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 File comments for:  Development » Utility » abc-shell.lha


Description: Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
Download: abc-shell.lha
Version: 53.3
Date: 03 Apr 2017
Category: development/utility
FileID: 10190
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/utility/abc-shell.lha

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Comment by: hnl_dkAt: 28 Oct 2007, 15:53File version: 52.3
Hi Rene

Will hopefully get a little moment of time next weekend, then I will do it for
all my new releases.

Comment by: rwo ( 28 Oct 2007, 15:39File version: 52.3
Superb Henning :D

What about adding an Autoinstall script so we can get via AmiUpdate?

Comment by: spot ( 04 Jan 2006, 12:06File version: 0.0.37
good work!
Comment by: hnl_dk ( 21 Dec 2005, 16:56File version: 0.0.36
I am sure that you will like this update :-)
Comment by: hnl_dk ( 21 Nov 2005, 12:56File version: 0.0.33-1
Have uploaded it here (waiting to get accepted), and on my website:
Comment by: hnl_dk ( 21 Nov 2005, 02:07File version: 0.0.33-1
Have updated the CVS, and did add SDK:Local/C to the default path... will build
abc-shell with SDK:local/C in the default path later this day...
Comment by: xenic ( 03 Nov 2005, 08:10File version: 0.0.33-1
Could you add SDK:local/C to the default path since thats where the
SDK puts all the Un*x commands??
Comment by: xenic ( 03 Nov 2005, 07:51File version: 0.0.33-1
It certainly would be nice to have an Amiga version string in some of
these Un*x based tools. Just a little "lala = : name 0.0" stuck
in the source somewhere is all it takes.

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