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 File comments for:  Audio » Record » lame.lha


Description: Lame MP3 encoder
Download: lame.lha
Version: 3.100
Date: 18 Nov 2017
Category: audio/record
FileID: 10385
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/record/lame.lha

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Comment by: MickJT ( 17 Sep 2012, 16:30File version: 3.99.5
Trixie, I sent you a message on amigans.net.
Comment by: Trixie ( 17 Sep 2012, 11:20File version: 3.99.5
Could you possibly provide a proper Amiga version string in the LAME binary?
Comment by: MickJT ( 10 Oct 2010, 16:52File version: 3.98.4
False positive. Failed on a different file. I even tried the source code taken from the prior 3.98.2 build by Stephan Rupprecht, which was in the previous .lha. Same issue. I guess i'll put it down to a fault in the current SDK (gcc in particular) unless someone else can show me where i've gone wrong. In any case, no-one loses anything. 3.98.4 for generic PPC, new libmp3lame which was always generic, and the prior 3.98.2 for altivec is in here. Win-win.
Comment by: MickJT ( 10 Oct 2010, 14:09File version: 3.98.4
OK, well, I did it. New version will be uploaded soon with an altivec version that 1 person has successfully tested.
Comment by: MickJT ( 10 Oct 2010, 09:52File version: 3.98.4
OK, i'll give an altivec version another go using clib2 and motovec. Give me a couple of days though. FWIW, *at the moment* I still have the prior lame and libmp3lame archives. libmp3lame has always been a generic PPC version.
Comment by: CentaurZ ( 09 Oct 2010, 14:49File version: 3.98.4
For libmoto and libmotovec, check Freescale website.
Comment by: acefnq ( 09 Oct 2010, 09:35File version: 3.98.4
Excellent. thanks Mick
Comment by: srupprecht ( 09 May 2008, 10:56File version: 3.98b8
BTW: The binary can be found in the subdrawer 'frontend'.
Comment by: Monoxyde ( 05 May 2008, 20:20File version: 3.98b8
Thanks a lot for your continuing effort with lame! I use it with great success
together with TheMPegEncGui to encode my CD collection.
Comment by: srupprecht ( 04 May 2008, 13:57File version: 3.98b8
File not executeable? Please type:

protect lame/frontend/lame +e

in a shell (the archive was packed on a Linux machine).
Comment by: spotUP ( 27 Oct 2005, 02:18File version: 3.97beta
yea, crashed for me too now, couldn't the internal stack be raised as with the
unrar port, if i remember correctly.
Comment by: ikir ( 27 Oct 2005, 00:15File version: 3.97beta
ok thanks!
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Oct 2005, 22:16File version: 3.97beta
if it crashs you need more stack!
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Oct 2005, 21:31File version: 3.97beta
mmm it crash for me!
Comment by: spotUP ( 26 Oct 2005, 16:42File version: 3.97beta
Great! Finally we have a version of Lame that is accepted as 'scene standard'
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Oct 2005, 12:51File version: 3.97beta


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