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 File comments for:  Emulation » Computer » bochs.lha


Description: PC emulator
Download: bochs.lha
Version: 2.5.1
Date: 28 Jul 2012
Category: emulation/computer
FileID: 7264
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/computer/bochs.lha

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Comment by: Crumb ( 08 Jan 2013, 20:46File version: 2.5.1
My old port used CGX and had some P96 code already written (it showed some garbage at the bottom of the screen but mostly worked), couldn't SDL be removed?
Comment by: Crumb ( 13 May 2007, 08:50File version: 2.1.5
1.- you can get control of the mouse again pressing the middle mouse button
(sometimes the scroll wheel) and CTRL.

2.- CDROM works. You can enable it with something like Path="a1ide.device

3.- On WindowsXP you can choose more screenmodes if you use the SDL version.

4.- It is slow, but if you put a high IPS value like 2500000 you'll probably
speed up the cpu emulation.

5.- To make pc emulation faster port qemu and delete bochs ;-)
Comment by: Varthall ( 27 Jul 2006, 09:00File version: 2.1.5
Wow, BeOS running on Amiga ^^ It would be handy to have an useable Windows 9x
running under OS4.

Comment by: spotUP ( 26 Jul 2006, 17:39File version: 2.1.5
Let's hope someone continue working on it, and, sad to hear about Crumbs A1....
Comment by: spotUP ( 26 Jul 2006, 17:38File version: 2.1.5
AlexC, yea, I know I was only joking.
Comment by: Crumb ( 26 Jul 2006, 13:26File version: 2.1.5
It works. Simply put a hardfile created on other system and change the config
file. There are linux hardfiles for bochs ready to use in the bochs web page.

After trying it out IMHO this emulator is just a curiosity as it's too slow to
use Windows. The situation won't change until the Bochs team integrates qemu cpu
emulator. A JIT may turn it into an useful emulator.

BTW I hope to have my A4000 fixed in 3 months.
Comment by: anonymous ( 26 Jul 2006, 06:18File version: 2.1.5
why not just loan crumb some hardware so he can finish it )and his other
projects?) , sad to see that he cannot use os4 atm for dev :I
Comment by: AlexC ( 26 Jul 2006, 04:37File version: 2.1.5
You are mistaken, the 60+ people downloaded the emulator executable, so they
only plan on *using* it.
While "only" 13 people downloaded the source so far, who knows how
many are going to be working on it...
Comment by: spot ( 26 Jul 2006, 03:14File version: 2.1.5
wow! 60 downloads of an app that doesn't seem to be useable, i guess we'll see a
full port really soon then as the source is available, and 60 people seem to be
working on it :P haha
Comment by: LotoJet ( 25 Jul 2006, 23:21File version: 2.1.5
Ese Jaime, ese Jaime eh eh...

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