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 File comments for:  Driver » Misc » usbmidi.lha


Description: CAMD Driver for class compatible USB devices
Download: usbmidi.lha
Version: 50.7
Date: 11 Jun 2012
Category: driver/misc
FileID: 7163
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=driver/misc/usbmidi.lha

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Comment by: Raziel ( 15 Jun 2011, 19:18File version: 50.5
I didn´t mean to imply any negativity towards your update.
It´s a great new version and i like to be able to see why something isn´t working right :-)

I will try without the hub (powered) and see if the browser is the culprit...found a great site site to test ;-)
Comment by: LyleHaze ( 15 Jun 2011, 00:29File version: 50.5
Another great place to gather comments and suggestions is the developers forum at AmigaWorld.net. I have opened a thread there for discussing driver issues.

It has occurred to me that this could also be related to USB hardware issues. I can certainly understand how it would look like a bad driver if the interface is regularly disconnecting and reconnecting.

Comment by: LyleHaze ( 14 Jun 2011, 05:57File version: 50.5
The last version would exit silently on error. (Yes, I know, bad idea) The current version tells you why by requester, then exits after you click out of the requester. Since it's an autostarting FD driver, it is probably restarting shortly after.
I usually get _STALL_ if I unplug the interface. It might be worth checking your cabling and connections, and perhaps eliminating any hubs in between. The "Stall" error is being reported from the USB stack, as far as I know there is nothing my driver can do to to change that.
I cannot give more information today, as I am currently moving, and won't have my Ami plugged in for a few more days.
There is trouble though.. at least you're getting clues now. :)

I'd love to tell all the details on the changes to MIDI OUT handling,but I've been driving for seven hours after loading the damn truck, I'm typing on a netbook keyboard, and it's time to relax for a while.

Please LET ME KNOW HERE if you learn more about why this is happening.

Comment by: LUDWIK ( 13 Jun 2011, 22:04File version: 50.5
Comment by: Raziel ( 13 Jun 2011, 17:48File version: 50.5
I get a USBERR_STALL or something like that with this version pretty often when surfing the web and scrolling pages.

Was that STALL error in previous versions aswell or has it been introduced with 50.5?

If it was there before it seems your driver can now handle some lock up circumstances better than before?
Comment by: LyleHaze ( 08 Feb 2007, 15:14File version: 50.1
Reported to fail with ESI M4U only under OS4 Final Update.
I guess it's like my Grandma used to say: "It's always something"
Please check the URL posted in the description for latest compatibility
Comment by: LyleHaze ( 28 Jan 2007, 22:21File version: 50.1
Since OS4 Final Update, this driver is now 100% compatible with all known
"USB class compliant" devices, including those like Behringer which
have an incomplete USB implementation.
Comment by: anonymous ( 21 Jan 2006, 17:43File version: 50.1

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