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 File comments for:  Emulation » Gamesystem » amines.lha


Description: NES Emulator
Download: amines.lha
Version: 0.80
Date: 12 Nov 2006
Category: emulation/gamesystem
FileID: 2303
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=emulation/gamesystem/amines.lha

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Comment by: anonymous ( 08 Dec 2005, 01:24File version: 0.71
olle:still doesnt work :I

i will email u in the next days.
Comment by: ollemann ( 07 Dec 2005, 23:33File version: 0.71
Toaks,Well, haven't got my email-password paper yet, so i cannot send. But the
new file is up now. Btw good work on all ports m8.

Comment by: toaks ( 07 Dec 2005, 22:57File version: 0.70
olle: yes im toaks .

i dont do anything special, i just use the sdl in the latest available sdk (the
one everyone has access too) .

but yes i am a betatester too but if i locked it down to that then u guys
wouldnt have been able to run my compiles ;)

will test when its out but hey u can always email me and i can test for u.

Comment by: ollemann ( 07 Dec 2005, 19:47File version: 0.70
New version will be uploaded soon v0.71, test amigainput again, please.
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Dec 2005, 19:24File version: 0.70
ok, anonymous (i guess toaks), how do you do it?
I have added it just as the docs tells me to, and same code
works on the PC. Please throw me an email and tell, so i
can update it. (btw, perhaps you are a betatester and has latest SDL version
that i don't?)
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Dec 2005, 19:13File version: 0.70
olle:wrong as i compile most my games with joysupport ;)
Comment by: olle ( 06 Dec 2005, 23:15File version: 0.70
Ah, oki then it is not yet added to SDL. Good to know. ;)
Comment by: anonymous ( 06 Dec 2005, 23:10File version: 0.70
just so its said, AmigaInput doesnt seem to be working yet (in amines).

Comment by: anonymous ( 06 Dec 2005, 22:32File version: 0.70
Exellent! , im off to test!.

i was just about to email u about status :-)


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