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Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
scsispeed4.ziputi/ben4.236kb29 Dec 20044.0953¤ Scsispeed4 - Scsispeed for OS4
ramspeed.lhauti/ben2.352kb30 Dec 20044.0732¤ Ramspeed - measures bandwidth of cache & memory subsystems
stream.lhauti/ben5.715kb10 Mar 20074.0514¤ Stream - STREAM is a Memory Bandwith Tester
lmbench.lhauti/ben2.81Mb29 Dec 20074.0376¤ Lmbench - Mostly complete port of the lmbench test suite
sdlbench.lhauti/ben1.0124kb28 Feb 20084.0747¤ Sdlbench - An SDL Benchmark test
stream_memspeed.lhauti/ben0.679kb11 Mar 20084.0625¤ Stream_memspeed - A memory speed benchmark program
cubebm.lhauti/ben1.028kb16 May 20084.01200¤ Cubebm - MiniGL Cube with benchmarks
ragemem.lhauti/ben0.3712kb08 Nov 20104.01399¤ Ragemem - Memory/Video benchmark
c-ray.lhauti/ben1.1226kb27 May 20114.0435¤ C-ray - Simple raytracing tests
flops.lhauti/ben2.1100kb06 Nov 20134.1550¤ Flops - Measures computer performance
gpmark.lhauti/ben0.042Mb19 Dec 20154.0375¤ GPMark - Graphics benchmark
boingcube.lhauti/ben1.453Mb25 Apr 20164.0329¤ BoingCube - A bouncing rotating boing cube.
cow3d.lhauti/ben6.0722kb24 Dec 20194.1241¤ Cow3D - Draw a textured 3D cow with Warp3D
bogomips.lhauti/ben1.4.2233kb02 Nov 20204.0109¤ BogoMIPS - Standalone BogoMIPS gorbulator
whetdhrystone.lhauti/ben1.42Mb23 Nov 20204.0128¤ WhetDhryStone - Whetstone, Dhrystone, Sieve, BogoMIPS, Quicksort
picdtbench.lhauti/ben1.125kb31 Aug 20214.075¤ PicDTBench - Benchmark picture.datatype image loading
gfxbench2d.lhauti/ben2.92Mb27 Jan 20224.0170¤ Gfxbench2d - A 2D graphics benchmark tool
cpubench.lhauti/ben2Mb26 May 20234.0185¤ CPUBench - A set of CPU benchmarks
diskspeed.lhauti/ben4.5101kb04 Jun 20234.0118¤ Diskspeed - Old speed testing programs ported to OS4
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