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 File comments for:  Game » Misc » amicraft.lha


Description: Minecraft clone for Warp3D Nova
Download: amicraft.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 04 Jul 2019
Category: game/misc
FileID: 10928
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/misc/amicraft.lha

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Comment by: Arthas ( 04 Apr 2021, 13:00File version: 1.1
It is very good piece of software. Awesome job! My son (7) asking for more features :-) ! Bless you!
Comment by: zerec ( 11 Feb 2020, 09:28File version: 1.1
Any news on a new Version of AmiCraftNova?

Maybe a little hint on new additions & features?

My hole me and my entire Family are big MineCraft fans.
We love your interpretation on NG Amigas!!! Keep Up the
awesome work Bro!!! Kind Regards
Comment by: kas1e ( 02 Oct 2019, 16:12File version: 1.1
Oh yes it is,thanks
Comment by: Caras ( 02 Oct 2019, 15:30File version: 1.1
Press F3 for FPS counter
Comment by: kas1e ( 02 Oct 2019, 06:59File version: 1.1
Is it possible to add option "SHOW FPS on/off" ? That will pretty helpfull to test speed on different machines & gfx cards.
Comment by: Anders Man ( 25 Sep 2019, 09:47File version: 1.1
Keep up the still progressing development '-)
Comment by: Severin ( 09 Aug 2019, 20:23File version: 1.1
Edit: the lockup isn't gone, it just takes longer to show up :(
Comment by: Severin ( 31 Jul 2019, 03:03File version: 1.1
New version is excellent but there is a little bug, the game mode is no longer saved, it always starts in survival mode where the old versions would remember if you were in creative mode.

Good news though, I think the annoying lockup that I used to get every 20-40 minuutes is gone :)
Comment by: Maximvs Payne ( 16 Jul 2019, 23:22File version: 1.1
Please keep Updating! THX!!
Comment by: samo79 ( 09 Jul 2019, 19:17File version: 1.1

Ok, but atleast would be nice to have the old Warp3D version included
Comment by: SMF ( 08 Jul 2019, 09:47File version: 1.1
I want to love this game but i cant figure out what i'm supposed to do? :P
Comment by: Caras ( 08 Jul 2019, 03:29File version: 1.1
No, that would be a massive rewrite only to go backwards.
Comment by: samo79 ( 07 Jul 2019, 18:34File version: 1.1
For the next release can you provide a Warp3D version again ?
Comment by: Caras ( 07 Jul 2019, 04:18File version: 1.1
It auto saves. Just quit and it will be saved.
Comment by: daveyw ( 06 Jul 2019, 13:41File version: 1.1
Fun and addictive game. Its addictivness is enhanced by the fact that I can't same to save and quit. How do you do this?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 04 Jul 2019, 16:22File version: 1.1
Looks quite nice. Not quite as advanced yet as the one you see on PC and XBox these days, but close. I'm sure it will get there. Keep updating this one and you'll get there.
Comment by: Caras ( 03 Oct 2016, 14:34File version: 1.0.2
It's actually an attempt at a basic version of Minecraft. You may not have heard of it but it's sold over 106 million copies and Microsoft bought it for 2.5 billion dollars. ;-)
Comment by: Hypex ( 29 Sep 2016, 11:58File version: 1.0.1
Is this a remake of Legends of Valour? Second screen shot looks like it. But full screen. ;-)
Comment by: 328gts ( 23 Sep 2016, 05:49File version: 1.0.1
please see my crashlog, happened right after setting up game and hitting create new world
Comment by: ddni ( 20 Sep 2016, 13:02File version: 1.0
Fantastic improvement by utilising NOVA. This is night and day compared to the pre NOVA betas. Single handedly justifies my NOVA purchase. Thanks Carars!
Comment by: utri007 ( 19 Sep 2016, 20:14File version: 1.0
Could reload Warp3d NOT nova version also? Many of us doesn't have possibility to use Radeon HD card. There is no working radeon HD / Warp3D soltion for Sam440 Flex Computers, or AmigaOne, or Pegasos II
Comment by: ddni ( 08 Jan 2016, 13:46File version: beta3.1
Hi Caras, no burning requests.
I enjoy messing around with it still. Many thanks for your work on it so far. The improvements since alpha1 till now are excellent. I hope you continue to develop it as and when the GL situation improves.
Comment by: Caras ( 07 Jan 2016, 14:59File version: beta3.1
I'm pretty much done with this unless there are any other feature requests. Hopefully if better OpenGL support ever arrives I'll reboot it.
Comment by: Caras ( 21 Sep 2015, 10:18File version: beta3
I could but there is also the random mobs at random positions, random block updates... I'll look into it but I can't promise anything.
Comment by: ddni ( 21 Sep 2015, 10:09File version: beta3
Is it possible to force the same seed for benchmark?
Comment by: Caras ( 21 Sep 2015, 08:43File version: beta3
Benchmarks probably wouldn't tell much since each game has a unique map.
Comment by: ddni ( 20 Sep 2015, 19:58File version: beta3
thanks caras.
A benchmark feature would be cool too.
Comment by: Caras ( 20 Sep 2015, 16:45File version: beta3
Yep, easy to do. I'll put it in the controls option for the next release.
Comment by: eroom ( 20 Sep 2015, 16:22File version: beta3
Coming along nicely, would it be possible to have an option to swap the y axis for looking up and down ?.
Comment by: Caras ( 20 Sep 2015, 16:03File version: beta3
Yeah, I'll put one in with the F3 coordinate info.
Comment by: ddni ( 20 Sep 2015, 14:58File version: beta3
Optimisations worked ;)
Possible to add an fps display?
Comment by: Caras ( 20 Sep 2015, 11:40File version: beta3
I made some small optimizations and remembered to compile the release version with the -O3 switch.
Comment by: ddni ( 19 Sep 2015, 22:30File version: beta3
Thanks. Seems faster?
Comment by: Caras ( 17 Jul 2015, 03:22File version: beta1
Not too hard to do, just runs a bit slow on my 1GHz SAM. Really needs a proper caching system.
Comment by: ddni ( 16 Jul 2015, 17:22File version: beta1
Should have commented before, massive improvement in not having to wait for the landscape to generate. Must have been a big job making that change!?
Comment by: ddni ( 11 Jul 2015, 19:16File version: beta1
Excellent progress. Many thanks!
I notice that clicking the mouse wheel quits in last alpha and this beta1. A bit irritating when hit accidentally.
Comment by: anonymous ( 03 Jun 2015, 03:14File version: alpha5
Bigger maps and different biomes will be coming soon. Next release or the one after.
Comment by: ddni ( 02 Jun 2015, 18:41File version: alpha5
Is it possible to have bigger maps? I appreciate on the fly is too much for our systems right now, but do you think X1000s could handle a bigger map?
Comment by: Caras ( 02 Jun 2015, 03:23File version: alpha5
Double tap W to run (Can also toggle fly mode with F and use X and C for height, but this mode has no collision detection right now). I'll add some 16:10 screen modes, I should get around to adding a proper screen mode requester at some point.
Comment by: Rob ( 01 Jun 2015, 18:44File version: alpha5
Just tried Alpha 5. Can you make 16:10 modes available. I found in 1920*1080 that the buttons on the menu aren't alligned with the mouse pointer so after unintentionally quitting a few times I launch in Window mode instead.

I also found that when I reached the edge of the map that the game crashed when I sidestepped into the edge. I did write a crahslog but the whole system locked when I tried to move the Amicraft window out of the way. I assume it should be easy enough to re-create but can provide a crashlog if you can't.

Also could you add a run option so you can navigate the world a bit faster.
Comment by: SCabit ( 01 Jun 2015, 03:39File version: alpha4
Hmmmm..tried the alpha 4 version...if I try using a 32 bit screen mode I get an error "cannot create openGL screen". If I use 16 bit, the program opens but I just get a purple window with black boxes (buttons?). I can click on them and go to different purple windows with different black boxes...thats all I can get for now.
Running OS4.1 FE with latest OpenGL and Warp3D on MicroA1-C.
Comment by: utri007 ( 24 May 2015, 19:03File version: alpha4
Keyboard doesn't work with Sam Flex. No other probs here as far I can say
Comment by: anonymous ( 04 May 2015, 07:28File version: alpha3
It might need a 32 bit screen mode. Otherwise it's a problem with Warp3D.
Comment by: scabit ( 03 May 2015, 19:43File version: alpha3
I get nothing but an error saying cannot create OpenGL screen no matterwhat resolution I select or use for workbench. Using a micro A1 with OS4.1 FE.....
Comment by: CarasGhant ( 29 Apr 2015, 12:58File version: alpha3
No forum/blog for now. Post any bug or feature requests here.
Comment by: ddni ( 29 Apr 2015, 11:09File version: alpha3
Great to see continued development. Thanks.
Do you have a forum/blog where we can discuss features/bugs/issues?
Comment by: anonymous ( 29 Apr 2015, 02:33File version: alpha3
I know what Minecraft does. I can generate them on the fly, but it will be SLOW. It's not a matter of optimizing the game, its Warp3D being completely out of date (no TCL). Your phone doesn't use drivers stuck in the 90's.
Comment by: orginAt: 28 Apr 2015, 18:42File version: alpha3
Okey the minecraft chunk generator uses 16*16*16 sub chunks. That is each 16*16*256 chunk contains a list of 16 sub chunks. Any empty sub chunk is represented as "null" in the list to save space.

If the terrain generator is that slow the I guess you need to optimize it, even my phone can generate an infinite world on the fly :)

I made this terrain generator plugin for minecraft:

The source is available on github if you want to reuse the code to generate some alternative worlds.
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Apr 2015, 17:29File version: alpha3
No plans for an infinite map for now, generating chunks is just too slow to do on the fly (FPU intensive), especially with MiniGL having to do so much work. I will eventually ad an option for generating larger worlds though.

I'm using 16*16*112 chunks for now, not dived into sub chunks.
Comment by: orginAt: 28 Apr 2015, 16:27File version: alpha3
Any plans for an infinite map?

Do you use chunks and 16*16*16 sub chunks as in minecraft?
Comment by: walkero ( 18 Apr 2015, 09:01File version: alpha2
Very nice update and game. Approved by my kids too :)
Keep up this good work.
Comment by: ddni ( 17 Apr 2015, 18:28File version: alpha2
Great update. Works well. I hope every alpha release makes such impressive strides forward! Thanks.
Comment by: tommysammy ( 16 Apr 2015, 18:46File version: alpha2
Nice game i will try it
Comment by: Joeled ( 16 Apr 2015, 11:27File version: alpha2
Possible to upload a screenshot of the game?
Comment by: anonymous ( 13 Apr 2015, 00:00File version: alpha1
And your second too. :D
Comment by: Rob ( 12 Apr 2015, 19:03File version: alpha1
Not sure why my first comment posted twice.

Full screen mode only seems to fail if 1920x1080 is selected other modes I've tried seem fine. I get the message "Could not create OpenGL screen.

The edge of level crash only occurrs with the clipping broken, although that save file crashes upon loading since the player has already passed through the edge of the map.

Managed to break the clipping again while building but it fixed itself while I continued to build. While try to see if I can easily repeat the fault.
Comment by: Rob ( 12 Apr 2015, 18:17File version: alpha1
Never tried Punchtree but just tried this on my X1000 with Radeon R9 280 and it works. Just been doing a quick bit of testing until it crashed. I'll post a log with the details.

Was unable to launch in fullscreen error was something to do with GL, I'll add the exact message in a later post.

While digging a hole on a hill and trying to explore it I managed to break the clipping and was left floating at a certain height above the ground. This persisted after creating a new game.

The crash came when I reached what I think must be the edge of the, a blue walled area.
Comment by: ddni ( 12 Apr 2015, 15:28File version: alpha1
I really liked the punchtree releases. Really glad that thiese continued to be developed. thanks.

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