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 File comments for:  Emulation » Computer » e-uae-amigfx.lha


Description: Classic Amiga Emulation (JIT + AMIGFX driver)
Download: e-uae-amigfx.lha
Version: 0.8.29
Date: 02 Jan 2015
Category: emulation/computer
FileID: 9097
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/computer/e-uae-amigfx.lha

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Comment by: MickJT ( 09 Oct 2021, 10:13File version: 0.8.29
This is 1.0.0 of Almos Rajnai's E-UAE PPC JIT, which is built around E-UAE 0.8.29. Sorry for the confusion.
Comment by: trgswe ( 04 Oct 2021, 11:57File version: 0.8.29
Why is not 1.0.0 on OS4-Depot,
and... is there something wrong with it?
Comment by: MickJT ( 24 Nov 2017, 11:55File version: 0.8.29
I have sent you an email.
Comment by: thellier ( 24 Nov 2017, 09:08File version: 0.8.29
I would like to add Compositing to your e-uae : How do I recompile the sources ? (as I am not familiar with autoconf/configure/make)

Alain Thellier
Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Mar 2013, 04:43File version: 0.8.29
If someone else writes it, I can include it in future versions. I'm not a programmer (unless you count AREXX).
Comment by: fingus ( 26 Mar 2013, 22:45File version: 0.8.29
Please build in Composite 2D Hardware Acceleration
Comment by: Steady ( 14 Aug 2011, 03:52File version: 0.8.29
Thanks for the update. The AMIGFX version was not working for me in an older version but is much better now.
Comment by: MickJT ( 31 Jul 2011, 21:33File version: 0.8.29
@Elwood. I wanted to keep the amount of files down, instead of having the Sources directory already there when extracted. Perhaps an eccentricity of mine.
Comment by: Elwood ( 31 Jul 2011, 17:46File version: 0.8.29
thanks Michael, this is great. In the archive you place a "changes.lha" file. Can you call let it in a "sources" directory. It's automatically compressed by lha anyway. Keep it simple :-)
Comment by: MickJT ( 27 Jul 2011, 15:28File version: 0.8.29
There's been improvements to statefiles in WinUAE since 0.8.29 that this doesn't have. I'd be interested in knowing any other titles that have issues with savestates and trying them myself.
Comment by: Unimon ( 27 Jul 2011, 10:38File version: 0.8.29
Thanks for this update. One question anyway : there are some games that doesn't work correctly when the stat file is loaded (ex. Alienworld).
Is it useful to make a list of the games or there is a bug in e-UAE ?
Comment by: MickJT ( 07 Mar 2010, 12:50File version: 0.8.29
ncurses version has no input.. It's just there for fun :) I didn't do any testing on it.
Comment by: MickJT ( 04 Mar 2010, 12:13File version: 
kas1e, I was right the first time. There is no ppc non-sdl version of WIP4, anywhere. The version on the site is for a 68k host.
Comment by: MickJT ( 03 Mar 2010, 06:21File version: 
I was blissfully unaware that there was a non-sdl version of WIP4 on the site. I just tried it, but the filesize seems to be very small for something not lzma compressed, and it just makes my whole system freeze up. Mouse and everything.
Comment by: kas1e ( 02 Mar 2010, 09:47File version: 
Btw, with that version, ctrl+alt+S (for swith beetwen window mode and full-screen mode) works ? Because for plain (non-sdl) wip4 version of euae from Richard, it not works. The same for wip4+gui of course. But in latest sdl version of euae, that combo works fine. Maybe you can have a loot at this ?
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 01 Mar 2010, 09:09File version: 
nice to hear that m3x :-)

the emulator is really good :-)
Comment by: m3x ( 01 Mar 2010, 08:31File version: 
the ibm_perflibs aren't needed anymore, since the optimized 440 functions are included with the latest newlib in AmigaOS4.1 update 1
Comment by: MickJT ( 01 Mar 2010, 02:57File version: 
nubechecorre, that lib doesn't really do much of anything to help in emulation speed in a program like this :) Yes, I did link with it once, but there was nothing noticable.
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 28 Feb 2010, 23:22File version: 
really really fast! :-)
Comment by: nubechecorre ( 28 Feb 2010, 22:21File version: 
i'll try this version ASAP, just a curiosity, to boost performance, have you tried to use the ibm linker library ported to amiga os by M3X ? it could help to boost more uae :-)
Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 22:05File version: 
modfr, I tried compiling that one too, but there's just too many undefined references when amigaos is the target operating system. I can fix quite of a few them, but I lack the necessary skills to fix everything to get it to link without errors. I can successfully compile and link uae4all but it crashes as soon as you try to run a game from the menu. Grr!

Comment by: mrodfr ( 28 Feb 2010, 16:56File version: 
Also PUAE source exist. See this thread:


Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 12:11File version: 
Maybe it's a bug in 4.1 update 1? I'll have to try it on 4.1 later on. Use an RGB 16bit screen and the problem goes away! Set amiga.screen_type=ask
Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 11:59File version: 
The good news is the official 0.8.28 version from rcdrummond.net has the exact same issue. So I can't blame myself. I will look into it and see if I can fix it. The ChangeLog does mention byteswapping.
Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 11:54File version: 
Hmm, you're right. I tested the SDL version I did and that works with AGA. No other differences in the code. Something to do with AMIGFX. Nevertheless i'll still put the fixed one (with UI for disk swapping) up even if I can't get AGA going. Then i'm going to look at uae4all.
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Feb 2010, 09:58File version: 
don't work with aga

Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 08:20File version: 
I've only been testing it Pinball Fantasies on Party Land. There'll be a version with file requesters for disk swapping within a few hours. It's faster than the other versions i've seen, but not by a lot.

Strange thing is, I also did an SDL GL version and it was slower than every other SDL version of e-uae i've used, and I have no idea why.
Comment by: kas1e ( 28 Feb 2010, 08:15File version: 
Did it mean, that we can play in Napalm over it ?:)
Comment by: MickJT ( 28 Feb 2010, 07:54File version: 
Sorry guys I forgot about the UI needed for swapping disks. I'm going to re-compile it. You won't have to wait long.

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