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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
aamp-src.lhanet/ser/mis2.016Mb10 Aug 20234.16¤ Aamp-src - Sources of AAMP (Amiga Apache MySQL PHP) and related libs
aamp.lhanet/ser/mis2.0130Mb10 Aug 20234.142¤ Aamp - Amiga Apache MySQL PHP. A developer environment for webpages (and more).
audioremoteserver.lhanet/ser/mis18123kb15 Sep 20134.0342¤ Audio Remote Server - Internet remote control for AmigaAmp & Mixer
easywake.lhanet/ser/mis3.1206kb16 Aug 20134.1156¤ Easywake - Wake up LAN computers
fuppes.lhanet/ser/mis0.677.3b15Mb22 Dec 20224.141¤ FUPPES - Free UPnP Entertainment Service
lpd.lhanet/ser/mis1.026kb16 Jul 20064.0447¤ Lpd - Simple line printer daemon
mountsmbfs.lhanet/ser/mis1.60355kb24 Apr 20204.1172¤ MountSMBFS - GUI for SMBFS
roadshow_catalog_deu.lhanet/ser/mis8kb29 Nov 20194.048¤ Roadshow.catalog - Fixed german roadshow.catalog
simpletransfer.lhanet/ser/mis1.09Mb19 May 20204.0190¤ SimpleTransfer - Quick and Easy Transfers on a Network
winnet.lhanet/ser/mis0.32Mb08 Jul 20124.1117¤ Winnet - Connect AmigaOne500 to ASPIREHOMESERVER
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