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 File comments for:  Game » Misc » pacman05.lha


Description: PacMan 05
Download: pacman05.lha
Version: 1.0.6
Date: 27 Feb 2006
Category: game/misc
FileID: 1662
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/misc/pacman05.lha

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Comment by: spot ( 05 Mar 2006, 18:45File version: 1.0.6
good work!...
Comment by: anonymous ( 27 Feb 2006, 15:46File version: 1.0.6
The "savage" bug is fixed in 1.0.6 -js-
Comment by: wegster ( 10 Feb 2006, 06:04File version: 0.1
crashes under UD3 and UD4. game plays, but:
go to options.
go to thid option down (music).
cycle slowly through music, say once per second. Crashes when you get to
'savage' music choice, consistently. Tested with 2 ud4 systems, one ud3 system,
crashes same place.
Comment by: anonymous ( 18 Nov 2005, 05:18File version: 0.1
BTW: Is there someone around who can make me some nice cool gfx with higher
resolution ? Well, won't be that retro style any more, but I could make that
Comment by: anonymous ( 16 Nov 2005, 05:32File version: 0.1
Hm, yeah, I had to simulate the timing. Might rewrite that later, though. This
does not happen with AmigaInput, though. Ever tried to use the generic keyboard
driver in AI ?
Comment by: abalaban ( 15 Nov 2005, 10:00File version: 0.1
Great game but playing it with the keyboard is nearly impossible : the pacman
does not turn unless it is blocked by a wall (i.e. the key press event does not
seem to be processed until the pacman could not go further in the direction it's
currently going).
However glad to see this game ported to OS4, it reminds me many things ;-).
Comment by: Zettmaster ( 12 Nov 2005, 22:42File version: 0.1
Great Game! THX!
Comment by: anonymous ( 11 Nov 2005, 03:06File version: 0.1
SWEET clone!
Comment by: NutsAboutAmiga ( 10 Nov 2005, 20:56File version: 0.1
Wow cool love this game
Comment by: anonymous ( 10 Nov 2005, 08:59File version: 0.1
Exellent !

Comment by: Sharakmir ( 10 Nov 2005, 08:40File version: 0.1
Great work, love this game! 100% Amiga API... nice! :-)

/ Sharakmir

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