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 File comments for:  Graphics » Theme » aosx11-theme.lha


Description: AmigaOS 4 default theme for X11
Download: aosx11-theme.lha
Version: 52.1
Date: 26 May 2007
Category: graphics/theme
FileID: 2813
RSS Feed url: http://os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/theme/aosx11-theme.lha

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Comment by: AlexC ( 29 May 2007, 05:12File version: 52.1
The file aosx11-theme/aosx11/buttons/images.cfg points to hard-coded paths
instead of /TBImages/X11/...

I'd recommend using the AISS assign instead.

To keep my system orderly I don't mix 3rd party files with OS files on the SYS:
partition and have assigned TBImages: to a more suitable location, so I had to
edit that cfg file.
Comment by: SZAMAN ( 26 Apr 2007, 23:40File version: 52.0
README update for new X11R6.3-Pre3 installation:

4. ...
5. Delete all config files in "Cygnix:Home/root/.e16/cached/cfg/"
6. Delete all config files: "e_config-localhost-0.0...." in
"Cygnix:Home/root/.e16/" drawer
7. Restart X11 and select aosx11 theme
Comment by: TSK ( 26 Apr 2007, 21:20File version: 52.0

Thanks. I can't understand why I didn't think to try to push middle mouse
Comment by: CygnusEd ( 26 Apr 2007, 20:43File version: 52.0

Just push the middle mouse button somewhere on the screen and select the theme
in the "Themes" subitem.

@Szymon Tomzik, Martin Merz

Phantastic work :-) Really good amiga feeling!
It would be a pleasure for me to include it in my next X11 update!

Maybe some bigger icons for the toolbar would be nice.
Comment by: TSK ( 26 Apr 2007, 18:59File version: 52.0
Where is this "Enlightenment/User Menus/Themes" ? I can't find such
menu anywhere.

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