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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
pftp.lhanet/ftp1.2739kb02 Jul 20124.11620¤ Pftp - Advanced FTP/SFTP client
amiftp.lhanet/ftp1.935307kb18 Jan 20084.01471¤ Amiftp - Easy to use GUI FTP client for Amiga OS4+
download.lhanet/ftp1.537kb09 Nov 20174.031¤ Download - File download utility: http, https and ftp
upload.lhanet/ftp1.129kb30 May 20164.0117¤ Upload - File upload utility (FTP)
pftp_fra.lhanet/ftp0.254kb07 Mar 20084.0309¤ Pftp_fr - French translation for PFTP (including docs)
cliftpy.tar.gznet/ftp0.212kb04 Oct 20104.1161¤ Cliftpy - Ftp client in python
pftp_deu.lhanet/ftp0.242kb20 Feb 20084.0335¤ Pftp-de - German translation for PFTP
amiftp_ell.lhanet/ftp1.9353kb21 Nov 20124.010¤ Amiftp_greek - Greek catalog file for AmiFTP
pftp_ell.lhanet/ftp1.09kb27 Sep 20124.1267¤ Pftp_greek - Greek catalog file for pFTP
ftpmount.lhanet/ftp1.5580kb03 Dec 20064.01103¤ Ftpmount - Handler to use FTP as real directory - w/src
pftp_ita.lhanet/ftp1.231kb16 Jan 20164.083¤ pFTP_ita - Italian translation for pFTP
dtftpclient.zipnet/ftp0.933Mb06 Mar 20194.031¤ DFTP Client - little TFTP client
perch.lhanet/ftp1.1156kb27 May 20124.0165¤ Perch - Permissions/CHMOD extension for FTPMount
pftp_spa.lhanet/ftp0.28kb20 Feb 20084.0155¤ Pftp-es - Spanish translation for PFTP
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