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 File comments for:  Development » Ide » tide.lha


Description: tiny C/C++ development environment
Download: tide.lha
Version: 0.1
Date: 11 Feb 2007
Category: development/ide
FileID: 2579
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/ide/tide.lha

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Comment by: ktadd ( 21 Feb 2007, 17:38File version: 0.1
Nice simple environment. I used it to develop my first OS4 program.
Keep up the good work! Hope to see more updates soon.
Comment by: walkero ( 13 Feb 2007, 15:34File version: 0.1
great program and almost usable from the first release. Try to keep up the good
work and I look forward for the next release. Maybe a syntax highlight and bug
fixes could make this program our beloved since the first day.
Comment by: spot ( 12 Feb 2007, 17:29File version: 0.1
well done on the app though! it looks promising!
Comment by: spot ( 12 Feb 2007, 17:28File version: 0.1
to solve the can't open file error, make a dir called 'help' in your destination
directory and install again.
Comment by: anonymous ( 12 Feb 2007, 17:06File version: 0.1
Great program with loads of potential. Well done to the author, it's about time
we had something like this to replace the StormC environment.

I had the error during install too, but got around it by renaming the main guide
file :)

Still a way to go yet, but looking promising.

I'd like to help on this project, so drop me a mail bml at blueyonder dot co dot
uk if I can assist.
Comment by: TSK ( 12 Feb 2007, 14:50File version: 0.1
I get the "Can't open file...." error on install as well.
Comment by: ktadd ( 12 Feb 2007, 08:42File version: 0.1
I get the "Can't open file...." error on install as well.

Nice little environment for simple projects. I've played around with a few
example programs and it seems to work pretty well. One problem I did run into is
that it causes a Guru (DSI error) when you load a file, edit it, then use the
File/Save menu item. The SaveAs works fine though.
Comment by: spot ( 12 Feb 2007, 03:29File version: 0.1
why does it use it's own makefile format?
say i want to work on a multiplatform project, that wouldn't work very well then
i guess..?
Comment by: Nuno ( 12 Feb 2007, 00:00File version: 0.1
The installer gives me an error. "Can't open file
'Work:tIDE/Help/tIDE-Master.guide'in line 254"
Anyone else getting it?
Comment by: frak ( 11 Feb 2007, 19:49File version: 0.1
neat :)

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