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 File comments for:  Game » Action » hurrican.lha


Description: Great OpenGL remake of Turrican
Download: hurrican.lha
Date: 19 Aug 2014
Category: game/action
FileID: 8912
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/action/hurrican.lha

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Comment by: Hypex ( 15 Jan 2014, 14:19File version:
Great game but now I can't run it anymore! Was just getting into it. Now when it runs, after I press a key to get past the C64 screen, it starts unpacking and then totally freezes my system! :-o This has never happened before. Was using which worked well. Updated to Same thing. Only change is now it asks these annoying questions and doesn't save the answers! And one time the screen just went black at startup. Then another time the HD was being used when unpacking before freezing. Then I got sick of resetting. It's a bit warm here but all else is fine and I haven't had heat problems for ages. :-? Conflict with updated component perhaps?
Comment by: SOFISTISOFTWARE ( 14 Jul 2013, 23:01File version:
@ Lio

Thanks i solved the problem with the libboostygfx
Comment by: hunoppc ( 14 Jul 2013, 21:34File version:
Hello zettmaster
I have not a logitech F310 for fix this ;-( my all joystick work fine here.
Are you a idea
PS: on this fix joystick hunojoywrapper as removed.
I wait for a solution
Comment by: Zettmaster ( 13 Jul 2013, 23:41File version:
Gamepad Loitech F310 work with V1.0.0.7 perfekt but not in The Game frozen where pressing the Move-Keys- pls. fix it. Greetings from Germany!
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 10 Jul 2013, 07:57File version:
Hurrican is a great game, worth trying out. I will try the new version and upload a screenshot as soon as i can.
Comment by: tommysammy ( 09 Jul 2013, 19:35File version:
Well done Huno this is the best version i have seen.
It works very well on my X1000
Comment by: Lio ( 09 Jul 2013, 18:41File version:
the readme is here to be READ :

IMPORTANT: Please calibrate your joystick and install libboostyGfx version 1.0.1
(not include on this package)
Comment by: SOFISTISOFTWARE ( 09 Jul 2013, 15:34File version:
on my Sam 460 doesn't work this new version it seems to have a problem related with elf.library....
Comment by: orginAt: 08 Jul 2013, 20:58File version:
Comment by: Spectre660 ( 15 Jun 2013, 15:01File version:
Works for me with Warpz3D on both of my machines
Comment by: tommysammy ( 15 Jun 2013, 05:41File version:
Thanks HunoPPC
but without Warp3D for RadeonHD i can`t play it, i don`t want use wazp3D
Comment by: HunoPPC ( 15 Jun 2013, 00:48File version:
Fixed now
Comment by: samo79 ( 14 Jun 2013, 22:36File version:

Ah you right, didn't read carefully your new readme, i'm still with the old 1.0.0 version :-)

Aniway link at the new library is not yet availible (404 not found)
Comment by: HunoPPC ( 14 Jun 2013, 22:01File version:
you're too fast you need to download the new boosty lib on my site first and then install
Comment by: samo79 ( 14 Jun 2013, 21:05File version:
This bew version seems completely broken on my system !
At startup i got this error:

Unsable to resolve symbol

And a shell output that say: Max Texture Units 4

My system is Sam440 Flex 800, AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 with an ATI Radeon 9250
Comment by: orginAt: 14 Jun 2013, 19:07File version:
Please use the correct method for replacing files when you upload new versions.
Comment by: samo79 ( 08 Sep 2012, 01:01File version:

I got the same problem with GnGeo and i solve, try to untick the catweasel checkbox from the AmigaInput prefs and then restart the game, catweasel driver is a bit buggy
Comment by: djrikki ( 07 Sep 2012, 19:46File version:
Doesn't work in Update 5, complains about an error in catweasel.library or something.
Comment by: gregthecanuck ( 01 Aug 2012, 08:44File version:
Excellent work Huno. You are pushing Wazp3D to improve which benefits everyone as well. Cheers!
Comment by: AmiDARK ( 05 Jul 2012, 23:26File version:
Once again ... "great work" Huno.
Thank you for all you're doing for the Amiga.
Comment by: Shadowsun ( 04 Jul 2012, 08:41File version:
Really good, thanks !

- in tutorial the key are not correctly shown
- when you make a highscore, keyboard is german (I suppose) and I did not find a way to delete a letter
Comment by: Hypex ( 02 Jul 2012, 16:50File version:
Also that readme is tied to DH0: and doesn't bring up the file on my system. Just annoying requesters. :-)
Comment by: McGyverPPC ( 30 Jun 2012, 05:44File version:
Very nice... Big Huno! :)
Comment by: HunoPPC ( 18 Jun 2012, 20:21File version:
AT samo79
This version is a preliminary, a crash is normal ;-)
For report your crashlog, post this on Chashlog site please.
- music full support
- support joysticks with libHunoJoyWrapper
- adding all commandline options
- bug fix gfx
Thanks for your support
Comment by: samo79 ( 17 Jun 2012, 22:53File version:
The game work fine but I have a crash choosing the "back to game" option

Crash log for task "hurrican"
Generated by GrimReaper 53.2
Crash occured in module hurrican at address 0x6CA1BEA4
Type of crash: DSI (Data Storage Interrupt) exception

Register dump:
GPR (General Purpose Registers):
0: 00000004 53340990 00000000 00000001 5101ACD4 00000000 00000008 5524D010
8: 00000000 00000000 00000001 554F23C0 0000000E 55302170 00000000 00000000
16: 5665B340 6CA12008 533409FC 55300000 55290000 55300000 00000001 55300000
24: 514FB6F8 514FB6F8 55300000 553037B4 02270000 00000000 55300000 5150B6F8

FPR (Floating Point Registers, NaN = Not a Number):
0: nan 0 0 -2
4: -1 320 320 240
8: 1 1 1e-07 1
12: 0 nan 0 -5.05923e-321
16: 0 0 0 0
20: 0 0 0 1.61895e-319
24: 0 0 0 -1.20437e+36
28: 0 1.35808e-312 8.6917e-311 -0.0146484

FPSCR (Floating Point Status and Control Register): 0xB7A20000

SPRs (Special Purpose Registers):
Machine State (msr) : 0x0002F030
Condition (cr) : 0x28442028
Instruction Pointer (ip) : 0x6CA1BEA4
Xtended Exception (xer) : 0x00000003
Count (ctr) : 0x01816208
Link (lr) : 0x6CA1BE90
DSI Status (dsisr) : 0x00000000
Data Address (dar) : 0x00000000

680x0 emulated registers:
DATA: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
ADDR: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
FPU0: 0 0 0 0
FPU4: 0 0 0 0

Symbol info:
Instruction pointer 0x6CA1BEA4 belongs to module "hurrican" (HUNK/Kickstart)

Stack trace:
module hurrican at 0x6CA1BEA4 (section 5 @ 0x9BE84)
module hurrican at 0x6CA116FC (section 5 @ 0x916DC)
module hurrican at 0x6CA1223C (section 5 @ 0x9221C)
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002054
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002ca0
native kernel module newlib.library.kmod+0x00002e64
_start()+0x170 (section 1 @ 0x170)
native kernel module dos.library.kmod+0x00022a0c
native kernel module kernel+0x0003af48
native kernel module kernel+0x0003afc8

PPC disassembly:
6ca1be9c: 9809a794 stb r0,-22636(r9)
6ca1bea0: 812b0040 lwz r9,64(r11)
*6ca1bea4: 80690000 lwz r3,0(r9)
6ca1bea8: 48053e4d bl 0x6CA6FCF4
6ca1beac: 2f830000 cmpwi cr7,r3,0

System information:

Model: AMCC PPC440EP V1.3
CPU speed: 799 MHz
FSB speed: 133 MHz

Machine name: Sam440EP
Memory: 1048576 KB
Extensions: bus.pci
Comment by: spotupAt: 17 Jun 2012, 20:43File version:
Wow! This game looks ace!
Comment by: jacknife ( 17 Jun 2012, 20:37File version:
great work.. thanks

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