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 File comments for:  Graphics » Aiss » aissview.lha


Description: Viewer for AISS images
Download: aissview.lha
Version: 0.15
Date: 01 Jan 2009
Category: graphics/aiss
FileID: 4392
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/aiss/aissview.lha

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Comment by: spotUPAt: 02 Oct 2008, 04:41File version: 0.10
i got it working by changing the version number in env:aiss.
Comment by: DaveN ( 29 Sep 2008, 16:08File version: 0.10
It checks for both the TBImages: assign, and the var in ENV: for the version of
Perhaps the envarc: variable had not been updated.
Thanks for the report, I`ll do some testing.
Comment by: swoop ( 29 Sep 2008, 15:26File version: 0.10
Ok, I have just run amiupdate, and it said there was an update for ais
available. I updated and AissView works fine now. I presume aissview uses the
apppath file to find out which version is being run.
Comment by: swoop ( 29 Sep 2008, 11:05File version: 0.10
I have just installed aiss4.4, and updated to this version of aissview, and All
I get is the opening window telling me that to use all the functions of the
program I need the latest version of aiss installed. Which I have. :(
Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong.
Comment by: orginAt: 18 Sep 2008, 20:01File version: 0.9
Please use the [Replace file] link on your files readme page when replacing your
file. The Replaces field was incorrectly entered.
Comment by: Mason ( 03 Apr 2008, 10:44File version: 0.8
Great work, Dave! A must-have for every OS4 Developer that supports AISS.

Please also have a look at this topic on Amigans.net:

Comment by: anonymous ( 03 Apr 2008, 09:40File version: 0.8
Glad you like it :-)

I`ll build a prefs window for the options you requested.

Comment by: PEB ( 02 Apr 2008, 14:30File version: 0.8
I love it! Great job on this program.

I do have a couple of requests:
*Can you add an option (or make it default) to remember the bitmap and button
styles that the user selects?

*With the creating of buttons, can you set the default image path to the
TBImages: assign?

Thank you very much for this program. (I'm sure that I will use it a lot.)

___ Paul ___

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