show how to use AmiDock into a MUI
sweeper_src.zipdev/exa0.2129kb23 May 20124.0137¤ Sweeper_src - Hollywood Mine Sweeper sources
sdlpathfind.lhadev/exa134kb24 Oct 20064.0170¤ Sdlpathfind - A SDL path find example
dostutorials.lhadev/exa1159kb07 Nov 20104.1278¤ Dostutorials - Some DOS library function tutorials
avd_template.lhadev/exa1.2.0.0194kb23 Nov 20054.0310¤ Avd_template - AVD Template Project - Skeleton OS4 application
blobsallad.lhadev/exa1.0-os4228kb12 Jul 20094.1325¤ Blobsallad - Demo using Cairo, nice physics
colormouse.lhadev/exa0.1236kb18 Oct 20064.0214¤ Colormouse - One way to implement color mouse cursors with SDL
sdlmousetile.lhadev/exa290kb24 Oct 20064.0193¤ Sdlmousetile - An SDL example on how to use mouse and tiles
sdlisomouse.lhadev/exa291kb24 Oct 20064.0260¤ Sdlisomouse - An example on Isometric landscapes + mouse for SDL
glutsdlgears.lhadev/exa1.0.2295kb04 Apr 20094.0315¤ Glutsdlgears - The classic Gears example for both GLUT and SDL/GL
vistk.lhadev/exa0.1.0336kb17 Oct 20064.0274¤ Vistk - The Visualize ToolKit Example(!) library
sdlpngsavesurf.lhadev/exa343kb13 Nov 20064.01061¤ Sdlpngsavesurf - An example on how to save a SDL surface as PNG
bouncing.lhadev/exa429kb18 Oct 20064.0262¤ Bouncing - A SDL example with a bouncing penguin
sdl_mix.lhadev/exa431kb08 Nov 20064.0308¤ Sdl_mix - A SDL example on how to use SDL_mixer
libraryhandling.lhadev/exa2444kb04 Dec 20114.1145¤ Libraryhandling - The tedious job of handling libraries simplified
sdlmousescrolling.lhadev/exa461kb24 Oct 20064.0208¤ Sdlmousescrolling - A SDL example of how to do smooth scrolling
curvetest.lhadev/exa470kb17 Oct 20064.0246¤ Curvetest - Spline, Bezier and Hemite SDL examples
reaction_dn.lhadev/exa1.1528kb18 Aug 20054.0706¤ Reaction_dn - Reaction examples
sqlitequery.lhadev/exa0.10581kb25 Oct 20084.0213¤ Sqlitequery - Example for using the sqlite3 library
cwe.lhadev/exa72.97.3a848kb27 May 20074.0507¤ Cwe - A very basic wolfenstein engine
reaction_examples.lhadev/exa1.0891kb21 May 20054.0508¤ Reaction_examples - Most of the old ClassACT examples converted to OS4
hw_app_template.lhadev/exa1.32Mb14 Dec 20124.0147¤ Hw_app_template - Super Hollywood Application Template
regcom.lhadev/exa2Mb08 Nov 20064.0140¤ Regcom - Regimental Command - A cool strategy game engine
openglintro.lhadev/exa1.1.15Mb04 Apr 20094.0237¤ Openglintro - An OpenGL tutorial
fltk_demos.lhadev/exa1.1.6rc1a11Mb06 May 20054.0243¤ Fltk_demos - FLTK 1.1.6 for AmigaOS 4.0 (demos)
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