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 File comments for:  Game » Driving » f1spirit.lha


Description: Formula-1 2D top down driving
Download: f1spirit.lha
Version: 0.9rc3
Date: 06 Mar 2009
Category: game/driving
FileID: 4598
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/driving/f1spirit.lha

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Comment by: Raziel ( 17 Jan 2021, 23:30File version: 0.9rc3
Is there an "AI" race option available?
In that you can let the AI take over all the cars?

Like a "demo", but for a whole race? Maybe even a whole season?
Comment by: thematic ( 17 Jan 2021, 17:47File version: 0.9rc3
Yes, it's outstanding. I would like to fix the rain to not be superslow, though.
Comment by: ddni ( 17 Jan 2021, 12:09File version: 0.9rc3
Thanks for the new link. Your comment allowed me to discover this game. I will be testing soon!
Comment by: thematic ( 27 Dec 2020, 06:32File version: 0.9rc3
Moved to https://f1spirit.jorito.net/
Comment by: kas1e ( 05 Nov 2009, 19:01File version: 0.9rc3
Work fine and fast on peg2 / 1 ghz. No bugs, no grims.
Good visuals and music. Nice one.
Comment by: IamSONIC ( 09 Mar 2009, 19:59File version: 0.9rc3
On sam440ep @ 667 unplayable slow. Does newer MiniGL improves speed ?
Comment by: Tuxedo ( 08 Mar 2009, 22:26File version: 0.9rc3
Here(A1SE-Radeon9250) with OS4.1 original MiniGL lib works...the only problem was that it works rather slow(its playeble but not so much) and if begins to rain the game wasnt playeble anymore because of the low speed...
Maybe with the new MiniGL it works better?

Comment by: Lio ( 08 Mar 2009, 18:22File version: 0.9rc3
well I have what came with AOS4.1 so AFAIK the last Minigl 2.0 (27/11/2007).
there is no other version around for "normal" users !
BTW thx for the port !
Comment by: afxgroup ( 08 Mar 2009, 13:56File version: 0.9rc3
i think you need the VERY LAST minigl.. email me if you need it
Comment by: Lio ( 07 Mar 2009, 21:07File version: 0.9rc3
Looks promising but it does not work here under A1G4+AOS4.1 !
total lock at the selection screen, music playing in loop...
it seems AmigaInput support is not there...

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