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 File comments for:  Datatype » Image » svg_dt.lha


Description: Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) datatype
Download: svg_dt.lha
Version: 52.1
Date: 24 Nov 2008
Category: datatype/image
FileID: 4268
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=datatype/image/svg_dt.lha

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Comment by: Chris Young ( 17 Dec 2006, 15:13File version: 0.4
Seems to have fixed the HTML datatype conflict, good work!
Comment by: anonymous ( 16 Dec 2006, 18:05File version: 0.2
great stuff, thanks!.

Comment by: salass00 ( 15 Dec 2006, 10:16File version: 0.2

Yeah I did read that thread. If I didn't I wouldn't have gotten this far. I also
checked the sources of the clib2 skeleton library in the clib2 CVS. Would you
mind being a little more specific?
Comment by: anonymous ( 14 Dec 2006, 17:36File version: 0.2
Comment by: MT ( 13 Dec 2006, 21:01File version: 0.1
A forward-looking suggestion :) If you add

bmh->bmh_Masking = mskHasAlpha;

right after line 127 in svg_class.c, with the next release of AmigaOS 4 (not
with the current one, sorry) the pictures will be shown on a grey background
in MultiView.
Comment by: Chris Young ( 13 Dec 2006, 19:51File version: 0.1
It seems to be incredibly unstable, and if the HTML datatype is also installed
it views the SVGs instead!

I think the priority of the SVG datatype needs to be increased, or HTML needs to
be decreased.
Comment by: spot ( 13 Dec 2006, 16:06File version: 0.1
and... nothing can be done about the black bg?
Comment by: spot ( 13 Dec 2006, 16:02File version: 0.1
Comment by: salass00 ( 13 Dec 2006, 07:13File version: 0.1
Well you can try downloading and opening in multiview one from this url f.e.:
Note: the 1st one doesn't show very much since multiview puts images on a black

Also one other thing I noticed just after uploading this is that there seems to
be a problem loading svg images using this datatype from most programs other
than MultiView. My missile command game works OK with svg images but most others
crash (f.e. PicShow, Thumb, Personal Paint, AWeb)...
Comment by: ggw ( 13 Dec 2006, 04:51File version: 0.1
How can I see if I succeeded in making this datatype available?

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