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 File comments for:  Development » Edit » textedit.lha


Description: Text editor being written in Hollywood (stage 3)
Download: textedit.lha
Version: 0.3
Date: 18 Nov 2013
Category: development/edit
FileID: 8432
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/edit/textedit.lha

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Comment by: samo79 ( 19 Nov 2013, 10:46File version: 0.3
Iconify seems broken in this 0.3 release, also when i try to restart the program again i got this Hollywood error:

Error creating MUI object!
File: prepareinterface.hws (current line: 62 - In function: ?)

BTW: drag&drop doesn't seems to work too ...
Comment by: djrikki ( 18 Nov 2013, 20:32File version: 0.2
Stage 3 released today may well be the last update for a well. What I/we have ended up with here is a text editor not capable of tabbed-browsing which is something I wanted from the outset.
Stage 4 will commence when such capabilities of MUI Royale are introduced which is disappointing to say at this point today.
Comment by: djrikki ( 28 Oct 2013, 17:30File version: 0.1
What I mean by RTFM is... Only the interface has been designed - no functionality has yet to be programmed that's why nothing is 'working'.
You would know this if you read the docs included.
Comment by: kas1e ( 28 Oct 2013, 16:06File version: 0.1
I told you already : you should use debug kernel with MUNGE, as well as use memguard to see bugs and those crashes which your code have ! With user kernel and without memguard you will not see them, but they here, right in your code, and it will affect users soon or later , damn ! Its you who need RTFM , and a lot !

And what is that "please ensure your software is up to date" ? I have all the latest classes , latest mui, and all the stuff. And every mui app works fine , even include those hollywood based mui-royale ones. Your one is buggy. Taking aside its give nothing just a non working gui where you can only type letters.

Even if it just some fast example, then fix all the bugs (they here, right in your code, setup kernel and memguard normally one time man), and make unworking parts be ghosted, or just do not put them there.

And don't call it "Featured text editor", if half of it not work, and have bugs. Just call it "example of hollywood code , how text editor can be done".

But i give up and will not spend my time on help with it. Be on your own.
Comment by: djrikki ( 28 Oct 2013, 13:39File version: 0.1
Its not meant to be a fully fledged working application (look at the description). Next time RTFM =)

PS. I have zero crashes, please ensure your software is up to date.
Comment by: kas1e ( 28 Oct 2013, 09:39File version: 0.1
Give a go to test. Conclusion: VERY RAW and unusable.

While for me on beta system it runs fine after reboot, there a lot (A LOOT) of moments:

1). Once i resize window, memguard scream like hell and bring a lot of hits.
2). Pressing on Open button do nothing, as well as choice of File/Open
3). Pressing on New button do nothing, as well as choice File/CreateNewfile
4). Session/LoadSeession and Session/SaveSession do nothing.
5). Once i type anything in the window, "Save" button still looks ghosted and didn't works.
6). Design of RMB menu wrong in few places:
-- File menu entry should be first one.
-- About in the TextEdit should be at bottom, near of Quit (as in all other programs all the time).
7). Iconify didn't works and bring memguard hits.
8). Impossible to run program 2 or more times , as it complain about "Error creain MUI object! File: prepareinterface.hws (current line: 42 - in Function : CreateGUI)

At this moment i give up till next version.


1). fix all those bugs
2). add Tabs. Without TABS text-editors today looks unfriendly and old.
3). if some option didn't implemented work : ghost it.
4). When develop any kind of software always use debug kernel with MUNGE + memguard running at background. That will help you a loooot with potential problems.
Comment by: djrikki ( 27 Oct 2013, 23:16File version: 0.1
Hi Lio, I am wondering whether its because you need to install Mui Royale as well?
Comment by: Lio ( 27 Oct 2013, 23:10File version: 0.1
Apparently it needs more than TextEditor.mcc, TheBar.mcc and AISS 4.12 because I am getting an error window (HollywoodPlayer) :
Table mui {} not found!
file: prepareinterface.hws (current line: 52)

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