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 File comments for:  Emulation » Computer » e-uae-sdl.lha


Description: Classic Amiga Emulation (JIT + SDLGFX driver)
Download: e-uae-sdl.lha
Version: 0.8.29
Date: 02 Jan 2015
Category: emulation/computer
FileID: 9096
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/computer/e-uae-sdl.lha

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Comment by: kas1e ( 21 Nov 2018, 22:16File version: 0.8.29
Is it me, or fullscreen mode broken in that latest version from 2015 ? Old one works with the same config, and i can press "alt+ctr+s" to switch to/from window/fullscreen. With this current version, i for first can't run the same config in fullscreen mode (have black screen), and for second even trying to swith from window mode to fullscreen via "amiga+ctlr+s", give me the same black screen and kind of freeze of os.

Is there some new settings which need to be touched in uae config, so fullscreen modes will operate fine ?
Comment by: Sir Rush ( 18 Dec 2017, 22:45File version: 0.8.29
I hope someday there will be an update to this. From what Toni has done since 2017.
Comment by: Sir Rush ( 18 Dec 2017, 22:41File version: 0.8.29
This operates very well, for those getting into Amiga OS 4.x and once JIT is enabled as well as Picasso Screens (UAE Driver within "Classic Amiga OS") are enabled, it's really fast. I strongly suggest becoming used to running it from the keyboard (change that in Amiga OS 4 prefs), RunInUAE will slow the emulator a bit.
I use RunInUAE now only for mounting and playing floppy images - which that makes much sweeter than by keyboard commands. I also use Hard Files...as the File System (whichever is used) causes problems with some games to load if you've Hard Drive installed. Such as Hillsea Lido. There are other bugs I've encountered such as writing TO the Host Filesystem when copying files from Guest. It causes SDI errors and may be ignored without data corruption. Otherwise, fantasic Classic Emulation...once you understand how to bypass the bugs, haha.
Comment by: MickJT ( 02 Jan 2015, 18:20File version: 0.8.29
Comment by: klesterjr ( 02 Jan 2015, 17:02File version: 0.8.29
Does this version support Picasso screenmodes?
Comment by: kas1e ( 28 Dec 2009, 09:49File version: 0.8.29
That SDL version much better if compare with no SDL.

1. for first window/fullscreen modes works fine (and ctlr+alt+s combo for it works fine too)

2. for second, system request for change the images for floppy (ctrl+alt+f1-f4) - now have normal system requester, not that crappy/ugly old one

3. Works maybe on some machines slower, but on my peg2/1ghz works the same as old one, but more stable.

Hope Richard will works on it more, and will improve it by some fixes !
Comment by: metalheart ( 29 Dec 2008, 11:03File version: 0.8.29
Thanks for the update !

What would be the benefit of using this SDL version against the normal one ? And
what are the deferences in configuring and emulation ?



(hope I'm not bugging you to much :-) )

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