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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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deathchase3d.lha0.9181kb17 Nov 20054.0600¤ Deathchase3d - Very fast 3d Starwars game based on Starwars VI
car_demo.lha0.3285kb20 Apr 20054.0281¤ Car_demo - Car Game Demo
cannonball_sdl2.lha605kb05 Jun 20164.1230¤ Cannonball - SDL2 version of an enhanced OutRun engine
cannonball.lha879kb01 Oct 20154.1311¤ CannonBall - An Enhanced Out Run Engine
cars.lha1Mb25 Oct 20054.0389¤ Cars - 4player drive em up
stuntcarremake.lhaMay20181Mb25 May 20184.1270¤ StuntCarRemake - a remake of Stunt Car Racer
gltron.lha0.592Mb08 Feb 20064.09¤ Gltron - GLTron
microracers.lha0.23Mb21 Dec 20054.0478¤ Microracers - 2D top-view car racing game.
sd.lha2.04Mb17 Aug 20144.0229¤ Speed Dreams - An open source motorsport
armagetronadv.lha0. Sep 20104.0347¤ Armagetronadv - Armagetron Advanced - 3D lightcycle game
torcs.lha1.3.45Mb17 Aug 20144.0281¤ Torcs - The Open Racing Car Simulator
roadfighter.lha1.0R16Mb09 Dec 20054.01809¤ Roadfighter - A remake of the great RoadFighter from konami.
tcgscar.lha6Mb22 Nov 20064.0337¤ Tcgscar - A Jap oldskool racer originally for PSP
simcar.lha4.0.07Mb04 Sep 20104.0303¤ Simcar - 3D car simulation game ( software rendering )
multiracer.lha1.0.49Mb25 Dec 20144.0203¤ MultiRacer - A freeware multiplayer split-screen racing game
zerace.lha0.715Mb15 Apr 20094.0299¤ Zerace - 2D Car racing
ri-li.tgz2.0.018Mb05 Nov 20064.0387¤ Ri-li - Toy wood engine arcade
f1spirit.lha0.9rc326Mb06 Mar 20094.0530¤ F1spirit - Formula-1 2D top down driving
xmoto.lha0.5.1043Mb23 Jun 20124.1412¤ Xmoto - Stunt cycle game with realistic physics
hcraft.lha1.0150Mb01 Jan 20204.1158¤ H-Craft Championship - H-Craft Championship is fun to play sci-fi-racer.
amigaracer.lha3.7389Mb14 Sep 20164.1354¤ AmigaRacer - A Lotus Turbo Challenge game alike
supertuxkart_minigl.lha0.6.2a104Mb26 Dec 20194.183¤ supertuxkart - 3d kart racing game
srb2riders.lha1.46beta115Mb07 Mar 20104.1537¤ Srb2riders - SRB2 Riders, a mod based on the game Sonic Riders
supertuxkart.lha0.8.1_1.2221Mb19 Apr 20214.196¤ supertuxkart - A quality 3d kart racing game
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