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 Browsing:  Game » Megazeux

MegaZeux, or MZX, is a game creation system (GCS) based on Tim Sweeney/Epic Megagames' classic shareware game ZZT. MegaZeux was created in late 1994 by Gregory Janson, who formed his own company, Software Visions (now defunct). Like ZZT, MZX was originally released as shareware and the world editor portion of the program was included for free, allowing third parties to create their own worlds without even registering.

More info at: http://www.digitalmzx.net

The MegaZeux interpreter (megazeux.lha) plays all games in this category.

Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
armageddonsword.lhagam/meg179kb17 Jun 20084.0269¤ Armageddonsword - A Megazeux game called Armageddon Sword
arobowars3d.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0185¤ Arobowars3d - A Megazeux game called ASCII Robo Wars 3D
bombbrothers.lhagam/meg294kb17 Jun 20084.0291¤ Bombbrothers - A Megazeux game called Bomb Brothers
demonearth.lhagam/meg3Mb17 Jun 20084.0185¤ Demonearth - A Megazeux game called Demon Earth
ejet.lhagam/meg2Mb17 Jun 20084.0173¤ Ejet - A Megazeux game called Endless Journey Ethens Test
ffedventure.lhagam/meg3Mb17 Jun 20084.0198¤ Ffedventure - A Megazeux game called Final Fantasy Edventure
halflifewpns.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0186¤ Halflifewpns - A Megazeux game called Half-Life Weapons
katamaricd.lhagam/meg85kb18 Jun 20084.0302¤ Katamaricd - A Megazeux game called Katamari Damacy Clone Demo
megamangears.lhagam/meg953kb17 Jun 20084.0190¤ Megamangears - A Megazeux game called Megaman: Gears
megazeux.lhagam/meg2.821012kb17 Jun 20084.0346¤ Megazeux - A fantastic game interpreter
megazeuxsrc.lhagam/meg2.822Mb20 Jul 20084.0146¤ Megazeuxsrc - Megazeux sources
mzxrace.lhagam/meg109kb18 Jun 20084.0325¤ Mzxrace - A Megazeux game called MZX Race
sm4mzx.lhagam/meg1Mb18 Jun 20084.0183¤ Sm4mzx - A Megazeux game called Super Mario for MZX (Demo)
snarfoogle.lhagam/meg1007kb17 Jun 20084.0185¤ Snarfoogle - A Megazeux game called Snarfoogle
spiritrevenge.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0193¤ Spiritrevenge - A Megazeux game called Spirit Revenge
taoyarin.lhagam/meg13Mb17 Jun 20084.0170¤ Taoyarin - A Megazeux game called Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin
termination.lhagam/meg3Mb18 Jun 20084.0166¤ Termination - A Megazeux game called Termination Rehash
univers.lhagam/meg444kb17 Jun 20084.0257¤ Univers - A Megazeux game called Univers
weirdness1.lhagam/meg522kb17 Jun 20084.0226¤ Weirdness1 - A Megazeux game called Weirdness Chapter 1
xenogenesis.lhagam/meg1Mb17 Jun 20084.0175¤ Xenogenesis - A Megazeux demo called Xenogenesis
zombiequest.lhagam/meg2Mb18 Jun 20084.0182¤ Zombiequest - A Megazeux game called Zombie Quest
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