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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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zoclock.lha1.2.0145kb01 Aug 20134.0286¤ ZOClock - Qt binary clock for geeks
zdr.lha53.11223kb31 Jan 20144.1390¤ Zooming Done Right - Zooming utility
zapperng.lha1.259kb08 Apr 20214.089¤ ZapperNG - Change the behaviour of the zoom-button
x5000-mcu-watcher.lha1.02Mb15 Jan 20214.0142¤ X5000-MCU-Watcher - Workbench Tool To Show X5000 MCU Values
windowthumbs.lha2.3144kb31 Oct 20114.0367¤ Windowthumbs - Window thumbnails with LALT+TAB
wheelrun.lha1.02Mb10 Mar 20164.1164¤ WheelRun - another program launcher written in Hollywood
wex_ita.lha1.015kb10 May 20174.0108¤ WEX_ita - italian catalog for WorkbenchExplorer
wet_update.lha6.9289kb14 Jul 20224.0136¤ Wet Update - Wet weather software v6.9 patch
wet.lha6.72Mb06 Mar 20194.0309¤ Wet - Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky
wbtoolbar.lha1.068kb14 Nov 20234.1161¤ WBToolbar - Toolbar on every Workbench drawer window
wbtofront.lha1.0144kb10 Dec 20084.0373¤ Wbtofront - Workbench to Front
wbtitlebar.lha1.018kb02 Dec 20054.0494¤ Wbtitlebar - Switch the workbench titlebar On/Off
wbpreview.lha1.554kb05 Feb 20094.082¤ Wbpreview - Preview feature for Workbench
wbmakelink.lha2.640kb11 Dec 20114.0331¤ Wbmakelink - A tool to make links all over your volumes.
wbkillwin.lha1.313kb28 Mar 20214.088¤ Wbkillwin - An interactive program to kill windows
wbcopynpaste.lha1.02kb06 Dec 20094.0468¤ Wbcopynpaste - Copy files in WB with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V
wb2filer.lha0.1048kb20 Feb 20244.050¤ WB2Filer - Hack to run Filer when dbl-click on desktop icons
wally.lha2.4.33Mb04 Jul 20134.1249¤ Wally - The one and only wallpaper changer for Qt4
viewbox.lha1.11Mb27 Apr 20144.1328¤ ViewBox - Essential WB picture viewer
users_and_groups.lha1.255kb24 Dec 20084.0349¤ Users_and_groups - users and groups config tool
tooltypeseditorppc.lha2.179kb01 Feb 20054.0442¤ Tooltypeseditorppc - Edit Icon ToolTypes
titleclock.lha1.27kb14 Dec 20044.0863¤ Titleclock - Display the date and time in the WB title
titlebarclock.lha1.968kb04 Dec 20154.0427¤ Titlebarclock - Small clock (for WB titlebar)
themesaver.lha1.1b891kb09 Aug 20064.0299¤ Themesaver - Save and recall your Workbench themes easily
the2.lha2.2121kb04 Jan 20134.1462¤ The2 - Tools Menu and Hotkey Editor (T.H.E. 2)
tequila.lha1.133kb14 Jun 20234.1128¤ Tequila - Task monitor / CPU profiler / top clone
taskview.lha1.020kb28 Mar 20214.1112¤ Taskview - View currently running tasks
tankampel.lha1.01Mb08 Mar 20124.0186¤ Tankampel - tankampel
sysmon_ell.lha2.07kb26 Sep 20124.1391¤ Sysmon_greek - Greek locale catalog for SysMon
switcher3d.lha4.177kb06 Apr 20124.0100¤ Switcher3d - Window and screen switcher
switch.lha1.3167kb16 Nov 20204.0138¤ Switch - Screens/windows switcher commodity
strbackdrop.lha1.0.188kb23 Feb 20054.0489¤ Strbackdrop - Random Workbench Backdrop Changer
startupmanager.lha53.348kb16 Sep 20084.0421¤ Startupmanager - Allows proper control of startup modules
stardockbig.lha1.12Mb22 Oct 20104.0240¤ Stardockbig - Wet StardockBIG Theme
ssdr.lha53.11222kb31 Jan 20144.1376¤ Ssdr - Screen Switching Done Right
sploinergui.lha1.02Mb26 May 20234.035¤ Sploiner GUI - A GUI for Sploiner command
smarthome_chapter_001.lha1.02Mb11 May 20154.0144¤ SmartHome - Amiga Kurs Chapter 001
skinnableclock.lha2.02Mb17 Jul 20104.0417¤ Skinnableclock - A Skinnable Clock for Your Workbench
scripts.lha1.07Mb07 May 20144.1275¤ Scripts - Workbench menu for launching scripts
scriptlauncher.lha1.256kb17 Jun 20094.0329¤ Scriptlauncher - A very configurable button-based program launcher
screenthumbs.lha1.963kb31 Oct 20114.0408¤ Screenthumbs - Screen thumbnails
screenswitch.lha51.6118kb13 Nov 20044.0395¤ Screenswitch - A small utility to make switching screens easier
screenselect.lha1.0748kb03 May 20074.0366¤ Screenselect - A Screen Switcher Based on Mason's Mock Up
screenrotate.lha1.05kb06 Nov 20044.0709¤ Screenrotate - Rotate Intuition Screens w/A1 & PC Keyboard
screenmonitor.lha1.379kb15 Jan 20084.0456¤ Screenmonitor - Public screen monitoring utility
saveramdisk.lha1.019kb04 Nov 20044.0597¤ Saveramdisk - Save the fixed Position of the RamDisk
runicon.lha53.125kb22 Sep 20094.1338¤ Runicon - Utility to run programs on workbench files.
rnowidgets.lha1.65Mb07 Nov 20234.189¤ RNOWidgets - Desktop widgets application
repetitaiuvant.lha1.02Mb02 Jun 20174.0104¤ Repetita Iuvant - Cycles messages in a window periodically
reorg_win.rexx1326b06 Jan 20074.0413¤ Reorg_win - cleanup by column & resize to fit & snapshot win
rememberopendrawers.lha1.147kb03 Apr 20144.0246¤ Rememberopendrawers - Remembers open drawers for next startup
ramover.lha0.330kb02 Nov 20064.0435¤ Ramover - Tool to move RAM disk icon to a preordained place
quickstarter_ita.lha2.0924b19 Apr 20094.0260¤ Quickstarter_ita - Italian catalog for QuickStarter
quickstarter.lha2.4416kb04 Oct 20234.168¤ Quickstarter - Quick program start menu
qrule.lha0.5b193kb10 Aug 20134.1210¤ QRule - A tool for measuring screen items.
qorganizer.lha3.13Mb28 Jul 20134.0251¤ qOrganizer - Qt organizer with calendar, journal and schedule
publist.lhav1.18kb04 Sep 20154.0131¤ publist - lists public screens & titles
programlauncherppc.lha1.0269kb01 Feb 20054.0371¤ Programlauncherppc - Similar to AmiDock Source inc
prefscenter.lha1.8259kb22 Feb 20174.0311¤ Prefs Center - Launch prefs programs from a GUI
preferences.lha1.621Mb26 Jan 20204.1171¤ Preferences - Window with Icons for starting different OS Prefs
powerselect.lha2.095kb31 Mar 20144.1369¤ PowerSelect - Select icons by using a search pattern
powerreboot.lha0.9175kb19 Jun 20244.161¤ PowerReboot - Reboot and shutdown utility for AmigaOS 4.1
pointereyes.lha1.292kb08 Nov 20204.086¤ PointerEyes - Eyes on your screen watch your pointer
pixelruler.lha1.051kb15 Feb 20074.0558¤ Pixelruler - A pixel ruler
pingboing.lha1.016kb06 Jan 20084.0544¤ Pingboing - Make your mouse pointer bounce
perciman.lha0.7.52Mb02 Aug 20224.039¤ PerCIMan - Person Contact and Information Manager
open_parent.rexx1408b14 Jan 20074.0320¤ Open_parent - close drawer, open parent, clean up, resize to fit
onscreenkeyboard.lha1.02Mb05 May 20214.093¤ OnScreenKeyboard - Keyboard for Touch Screens
notify.lha0.12Mb17 Sep 20134.1301¤ Notify - A notifications handler or 'helper' for AmigaOS
nixieclock.lha1.42625kb12 May 20054.0411¤ Nixieclock - Nixie tube clock
newshellcurrentdir.lha1.14kb18 Jun 20054.0436¤ Newshellcurrentdir - New Shell in current dir
multi_users.lha0.93Mb26 Dec 20104.0175¤ Multi_users - Multiuser system for the Amiga
multiuser.lha1.0beta149kb06 Nov 20084.0375¤ Multiuser - Enables user have there own settings.
multiclock.lha1.065kb05 Dec 20074.0610¤ Multiclock - Clock, with timer
modicon.lha52.424kb22 Sep 20094.0388¤ Modicon - Program to manipulate icons from the shell
midmouse.lhaV.1.231kb15 Feb 20134.1305¤ Midmouse - Set the mousepointer to a given position
mediarequestor.lha0.0215kb19 Apr 20064.0454¤ Mediarequestor - MediaRequestor
maclikedock.lha3.22Mb01 Apr 20134.1439¤ Maclikedock - A Visually Impressive Program Launcher
lupe.lha2.1388kb16 Oct 20224.178¤ Lupe - The magnifying glass program
linkmanager.lha1.017kb15 Dec 20104.0288¤ Linkmanager - LinkManager
limpidclock_fra.lha12kb01 Dec 20054.0489¤ Limpidclock_fr - French catalog for Limpidclock
limpidclock_ell.lha1.16kb25 Sep 20124.0228¤ Limpidclock_greek - Greek catalog file for LimpidClock
limpidclock.lha1.17286kb01 Nov 20064.03159¤ Limpidclock - transparent clock / calendar
lastused.lha1.1117kb02 Dec 20084.058¤ Lastused - List last used apps & docs
joingui.lha1.12Mb20 Apr 20234.052¤ JoinGUI - A GUI for Join command
jill.lha5.018Mb07 Nov 20154.1241¤ Jill - A multi-purpose utility for Workbench
jack.lha5.24Mb17 Mar 20164.1579¤ Jack - A fantastic AppStore for AmigaOS
inputtest.lha1.01Mb05 Jun 20224.165¤ InputTest - Test input devices assigned to LowLevel
hypercontrol.lha1.0106kb29 Aug 20114.0462¤ Hypercontrol - Mouse gestures, wheel and double click control
hexview.lha1.120kb28 Mar 20214.0103¤ Hexview - A utility to view a file in a hexadecimal way
hexconverter.lha1.012kb02 Apr 20094.0333¤ Hexconverter - A simple tool to convert hex values into numeric
fuelgauge.lha2.391kb17 Feb 20174.0265¤ Fuelgauge - Volume gauges underneath hard drive icons
flipclock.lha53.22Mb09 Feb 20134.1827¤ Flipclock - Nice Weather-Flipclock for your desktop
finder.lha3.153kb04 Dec 20134.0441¤ Finder - Simple, fast, efficient file finder on MUI
excalibur.lha1.4,24Mb10 Aug 20134.1507¤ Excalibur - A workbench start menu
envclock.lha1.238kb16 May 20244.059¤ EnvClock - Date/time env-var for WB titlebar
eject.lha1.116kb09 Jul 20054.01039¤ Eject - Easy tool to eject/load CD-ROM or ZIP drives
eastern.lha1.739kb21 Sep 20084.0831¤ Eastern - Creates thumbnail icons from images on the fly
dragon.lha0.222kb22 Aug 20054.0455¤ Dragon - A screen dragging hack
digiclock.lha1.365kb26 Feb 20114.0905¤ Digiclock - Clock for the Workbench titlebar
depthmenu.lha2.4391kb30 Jan 20064.0443¤ Depthmenu - Popup menu for depth gadgets.
dataplace.lha1.01Mb04 Sep 20164.1103¤ Data Place - A DBase III file viewer
dataplace-source.lha1.0235kb04 Sep 20164.196¤ Data Place Source - Data Place source files
daily.lha0.5.04Mb17 Aug 20134.0272¤ Daily - Qt : Schedule prog with sound, command, notify
cpuwatcher.lha0.727kb10 Apr 20204.1370¤ CPU Watcher - Measures CPU, free memory and network traffic
cpuwatcher-src.lha0.59kb05 Oct 20094.0428¤ Cpuwatcher-src - Source code for CPU Watcher
cputemp.lha1.12Mb26 Dec 20204.1202¤ Cpu-temp - Temperature monitor for the X5000 and A1222
cpointer.lha2.410kb26 Mar 20124.0370¤ Cpointer - Centers Mouse Pointer On Screen and more.
copyicon.lha44.514kb06 May 20074.0641¤ Copyicon - Copy icon images from one icon to another
contextmenus_swe.lha1.0113kb14 Aug 20124.0208¤ Contextmenus_se - Context Menus for AmigaOS 4.1 in Swedish
contextmenus_pol.lha1.02kb25 Apr 20104.1364¤ Contextmenuspl - Polish ContextMenus translation for AmigaOS4.1u1
contextmenus_ita.lha1.02kb17 Jan 20104.1370¤ Contextmenus_ita - Italian translation for AmigaOS4.1Upd1 Contextmenu
contextmenus_fra.zip1.637kb18 Nov 20114.0175¤ Contextmenus_fr - French translation for "ContextMenus.cfg"
contextmenus_deu.lha1.25kb17 Nov 20104.1406¤ Contextmenus_ger - German translation AmigaOS4.1Upd1 Contextmenus
contextmenus_dan.lha2kb28 Dec 20114.1229¤ Contextmenus-danish - Danish ContextMenus translation for AmigaOS4.1u2
contextmenus_cymraeg.zip12kb05 Jun 20104.0258¤ Contextmenus_cymraeg - Context Menu file in Cymraeg (Welsh)
contextmenus_4.1fe_swe.lha1.0117kb28 Jan 20154.1193¤ Context AOS 4.1FE - Context menus for AmigaOS 4.1FE in Swedish
contextmenus_4.1fe_ita.lha1.016kb01 Feb 20154.1227¤ contextmenus_4.1_ita - Italian catalog for ContextMenus
contextmenusscripts.lha0.661kb03 Mar 20084.0507¤ Contextmenusscripts - Scripts and config file for ContextMenus
cmeditor_swe.lha0.4b1kb13 Feb 20134.0142¤ Cmeditor_se - Swedish translation of CMEditor 0.4b
cmeditor_ell.lha0.4b1kb21 Nov 20124.0205¤ Cmeditor_greek - Greek catalog file for CMEditor
cmeditor.lha0.4b53kb22 Dec 20074.0725¤ Cmeditor - Context menus editor
clockskinsboard.lha1.0996kb19 May 20074.0285¤ Clockskinsboard - Skinnable Clock for BenchBoards
clockcalendar.lha0.293kb28 Jul 20134.1294¤ ClockCalendarWidget - A QT clock/calendar widget that lives in AmiDock
clipit.lha2.0264kb08 Nov 20054.0445¤ Clipit - ClipIt V2 GUI for clipboard.device src included
chronovox.lha2.0a9Mb12 Jun 20154.1260¤ ChronoVox - A voice clock utility for workbench
cha05e90_wet_theme.lha2.1556kb19 Dec 20104.0244¤ Cha05e90_wet_theme - cha05e90 Wet Theme
capslock_cmd.lha1.4125kb29 Apr 20194.191¤ CapsLock - Filtering CapsLock tapping
caboom.lha1.539kb29 Dec 20164.1245¤ CaBoom OS 4 - OS 4 Port of CaBoom
benchboards.lha1.18Mb18 Nov 20074.0231¤ Benchboards - Similar to Dashboard Widgets on OSX
backdropicons.lha52.240kb01 Jun 20074.0379¤ Backdropicons - Script to make icons for wb-backdrop images
babyname.lha0.1176kb28 Jul 20134.1248¤ Baby Name Choser - A tool that helps you find the right baby name
awin.lha1.07kb16 Sep 20104.0374¤ Awin - Commoditie with emulate few win32 hotkeys/actions
autoupdatewb.lha51.120kb25 Jul 20054.01669¤ Autoupdatewb - Automatic updating of Workbench drawer windows
autodock.lha1.138kb03 Jul 20094.0403¤ Autodock - Move AmiDock to the default pub screen automaticly
assignview.lha2.530kb28 Mar 20214.0124¤ Assignview - A simple tool to list all currently active Assigns
assignprefs.lha1.0557kb12 Nov 20064.01172¤ Assignprefs - Simplifies assigning.
appmanager_fra.lha1.03kb16 Dec 20074.0341¤ Appmanager-fr - AppManager v51.2 french catalog
appmanager.lha51.4420kb07 Dec 20104.0361¤ Appmanager - Application.library exchange clone
anotice_lite.lha2.12Mb13 Oct 20134.0197¤ ANotice Lite - Memo program for your Workbench
anotice_fra.lha1.114kb22 Jun 20074.0344¤ Anotice_fr - ANotice v2.1 french catalog
anotice_ell.lha2.12kb02 Feb 20144.0218¤ ANotice - Greek catalog file for ANotice
anotherwbfilter.lha1.061kb13 Nov 20074.049¤ Anotherwbfilter - Select icons with wildcards
animicon.lha1.3181kb20 Jan 20144.0209¤ Animicon - A animated little tool launcher
animapoint.lha1.093kb06 Jan 20084.0490¤ Animapoint - Animate your mouse pointer.
amytimer.lha1.367kb23 Nov 20084.0331¤ Amytimer - A countdown timer
amiupdate_swe.lha2.4119kb29 Dec 20164.1177¤ amiupdate_swe.lha - Swedish translation of Amiupdate
amiupdate_spa.lha2.5419kb20 Feb 20244.141¤ amiupdate_spa - Spanish catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_rus.lha2.337kb14 Nov 20164.15529¤ amiupdate_rus - AmiUpdate Russian - Russian catalogs for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_pol.lha2.5439kb22 Mar 20244.033¤ AmiUpdate Polish - Polish catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_ita.lha2.5447kb18 Feb 20244.0141¤ AmiUpdate italian - Italian catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_fra.lha2.5421kb20 Feb 20244.035¤ Amiupdate_french - AmiUpdate French Catalog
amiupdate_fin.lha2.5438kb23 Mar 20244.126¤ amiupdate_finnish - Finnish catalogs for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_ell.lha2.417kb26 Nov 20164.19922¤ Amiupdate_greek - Greek catalog files for AmiUpdate and Prefs
amiupdate_deu.lha2.5420kb20 Feb 20244.0602¤ Amiupdate deutsch - German catalog files for AmiUpdate
amiupdate_dan.lha2.1420kb19 Feb 20244.0355¤ AmiUpdate danish - Danish catalog files for AmiUpdate
amisnap_fx.lha1.448kb26 Nov 20084.0453¤ Amisnap_fx - Iconify any window on your wb with FX
amisnap.lha1.09kb19 Mar 20054.0657¤ Amisnap - iconify any window on your wb!
amimagicdemo.lha0.242kb15 Jan 20134.0349¤ Amimagicdemo - Adds sounds to system events
alignwindows.lha1.720kb28 Mar 20214.176¤ Alignwindows - Workbench tool to stack windows
addmenu.lha53.376kb19 Oct 20104.01542¤ Addmenu - Adds more menus to the OS4 Workbench
a1222-mcu-watcher.lha1.12Mb15 Jan 20214.180¤ A1222 MCU Watcher - Workbench Tool To Show A1222 MCU Values
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