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 File comments for:  Driver » Video » sonix.lha


Description: Display and grab pictures from webcams sonix
Download: sonix.lha
Version: 0.40
Date: 07 Nov 2012
Category: driver/video
FileID: 7472
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=driver/video/sonix.lha

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Comment by: corto ( 11 Dec 2012, 21:44File version: 0.40
Dwyloc: Version 0.40 implements what you asked. Tell me if you think that can be improved or if you are happy with that :)
Comment by: Dwyloc ( 04 Jul 2011, 20:00File version: 0.30
Thanks for the updated version.

Any chance of adding an option to set a save path and optionally auto increment the file name every x number of seconds.

As this would make it for a far more fixable solution for running a local webcam on my little sam440 without also needing to install and ftp server on it.

It would also make it far easier to create time laps videos on my sam440ep without needing to leave any other computers switched on.
Comment by: corto ( 27 Jun 2011, 12:46File version: 0.30
TSK: I think the Macally IceCam 2 doesn't support the bulk mode and has a different chipset. Same thing for Quickcam webcams.

Unfortunately, I won't start to work on UVC support.

But the plan has always been to provide the sonix sources.
Comment by: TSK ( 27 Jun 2011, 12:14File version: 0.30
I was going to ask do this driver work with Macally IceCam 2 before I saw Severin's post.

Any chance for UVC support ?
Comment by: corto ( 14 Jun 2010, 20:15File version: 0.12
There are 2 required things for a new webcam being supported :
- it has a BULK interface (very rare)
- the sensor is documented or there is a Linux driver
Comment by: fingus ( 14 Jun 2010, 14:51File version: 0.12
Logitech Quickcam Support would be nice!
Comment by: jakp ( 14 Jun 2010, 01:18File version: 0.12
There is a Linux driver (see http://qce-ga.sourceforge.net/) for my Logitech QuickCam Express (vendor ID: 0x46d, product ID: 0x870). Would it be possible to make QuickCams work with the sonix?
Comment by: Severin ( 14 Jun 2010, 00:52File version: 0.12
Nice work, pity it doesn't work with my Macally IceCam 2 :(
Comment by: Jack ( 13 Jun 2010, 17:37File version: 0.12
Any chance to add another sonix camera? I have 0c45:613b which works with gspca_sonixj on linux. I can find out which sensor it uses (different than the ones you listed)
Comment by: AlexC ( 01 Nov 2008, 02:10File version: 0.10
Like K-L said :-)
USB webcam support has been sorely missing on the miggy.
Comment by: K-L ( 31 Oct 2008, 07:38File version: 0.10
Nic work, my friend :-)
I hope you'll be able to support many other webcams ;-)

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