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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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ahidev.lha6.0971kb24 Nov 20054.0372¤ Ahidev - Retargetable audio, Developer's Archive
libsidplay.lha1.36.59706kb09 Nov 20064.0145¤ Libsidplay - the old libSIDPlay 1.36 (No reSID support)
libsap.lha1.51161kb15 Nov 20064.0145¤ Libsap - libSAP 1.51 use this to play Atari SAP music
libayemu.lha0.9.5374kb21 Nov 20064.0212¤ Libayemu - libAYEmu use this to play AY music
libsaasound.lha3.2491kb30 Nov 20064.0223¤ Libsaasound - libSAASound - Plays Sam Coupe music!
libmpcdec.lha1.2.4117kb10 Feb 20074.0305¤ Libmpcdec - Musepack decoder library
libgme.lha0.5.2a283kb28 Jun 20074.0250¤ Libgme - Plays GBS, VGM/VGZ, GYM, SPC and NSF, etc. music
unmo3.lha0.5236kb08 Oct 20074.0116¤ Unmo3 - MO3 decompression/decoding.
libpsg.lha15kb27 Mar 20084.0235¤ Libpsg - PSG music library
libsamplerate-programs.lha0.1.4_0119Mb28 Aug 20084.084¤ Libsamplerate-programs - Test programs for libsamplerate
libsamplerate.lha0.1.4_017Mb28 Aug 20084.098¤ Libsamplerate - Library for sample rate conversion of audio
libtimidity-dev.lha0.1.0r2960kb07 Oct 20084.0198¤ Libtimidity-dev - add midi playback to your app! (Shared/Static)
libpokecubed.lha110kb06 Nov 20084.0253¤ Libpokecubed - Use this library to play Gamecube music
uniminixmlib.lha0.193kb22 Dec 20084.0483¤ Uniminixmlib - Plays xm tunes or simply decode it.
freealut.lha1.1.02Mb08 Apr 20094.0986¤ Freealut - Free ALUT audio library (often needed by OpenAL)
libsoundtouch.lha1.4.0_01679kb11 Jul 20094.0127¤ Libsoundtouch - An open-source audio processing library
libopenal.lha1.7.411622kb21 Jun 20104.0382¤ Libopenal - Cross-platform 3D audio API
libfaac.lha1.28127kb02 Jul 20104.0286¤ Libfaac - Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
libfaad.lha2.71Mb02 Jul 20104.0374¤ Libfaad - Freeware Advanced Audio decoder library
libspeex.lha1.2.1-RC12Mb02 Jul 20104.0127¤ Libspeex - Speex - A free codec for free speech
libgsm.lha1.0.13350kb09 Jun 20114.0154¤ Libgsm - GSM speech compression library
libpac.tar.bz20.9.064kb23 Jan 20124.0123¤ Libpac - Decode PAC music modules
mpega_includes.tar.bz23kb12 Mar 20124.0354¤ Mpega_includes - OS4 include files for mpega.library
libdumb.lhav0.9.3418kb17 Mar 20124.0127¤ Libdumb - An IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library
psgayemu.lha571kb27 May 20124.080¤ Psgayemu - libayemu + PSG (Spectrum AY) support
libacm.lha1.264kb09 Sep 20124.1129¤ Libacm - Library for InterPlay ACM Audio format
sidplay2-resid.lha2.09/2.1.12Mb10 Sep 20124.199¤ Sidplay2-resid - sidplay2 with ReSID support
adplug.lha2.2.13Mb16 Sep 20124.098¤ Adplug - A free AdLib sound player library
libvgmstream.lhar10015Mb02 Oct 20124.0163¤ Libvgmstream - Library for decoding video game music
flite.lha1.462Mb15 Jan 20134.0131¤ Flite - Flite speech synthesis engine
libmikmod-src.lha3.2.01Mb05 Mar 20134.071¤ Libmikmod-src - Portable sound library (source code)
libsndfile-src.lha1.0.252Mb07 Mar 20134.066¤ Libsndfile-src - Read/write various sample formats
taglib.lha1.82Mb11 Aug 20134.085¤ Taglib - library for working with audio meta-data MP3-ID3
perl_amiga_camd.lha0.01131kb21 Nov 20134.0268¤ Perl Amiga::CAMD - Perl module to allow midi control via camd.library
libvo-aacenc.lha0.1.3800kb27 Jan 20144.0103¤ Libvo-aacenc - VisualOn AAC encoder library
libvo-amrwbenc.lha0.1.3778kb03 Feb 20144.0108¤ Libvo-amrwbenc - VisualON AMR-WB encoder library
libsdl_sound.lha1.0.3269kb03 Mar 20144.0267¤ Libsdl_sound - SDL abstract soundfile decoder
libwavpack.lha4.70.0609kb21 Mar 20144.1151¤ Libwavpack - Hybrid Lossless Audio Codec
libsndfile.lha1.0.252Mb21 Mar 20144.177¤ Libsndfile - Read/write various sample formats
libao-src.lha1.1.0r396kb21 Mar 20144.0101¤ Libao-src - Cross-platform Audio Library (Source)
libao.lha1.1.0r3180kb21 Mar 20144.0151¤ Libao - Cross-platform Audio Library
libaiff.lha5.0147kb09 Dec 20144.0235¤ Libaiff - Read/write aiff files
libmpg123.lha1.22.41Mb17 Aug 20154.0111¤ Libmpg123 - Library for decoding mpeg audio files
libvorbis.lha1.3.51Mb01 Jan 20164.0188¤ Libvorbis - lib for handling Ogg Vorbis audio
libogg.lha1.3.3313kb15 Nov 20174.0118¤ Libogg - lib for handling OGG files
libmp3lame.lha3.1001Mb18 Nov 20174.082¤ Libmp3lame - MP3 LAME encoding engine
libopus.lha1.2.14Mb18 Nov 20174.070¤ Opus - Audio codec for speech and music
libmikmod.lha3.3.11.11Mb09 Dec 20174.082¤ libmikmod - Portable sound library (music modules)
libmodplug.lha0.8.9.01Mb09 Dec 20174.081¤ Libmodplug - Render mod music files as raw audio data
libsdl_mixer.lha1.2.12751kb09 Dec 20174.0111¤ SDL_mixer - SDL mixer library
libid3tag.lha0.15.1b217kb11 Dec 20174.089¤ libid3tag - ID3 tag manipulation library
libmad.lha0.15.1b297kb21 Dec 20174.067¤ libmad - MAD: MPEG Audio Decoder
libflac.lha1.3.22Mb19 Jan 20184.1109¤ Libflac - Free Lossless Audio Codec
libsdl2_mixer.lha2.0.13Mb22 Jan 20184.0110¤ SDL2_mixer - Mixer library for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.x
libopencore-amr.lha0.1.53Mb08 Feb 20184.035¤ libopencore-amr - OpenCORE Adaptive Multi Rate speech codec
liba52.lha0.7.5cvs1Mb20 May 20194.158¤ liba52 - low-level interface to decode AC-3 audio
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