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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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ltc.lha1.13kb02 Feb 20064.0293¤ Ltc - Locale telephone code info for Installer scripts
screentoback.lha1.018kb14 Oct 20064.0296¤ Screentoback - A Shell command to push the frontmost screen back
duto_oscp.rexx0.1401b30 Jan 20074.0188¤ Duto_oscp - open active(s) icon(s) and close parent drawer
flush.lha1.0814b04 Mar 20074.0356¤ Flush - Flush all memory with OS4 Final
iffanimplay.rexx1.0551b20 Apr 20084.0190¤ Iffanimplay - script arexx for play iff anim with "iffanimplay"
drawerrestore.tar1230kb18 May 20084.0207¤ Drawerrestore - AREXX Scripts to store and restore open WBdrawers
stringins.lha1.17kb27 Aug 20094.0625¤ Stringins - Insert keypresses into the input stream
wbdelete.lha1.112kb10 Dec 20094.0333¤ Wbdelete - Delete files or drawers with Delete on keyboard
redethernet.rar1.2132kb23 Jun 20104.0292¤ Redethernet - A Dos script to manage your connections with samba
cdop.lha1.226kb31 Aug 20104.0176¤ Cdop - Close active drawer, open parent (Arexx script)
pdfmaker.lha1.061kb08 Sep 20104.1354¤ Pdfmaker - A blender script to make pdfs
processtorrent.lha2.096kb19 Mar 20114.1323¤ Processtorrent - AREXX Script for automated Torrent downloads
recentdock.lha0.50167kb26 Dec 20114.0204¤ Recentdock - AmiDock dock listing your most recently used docs
reboot-sd.lha1.045kb06 Jan 20124.1247¤ Reboot-sd - Reboot-Spindown-Script
cpp51_unpack_script.lha131kb22 Sep 20124.0191¤ Cpp51_unpack_script - Unpack and prepares installation of envcpp51
autocopyfile.lha1.0155kb21 Oct 20124.0303¤ Autocopyfile - AutoCopyFile copy a file Library, catalog, etc
capstestppc.lha2.09kb10 Dec 20124.0248¤ Capstestppc - Reports caps lock status, useful for scripts etc.
awa.lha1.04Mb24 Apr 20144.0114¤ AnotherWorldAccess - Access code for amiga boot
dupdel.lha1.12kb17 May 20144.0225¤ DupDel - AREXX script to delete duplicate files
cleanname.lha0.11kb08 Mar 20154.0210¤ CleanName.py - Python script to clean file and drawer names
cmg.lha0.63kb08 Mar 20154.1101¤ CreateMovieGuide.py - Create an amigaguide file to play videos
cmt.lha0.63kb08 Mar 20154.0214¤ Create TV Guide - Python script for creating a TV series amigaguide
getstack.lha1.24kb26 Jul 20154.0103¤ getstack - gets the current shell stack
a2u.lha1.3a6kb15 Oct 20154.074¤ a2u - Converts Amiga paths to Unix paths
rebootnow.lha2.144kb08 Nov 20154.0264¤ RebootNow - Reboot / shut-down requester script for AOS4
fxstr.lha1.110kb16 Oct 20164.069¤ fxstr - Converts strings to ReadArgs format
execon.lha1.26kb11 Sep 20194.050¤ execon - A newshell alternative.
searchln.lha1.48kb13 Sep 20194.049¤ searchln - A search command alternative
kt_scripts.lha1.1218kb19 Feb 20204.066¤ KT_Scripts - Helper scipts for Odyssey, Simplemail and others.
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