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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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xsane.lha0.99946Mb08 Dec 20194.1256¤ Xsane - A scanner driver for AmiCygnix
camdtools.lha2.0451kb11 Jun 20124.0328¤ Camdtools - Assorted Tools for CAMD Midi
usbmidi.lha50.726kb11 Jun 20124.0608¤ Usbmidi - CAMD Driver for class compatible USB devices
camd_emu10kx.lha6.114kb08 Feb 20064.0553¤ Camd_emu10kx - CAMD driver for emu10kx (soundblaster) MIDI port
camd_envy24ht_tk.lha1.115kb13 Dec 20054.0503¤ Camd_envy24ht_tk - CAMD Envy24HT driver
camd.lha53.295kb11 Jun 20124.0674¤ Camd - Camd library for OS4
camd_src.lha50.890kb05 Nov 20084.0219¤ Camd_src - CAMD.library source
bchunk.lha1.2.037kb24 Apr 20074.0375¤ Bchunk - CD image format conversion from bin/cue to iso/cdr
gplink.lha1.5345kb31 May 20084.0171¤ Gplink - Connect your GP32 to your AmigaOne
fpga_res.lha53.1633kb03 Jun 20114.1216¤ Fpga_res - FPGA resource for Sam460ex boards
reactive_crypto.lha2.3175kb23 Dec 20184.1181¤ Reactive_crypto - Hashing classes for Reactive
i2c.resource.lha53.211kb14 Apr 20114.1532¤ I2c - i2c.resource for Sam440ep and Sam460ex boards
japanese.lha0.75beta321kb03 Apr 20144.0119¤ Japanese.lha - Japanese Language support
onchipmem_res.lha53.114kb25 Feb 20134.0443¤ Onchipmem_res - On Chip Memory resource for Sam460ex boards
camd_via686.lha1.412kb16 Feb 20084.0421¤ Camd_via686 - Onboard gameport MIDI out driver
openpci.zip2.16kb29 Aug 20054.0840¤ Openpci - OpenPCI compatibility layer for OS4
rx10.lha07Sep112kb09 Jan 20114.0223¤ Rx10 - Serial port driver for the PowerLinc X-10 device
x10.lha07SEP199024kb01 Jan 20114.0133¤ X10 - Serial port driver for the X10 CP290 interface
clusterlist.lha53.132kb15 Jan 20204.054¤ ClusterList.lha - Shell Command to watch CAMD cluster changes
thunderlauncher.lha0.1131kb15 Nov 20154.1124¤ ThunderLauncher - Simple driver for DreamCheeky USB missile launcher
xsane-src.lha0.9993Mb08 Dec 20194.1137¤ Xsane-src - Sources of XSane 0.999r2 and backends 1.0.27
rti84.lha1.05kb17 Jan 20084.0472¤ Rti84 - TI-84 Plus Silver driver
seta1.lha1.009kb15 Mar 20164.0160¤ SetA1 - Tweak the AmigaOne SE/XE hardware
camd_nemo.lha53.222kb23 Jan 20124.1205¤ Camd_nemo - X1000 onboard UART CAMD driver
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