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 File comments for:  Audio » Edit » rave.lha


Description: An editor for mono/stereo audio files
Download: rave.lha
Version: 1.7
Date: 25 Feb 2024
Category: audio/edit
FileID: 12847
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/edit/rave.lha

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Comment by: redfox ( 29 Feb 2024, 21:54File version: 1.7
Thanks so much for this update.
Comment by: Trixie ( 29 Feb 2024, 21:41File version: 1.7

Problem found and fixed, thanks for reporting!
Comment by: trixie ( 29 Feb 2024, 07:53File version: 1.7

Please contact me privately by e-mail (see documentation for address), thank you!
Comment by: Uwe ( 28 Feb 2024, 22:37File version: 1.7
@Daniel Jedlicka
Maybe i found a bug:
Is the function "Enter created drawer" from Menu/Control broken?
After using that function, Rave do not act anymore.

Please, do you have some time to look at MSG_160, MSG_565, MSG_566,
MSG_567 and MSG_1009 for the translation (they used twice)?
I have done a working temporary rave.catalog file only for my fun.

Thank you for the ongoing development!
Comment by: khayoz ( 27 Feb 2024, 18:40File version: 1.7
Thank you Trixxie for another update!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 26 Feb 2024, 02:15File version: 1.7
Thanks for adding support for Extended Memory. Very useful for my X5000 with 8GB DDR3 RAM. Thanks for the update. Works as a charm.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 05 Aug 2023, 13:08File version: 1.6
RAVE is so great that it should have many more features to be come more like Audacity on PC. Would be nice to include features like Chorus/MultiChorus effects, Echo, Reverb, Delay, Tremolo, Vocal effects like Vibrato, Loudness, Normalize, Bass and Discant booster, filter and so on. RAVE has great potensial! Thanks for making RAVE a great possibility.
Comment by: redfox ( 01 Mar 2023, 19:43File version: 1.6
Thanks so much for the update.
Comment by: redfox ( 28 Jan 2023, 02:27File version: 1.5
Thanks so much for the update.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 16 Jan 2023, 00:07File version: 1.5
Very happy to see RAVE continues to get updates! This is very welcome! Keep it up.
Comment by: jap ( 25 Sep 2022, 21:03File version: 1.3
Very nice! Rave reminds me Aegis' AudioMaster IV that I used in the past. Any chance to get a feature that would allow importing raw 8-bit mono audio files?
Comment by: Trixie ( 15 Sep 2022, 17:28File version: 1.3

Sorry for the inconvenience, which is beyond my control. It's clear that the Enhancer dependencies need to go; I'm putting it on the to-do list.
Comment by: benny ( 15 Sep 2022, 14:28File version: 1.3
Thank you for the ongoing development!

>That's a nuissance, but the Enhancer Core should also install Updater for you, so you should get the latest versions of the classes via Updater.

Thank you, it took me 2 hours to figure that out! Because without updating version is 1.4 on my system, which is crazy.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 13 Sep 2022, 13:35File version: 1.3
I really like this product! It's extremely useful and you never know when you need it. Thanks for the update! Impressive work! Keep it up!
Comment by: redfox ( 07 Jul 2022, 00:38File version: 1.1
Wow!! Very nice indeed. Worked fine first time. I will play more.

Comment by: Trixie ( 29 Jun 2022, 18:22File version: 1.1

That's a nuissance, but the Enhancer Core should also install Updater for you, so you should get the latest versions of the classes via Updater.
Comment by: Minuous ( 28 Jun 2022, 10:11File version: 1.1
Unfortunately it requires infodata.gadget V53, which is not in the latest Enhancer Software Core.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 22 Jun 2022, 15:28File version: 1.1
I have been looking for a great but modern, native sample editor for AmigaOS4, and Rave could just be the one! I'm downloading it now and hope it will be regularly updated with more features! This one is excellent! Keep up the excellent work!

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