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 File comments for:  Audio » Play » playcdda_gui.lha


Description: Play CD audio tracks using AHI
Download: playcdda_gui.lha
Version: 1.7
Date: 25 Nov 2011
Category: audio/play
FileID: 6729
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/play/playcdda_gui.lha

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Comment by: kas1e ( 01 Jan 2022, 18:24File version: 1.7
Oh that was me because use 68k verson of cdplayer.library. installed one from os4depot and all fine
Comment by: Raziel ( 01 Jan 2022, 16:02File version: 1.7
Well, just tested some more and Playcdda_GUI does crash if i close the GUI/Program *during* playback, but it's the same with the original PlayCD, so...
Comment by: Raziel ( 01 Jan 2022, 14:03File version: 1.7
Works fine here with physical audio cd (apart from PlayCD which crashes using AHI) :-)


Probably because of your audio cd emulation
Comment by: kas1e ( 01 Jan 2022, 12:36File version: 1.7
Tested on x5000/latest components of 01-01-2022: mounted cue with disimage device and replaced in tooltypes cd0 to icd0 : on running just crashes. While original playcd from os4 with the same change from cd0 to icd0 not crashes and play normal.
Comment by: samo79 ( 30 Aug 2010, 12:01File version: 1.6
Wow well done Fredrik, this 1.6 is even better !
Hyperion for next updates must use your PlayCDDA instead of the old PlayCD :-)

Comment by: turbo4.1 ( 02 Apr 2010, 18:56File version: 1.5
i also get freezes after using playcdda_gui. always when i access a device on the sata controller.
i can not simulate this. it is always different, sometimes it happends, sometime not....
Comment by: shadowsun ( 01 Apr 2010, 08:04File version: 1.5
I've got some freeze when opening CDDAPlayer and the CD player from OS4 at the same time : don't know if it is a CDDAPlayer problem or not
Comment by: samo79 ( 30 Mar 2010, 18:28File version: 1.5
Wow, finally a proper GUI !
How about put it in the future OS4's updates instead of the crappy PlayCD ?
Comment by: fanta ( 26 Jan 2010, 04:20File version: 1.4
ok, sorry :D.
Comment by: shadowsun ( 25 Jan 2010, 16:16File version: 1.4
Just a problem with the first track (identified with 0) : program complain and it dosen't work.

Great tool : just waiting for a minimal Gui (then it must replace CDDAPlayer from OS4!)

Comment by: salass00 ( 20 Oct 2009, 22:38File version: 1.2


Port? This is a from scratch development for OS4.x. I intend to add a ReAction GUI in a later version.

Here's a screenshot to give an idea what it might look like:
Comment by: fanta ( 20 Oct 2009, 13:52File version: 1.2
thx for the port :D.
This is the first cd player that found on sam440 and my cdrom unit.

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