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 File comments for:  Demo » Scene » Universe » universe-two_kitch.lha


Description: Universe - #Two: Kitch
Download: universe-two_kitch.lha
Date: 17 Oct 2010
Category: demo/scene/universe
FileID: 6032
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=demo/scene/universe/universe-two_kitch.lha

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Comment by: samo79 ( 30 Oct 2010, 17:29File version: 
It runs perfectly, but it freezes at exit !
I have a Sam Flex 800 Mhz with Radeon 9250
Comment by: AlexC ( 19 Oct 2010, 14:33File version: 
From 16-10-2010 readme:
"-PNG icon... How to convert it to real AmigaOs4 truecolor icon?"

Simply use http://os4depot.net/share/graphics/convert/pngicon2amiga.lha

As an alternative, you could open you PNG icon with WBInfo, copy the image to the clipboard, reset the icon to the defaul, remove the alternate image and paste the original image back then save. Now it will be an Amiga icon with the same image.
It may be faster to just rename the icon to .png open WBInfo on it and select "Icon Image->Extra->Image to Icon" then save.
Comment by: Lio ( 18 Oct 2010, 21:44File version: 
Thx Crisot for updating your demo to work on AOS4.1 !

got Average framerate: 47.516747 on A1G4@800+9000PRO
Comment by: shadowsun ( 18 Oct 2010, 07:29File version: 
Comment by: spotUP ( 01 Nov 2006, 18:00File version: 1.0
crisotter, nice to see a new release!
Comment by: Varthall ( 31 Oct 2006, 16:46File version: 1.0
On my 9200 it runs just fine, only it freezes at exit.

Comment by: jahc ( 27 Oct 2006, 02:49File version: 1.0
I have an 9250 in my machine, but I'm running your demos on a radeon 7000 on my
borrowed machine.
Comment by: Crisot ( 27 Oct 2006, 02:46File version: 1.0

Hum, I know the engine got some problems but I don't know if it's enough to make
the demo crash... If you have a 7x00, it certainly come from the demo. If you
have a Radeon 9xx0, I can't help, this driver crash with any app, even very
stable. :)
Comment by: jahc ( 27 Oct 2006, 00:14File version: 1.0
Wow, best OS4 demo so far! Great music, great fx! I ran it a few times in a row
without a crash, but it still crashes every now and again.. any idea why it does
Comment by: Bean ( 26 Oct 2006, 21:50File version: 1.0
Nice One! Any chance of a bug fixed Universe and Zero for all Radeons
and update4?
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Oct 2006, 20:24File version: 1.0
thanks man, great to see you released stuff this time around too!.

keep up the good work.
Comment by: K-L ( 26 Oct 2006, 08:47File version: 1.0
Thanks Crisot for your excellent work during the night ;-) And whathever, yous
demos kick ass nonetheless :-)

I can't wait to have the thow first demos fixed ^_^

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