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 File comments for:  Audio » Play » Tunenet » tunenet.lha


Description: Music Player (Multiformat)
Download: tunenet.lha
Version: V0.92.56
Date: 13 Mar 2010
Category: audio/play/tunenet
FileID: 5392
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/play/tunenet/tunenet.lha

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Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Mar 2010, 11:14File version: V0.92.56
Streaming radio no longer skips for me! Thanks for the continued evolution of this excellent software!
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 16 Mar 2010, 06:21File version: V0.92.56
Acces to CD tracks is great, but please add support to disc information using freedb (www.freedb.org)
Comment by: dwyloc ( 15 Mar 2010, 10:24File version: V0.92.56
Very good music playback program for OS4 and plugin support meens that it can play back most types of Audio files on your next generation Amiga.
Comment by: Raziel ( 14 Mar 2010, 21:08File version: V0.92.56

Not that this has anything to do with TuneNet, but you can find it still at Hyperion
Comment by: Lumby ( 14 Mar 2010, 15:05File version: V0.92.56
Where is the OS4.0 for Classic amiga
It seems that it's gone?
Comment by: cv643d ( 12 Oct 2009, 10:30File version: V0.86_52
Please add a button so you can remove tunes from playlist without going through a nestled menu! Thanks in advance :-)
Comment by: Thematic ( 03 Jan 2007, 04:04File version: V0.84_72
When exiting Preferences by Cancel (or close gadget), the settings do change
according to the changes made.
Comment by: anonymous ( 17 Dec 2006, 10:41File version: V0.84_64
keep em comming beanie , love your work.
Comment by: Raziel ( 16 Dec 2006, 20:19File version: V0.84_64
Keep it coming, Bean

Great work
Comment by: STRICQ ( 27 Aug 2006, 19:57File version: V0.78r5a
Actually, it won't play anything now.
Comment by: STRICQ ( 27 Aug 2006, 19:55File version: V0.78r5a
I just updated to the current version and now it won't play shoutcast. It just
stops at "Searching for music stream"
Comment by: crack ( 26 May 2006, 09:25File version: V0.78r5a
Great work - runs perfect on A1XE SB Live 5.1.
I love the smart & fast design :)
Comment by: orginAt: 24 May 2006, 12:13File version: V0.78r5a
I exchanged my SB Live! 5.1 with an older SB Live! card with only stereo outputs
and now it hasn't frozen up for days.
Comment by: saimo ( 24 May 2006, 09:47File version: V0.78r5a
Looks like a great update :)
Thanks a lot, Bean!
Comment by: Bean ( 24 Apr 2006, 20:03File version: V0.78r4a

For Playlists try turning Off the Playlist Verify in the Play/Rec
preferences. It will then load the list but not verify the tunes until
each song is played.

I got FFS here and it will load/start playing after double clicking
an associated MP3 icon within a second.
Comment by: Thematic ( 24 Apr 2006, 18:11File version: V0.78r4a
Not so quick when starting, but that's down to 1: using FFS2 (argfghg) 2:
habitually loading a playlist - it's not very long - when starting Tunenet.
Comment by: Bean ( 24 Apr 2006, 14:09File version: V0.78r4a
@Samwel concerning the filesize.

Is it that large, seems reasonable enough to me? Remember this is PPC
code. I'm using CLIB2 instead of NEWLIB again, so that maybe a reason. Also GCC
V4 produces larger code on the whole than GCC3 which it used to be compiled
with. Also there is a lot of code now! There are database classes, mixing
routines, resampling routines, network classes, docky skin handling, Reaction
GUI handling, playback routines, preference handling, CLI handling... the list
goes on.

*ALL* codecs are outside TuneNet. ..and I've written very modular code and
classes which can sometimes bump the filesize up.

The main question is; Does it start quick enough for you, and how long do you
have to wait before hearing the song?

Answer: It is quick! :-)

For further questions please post here on the TuneNet FAQ (I'll add this
question to the FAQ):

Comment by: Samwel ( 24 Apr 2006, 00:35File version: V0.78r4a
Aaarg forgot again. Now I remembered what wanted to ask in the first
Why is the main exe and some of the modules so large in size?
IMHO the main exe should not be that large when most codecs are
outside it.
Comment by: Samwel ( 24 Apr 2006, 00:32File version: V0.78r4a
Forgot.. More info taken from ID3 in MP3's and shown would be nice
Comment by: Samwel ( 24 Apr 2006, 00:29File version: V0.78r4a
Any plans to add datatype playback aswell? A datatype plugin :-)
WMA? MED mods? MP4 audio? Also any plans for a configurable graphical
GUI like DVPlayer has?

Keep up the good work though. Tunenet is slowly becoming THE player
for most OS4 users I think :-) Little ackward playlist handling of
external files though.
Comment by: Bean ( 18 Apr 2006, 18:48File version: V0.78a

PM me your system details on AW and I'll see if I can help you out. I'm not
putting HW workarounds into TuneNet though, that'll have to be done at the
Driver/OS level. (I have a stable A1 XE unfixed - so there is hope to clear the
Comment by: orginAt: 18 Apr 2006, 18:16File version: V0.78a

I wonder if having it 'fixed' will take care of such problems. Not much use of a
computer that freezes up doing such simple tasks.
Comment by: Samwel ( 18 Apr 2006, 03:59File version: V0.78a

Comment by: Crisot ( 18 Apr 2006, 02:22File version: V0.78a
Impressive! A gapless player with plugins!

This player now just need a real non system graphics GUI with graphics skin
(with non square window ;), and ANR will be kicked !

Keep effort ! Really excellent player.
Comment by: Bean ( 17 Apr 2006, 22:16File version: V0.78a
Sudden freezes are usually down to Network/Sound related A1 issues and
are not caused by TuneNet. If you get a Grim Reaper - that's a
different matter though.
Comment by: orginAt: 17 Apr 2006, 20:23File version: V0.78a
Hmm, this release still freezes up my A1 after listening to some radio station
for a few hours.
Comment by: orginAt: 17 Apr 2006, 13:32File version: V0.78a

Ahh thanks.
Comment by: redmelons ( 17 Apr 2006, 13:15File version: V0.78a

'How do you remove a track currently anyway?'

At the bottom of the Playlist tab in TuneNet there is an arrow, a search field,
and a 'Find' button. Left-click the arrow button, and you can select 'Edit
Functions'. This allows you to edit your playlist, including deleting a track.
Comment by: orginAt: 17 Apr 2006, 13:00File version: V0.78a
Works fine for me. Nice app. How about being able to press the
"delete" button on the keyboard and the selected mod/track gets
removed from the Playlist? (How do you remove a track currently anyway?)
Comment by: Bean ( 17 Apr 2006, 11:18File version: V0.78a
Some Notes on the V0.78 release:

1/ Create the Disabled Plugins and Playlists drawers again. They are
just blank directories and only had an icon included (not the actual
dir structure).

2/ If you install an encoder you can no longer use the Record Simple
Stream option. This is a bug and will be fixed, but for the moment
just remove the encoder from the plugin dir and restart TuneNet.

Comment by: redmelons ( 17 Apr 2006, 10:55File version: V0.78a
Should the 'Disabled Plugins' and 'Playlists' drawers be openable?
Comment by: ikir ( 24 Dec 2005, 11:59File version: V0.70cr
It simply rocks
Comment by: ikir ( 08 Sep 2005, 22:36File version: 0.64r1
Keep rocking!
Comment by: Samwel ( 08 Sep 2005, 17:19File version: 0.64r1
Kewl software :-) But it needs a little bit more bandwidth
than my wireless gives me sometimes. But that's not TuneNet's
fault of course :-P
Comment by: Curty ( 06 Sep 2005, 17:35File version: 0.64r1
Been using tunenet since its first release and it just get better and better!
Good work.
Comment by: Helgis ( 06 Sep 2005, 17:33File version: 0.64r1
I simply love this NEW TuneNet! Now it looks and acts truly as an
Internet Radio Player than being a command-file! I simply removed
the "old" TuneNet from C: and just copied the new TuneNet drawer
to Diverse:Players, so no need to have TuneNet in C: anymore! Just
run the new TuneNet as a stand-alone player! It works flawlessy
on my system without any problems! Great work! :-D Now i can
hear many international channels! Everything from Pop, Rock and
Dance from the 70s, 80s, HITS, Country, Dance/R&B, Hip Pop and
many, many more! Excellent stuff! A must-have! :-D
Comment by: anonymous ( 06 Sep 2005, 17:02File version: 0.64r1
TuneNet `RequestFile MULTISELECT` - asl requester for TuneNet (for many ahx and
mp3 files)
Comment by: drHirudo ( 06 Sep 2005, 14:32File version: 0.64r1
It's nice :)
Comment by: FairLight ( 06 Sep 2005, 12:11File version: 0.64r1
I love this player. :D

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